Tuesday, March 15, 2016

india - Vara Vara Rao lambasts atrocities by State - 2-9 avril internationalist solidarity for all political prisoners in iIndia against Green Hunt and repression

Warangal: Revolutionary poet P Vara Vara Rao (VV) launched a broadside against the State government, citing police atrocities against the former Maoists and their sympathisers. Addressing a press conference along with former Maoist sympathiser Dara Saraiah here on Monday, he asserted that any ‘encounter’ in the State is some way or other way is connected to Warangal police. He questioned the rationale behind police’s swoop on the house of Saraiah, a resident of Munipalli village under Hasanparthy mandal, on March 1 although the latter has been eking out a livelihood by running an auto-rickshaw for the last few years. “The police who rounded up the house of Saraiah at around 7 pm on March 1 threatened him to come out of his house.
When he didn’t come out, the police broke the ventilator window and threatened Saraiah, his mother and his wife,” Rao narrated the incident. Rao said that it’s not fair on part of K Chandrashekar Rao-government to create terror among these innocent people. “Earlier on February 7, 2014, the four-member special police party kidnapped and took me to Hyderabad where they threatened me to carry a covert operation to kill the top Maoist leaders Haribhushan, Damodar and Prabhakar by feeding them with poisoned food,” Saraiah alleged, explaining his ordeals with the police.
He said: “The police threatened to kill me if I didn’t heed to their conspiracy. Unable to bear the pressure, I attempted suicide. After listening this, my father died of heart stroke.” Later, representatives of Civil Liberties Committee, Amaraveerula Bandhumitrula Sangham, Telangana Praja Front, Saraiah’ wife and mother also spoke. Raising doubts over the presence of a few persons, who are not related to the media at the start of the press conference, Vara Vara Rao appealed those outsiders to leave the premises.
Police trying to kill former naxalite Saraiah: Varavara
Revolutionary poet Varavara Rao accused the police of trying to kill former naxalite Dara Saraiah, who is now eking out a living driving an autorickshaw. A group of police raided the house of Saraiah at Munipalli village on March 1 and terrorised the whole family. “In 2014, he was kidnapped by SIB police and produced before the SP. The police wanted him to poison top naxal leaders Haribhushan, Damodar and Prabhakar using his contacts. He refused to do and attempted suicide by consuming poison,” Mr. Rao said.

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