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PCm Italy for Lampedusa - Put an end to the horror without end! Imperialism murderer! Imperialist governments murderers!

Just few days after the horrible Lampedusa massacre of October 3, with more than 360 deads, more than half women and children, and with 155 survivors treated in inhumane conditions; while still collecting deceased in Lampedusa, a new massacre of immigrants happened, on October 11, for now maybe other 50 deads, and still many children!

Put an end to the horror without end! Imperialism murderer! Imperialist governments murderers!

Against the crocodile tears of the Italian Government and European States
they are the real responsible for these deaths!

The Italian government is responsible for the Bossi-Fini law which treats illegal immigrants and pursues them as criminals; for the rejections and missed rescues at sea; for leaving the inhabitants of Lampedusa and the rescue men that instead assist and help immigrants alone.
The Italian Government and all European governments are responsible for imperialist wars, repression, robbery, the poverty of the countries from which the immigrants are fleeing .

The immigrations of peoples from Africa, from the Middle East, are the inevitable result of imperialism, that with the economic "arms" of the capital, with the political "weapons" of the governments closely linked to it, and by this financed and armed, or by real armies displayed to impose with the direct war, or through interposed forces, its dominance in strategic areas, on countries, on proletarians and peoples, creates the conditions for emigration that will become more massive always and inevitably as long as imperialism exists.

The hypocrisy of the Italian government, Letta, now is primarily focused on downloading on Europe the "problem" of immigration, to whine once more about the fact that the Italian government feels "left alone" in dealing with this tragedy, only to get clear the dirty conscience, and to try to confuse the listener, because it makes the tragic death of so many migrants only a problem of bureaucracy and laws no longer fit.

Politicians are racing both as to hypocrisy and cynicism ...
The vice president of the council of ministers, Alfano, secretary of Berlusconi's party, announces that "There is no reason to think that what happened yesterday in Lampedusa is the last time" to play safe. This is an explicit statement that the government will do nothing waiting for other massacres, just as was the case on October 11. They not only did not stop, but do not want to, hoping that these 350 deaths also act as a deterrent to other immigrants.
And the demand of the "Nobel prize to the island of Lampedusa" actually sounds like a "death knell" meaning to give it to the deads and not for the living.
All the while to the tragedy is added the farce. The survivors of the shipwreck are indicted for illegal immigration, while conferring Italian citizenship to the victims of the same shipwreck: as saying "as long as you live you will never have the right to be one of us."

There is no limit to the shame and barbarism of the Italian state and imperialist government.
THE MURDERERS incriminate VICTIMS youth who just want to escape from the terror of war, repression, women who do not want to see their children die of hunger and disease ...
Without any restraint, Alfano, after seeing the deads affirms that it is normal that a State has borders and protect them, if not what kind of that State would be ... Of course this only applies to the imperialist states, certainly not to the borders of the countries oppressed by imperialism, which are constantly violated; imperialism does not ask "permission" to the peoples, it penetrates through the force of their weapons and the violence of plunder, of misery, of the capitalist super-exploitation.

So as without a hint of shame President Napolitano joins the chorus and charges all responsibility for the massacre on the smugglers, when instead it's his "Democratic Republic" which forces youth and women not to have other way to escape from their countries. "If it is true that the you do not want other deads put a ship Libya-Rome" said the citizens of Lampedusa. The trips in the Mediterranean on overcrowded boats of fortune are now the only option for those who want to reach our latitudes and until Italy and Europe will address the migration flows with repression the travel conditions of men, women and children will only be at the edge of survival."Make a humanitarian channel Libya -Roma", "Go and take them from where they live", etc. . - Asked citizens and the mayor of Lampedusa, as so many people of common sense. Instead, the Italian Government and the EU have arrived in Lampedusa confirming all police control policies that have caused, and will undoubtedly continue to cause, one of the worst genocides of our time.

The fascist and racist Bossi and the Lega party, defends "his" criminal law. It also makes sense to us talking about the “leghisti” [those who adhere to the Lega party], because subhuman peoples: how to consider otherwise who says that only italian speaking immigrant children can attend school?! The real question is: the “leghisti” do they know italian language?

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Emma Bonino, says that all this is a misfortune and you can not do miracles.

Grillo and the guru Casaleggio ride the racist wave of so-called "people" to openly defend the crime of illegal immigration, and disclaim "their" senators who had tabled the amendment to abolish it.

The Commissioner Barroso went to Lampedusa and beyond the words of circumstance, what he left? 30 million Euros! There's no denying the economic superhuman effort …

Letta and Alfano, for their part, with great reluctance "promised" to send in Lampedusa tents for immigrants, even the kids, not to sleep out in the cold, wet mattresses for the rain...

