Monday, October 28, 2013

Nepal Election boycott campaign a smashing hit: CPN-Maoist


KATHMANDU: Chairman of the CPN-Maoist, Mohan Baidhya, today said his party’s boycott campaign against the Constituent Assembly elections has already become successful. Talking with reporters after a function today, Baidhya pointed that four major parties and the government, by mobilising the national army against the poll-opposing alliance, have proved that the boycott campaign has achieved success. Baidhya argued that conducting Constituent Assembly elections without the participation of his party, a party to the peace process, makes no sense.
He reiterated that a new constitution is impossible without bringing his party on board. Baidhya went on to claim that people powered by a street-based movement will draft their constitution from the streets. Asked whether his party was for an armed uprising, Baidhya said his party is not in favour of attacking the army and police. “We won’t attack the Army and the Police. We will appeal candidates not to enter villages. If they ignore our call, people will take action,” the CPN-M chief said. He further warned that candidates may come under attack if they enter their constituencies as the idea of elections has angered people.
“Locals have been attacking candidates and such attacks may spiral up.” Commenting on reports that CPN-M leaders may go underground by returning Personal Security Officers, Baidhya said they had demanded PSOs when they needed them. He said the leaders will return the PSOs if they feel they don’t need security anymore. “If the need arises, we can live with the people, which does not mean going underground.” Asked why his party was targeting UCPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, he responded that they have not singled out Dahal, though the latter had played a pivotal role to keep the 33-party-alliance out of the elections.

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