The delegation of the government and the EU has tried not to see the inhuman condition of heavy overcrowding of prisoners in Lampedusa, only the pressure of the demonstrators and the mayor of the island has imposed a fleeting observation of the CIE [Centre of identification and expulsion].
AND THEY COMPLAIN, ALSO, THESE ignoble representatives of imperialism! The EU, first world economic power has welcomed 41 thousand Syrian refugees, while the small Lebanon holds 752 thousand. In 2012 fell residence permits. Every year between 2008 and 2010, the number exceeded 500 thousand share, in 2012 they stopped to 246,760.

What a difference between these monsters and the great humanity of those people of Lampedusa!Those fishermen, women, volunteers who saved tens of immigrants, and they say, "I was not thinking about whether the law allowed me or not ..." . Many others, many children could be saved, but this "democratic" state killed them!

And no pope Francesco, no Boldrini - not to mention the hypocrites crocodiles of the Democratic Party, the trade union secretaries - can cover with words these terrible events. The first to assist immigrants, of which many more could have died, were the owners of the fishing boats, and only after a long time the ships arrived. And now these people will be sued for abetment of "illegal immigration"!
But the delay in rescue operations, these many, many immigrants who could have been saved but had not, are the result of a deliberate policy of the Italian government. How was it possible for the boat to arrive at 800 meters from the coast without being intercepted by the patrol? Why there were no Italian patrol boats?
The answer that comes from many quarters is that Italy has spent so a lot of money to help out, but in the walls of CIE. Between 2005 and 2012 the Interior Ministry has spent almost € 1.6 billion, including European funds for Repatriation and External Borders and the Security National Programme (SNP). Much of the money made available to (almost 200 million euro per year) are used to construct, renovate and manage 29 Cie on the territory. In the same time it was not refinanced the extraordinary plan for reception which ended because funds exhausted for December 31, 2012.

For this reason the people of Lampedusa has welcomed Letta, Alfano and Barroso and European Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström, crying "Assassins, shame." The islanders have shouted: "Go visit the reception center, check to see how these people live." The protest came also from the sea. As soon as the delegation set foot on the island owners of fishing boats have done the sirens of their vessels, to show what was unwelcome their catwalk in favor of cameras and how hateful are the laws that criminalize those who help boats in distress to aiding and abetting illegal immigration, as well as all the provisions that stop for days and weeks the vessels involved in the rescue operations .
On other banners read: "An island full of pain that carries the weight of the indifference of the world", "In respect of this latest tragedy go back, we do not accept visits" and again: "Lampedusa wants to welcome them alive and not dead."
Then many posters: "Enough with the catwalk", "Politicians: you will have them on your conscience" identified as the real responsible of the more than 360 dead and of all migrants forced to embark on such dangerous to reach Europe.

The day after the massacre, while saying there is no money no resources no men needed to save immigrants from death, the Government has approved the extension for international missions of war. Half an hour was enough to find the money immediately. While pretending to be moved and horrified by (their) massacre of Lampedusa, they are preparing for war against the dispossessed, the peoples, the proletarians and the masses. The Italian ministers gathered Friday, the day of national mourning, observing a minute of silence for the victims of the sinking, but a minute later approve the request of the Minister of Defence Mario Mauro and Foreign Minister Emma Bonino, the refinancing of 25 international missions for two months, from October 1 to December 31, 2013 , severing a check for 226 million .

Italy, imperialist country, is central to the plans of aggression against the oppressed peoples and for the suppression of the Arab masses. Today American troops in Italy are 15% of those in Europe, compared to 5 % in 1991. While in Europe and particularly in Germany - the first line of defense during the Cold War - the U.S. has reduced by 80 % its troops (from 250,000 in 1989 to 50,000 today), there is a country where the investments of the Pentagon have increased and the forces are not at all diminished. And that's Italy that the U.S. have progressively transformed in their "launch base" for military operations in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East and where 13,000 American soldiers stationed with 16,000 family members.
In Italy, the Pentagon spent by the end of the Cold War more than $ 2 billion to modernize - to name just a few - the basis of Naples, Aviano (in Friuli), Sigonella in Sicily, Pisa (the huge arsenal of Camp Darby) and Vicenza (Camp Ederle). Sum which is limited to those used officially in the U.S. defense budget and that does not include those used in investment secrets.
Italy covers these combat missions as peacekeeping and defense missions to protect populations from dictatorships, but then, when these peoples arrive in Italy - now many from Syria – it kills them or treats them like criminals and animals.
On the same day of the massacre of Lampedusa, the Italian state has repressed with police charges many asylum seekers to CARA [another kind of centres for immigrants] of Mineo [near Catania].


Imperialism is the largest violence against the peoples, the proletarians, of 80% of humanity, but more it carries on this reactionary violence and more itself creates the forces that fight against it, that unite beyond borders; because the only way to end the imperialist barbarity is the socialist revolution.


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