Thursday, March 24, 2016

Long live the Newroz Festival of the Kurds!

Newroz ! The history of a people who organised against a vicious king and who, in the end, claimed victory. 
As the day that, under the leadership of Kaveh the Blacksmith the people rose up against the tyrant Assyrian king Zahak, during which his empire was razed to the ground, Newroz has become the Kurdish people’s day of struggle and resistance and is celebrated as a festival.
Whereas for many Middle Eastern and Caucasian peoples, the festival of Newroz is a sign of a new year, of spring and of rebirth, FOR KURDS NEWROZ IS THE FIRE OF UPRISING…
With each new Newroz the resistance working towards the freedom and equality of the Kurdish people continues to grow.
In the period which we are approaching, where Newroz is the symbol of resistance against persecution and oppression and is celebrated in an atmosphere of excitement; With the cooperation between imperialist powers, the reactionary-fascist power which are their local extensions and the gangs who are the forceps of imperialist reactionaries a hell is being reigned upon the Middle Eastern people and the oppressed nations. In the Middle Eastern geography, in Syria and Turkish Kurdistan the murders, forced migration and persecution of the Kurdish nation and other nationalities through the imperialist policies of war of regional reactionary and fascist governments is blatantly continuing with full speed.
The fascist Turkish Government which has, since its establishment, denied the existence of the Kurdish people and other minority groups, has a bloody past riddled with attempts to use assimilation policies to carry pout national oppression.
Today, the AKP government uses the most barbaric and vulgar methods to inhibit and threaten the struggle of the Kurdish people for their national freedom and equality.
The Kurdish nation is being placed under a reactionary-fascist siege. In Cizre, Silopi, Idil, Sur (Diyarbakir) and many other Kurdish settlements civilians continue to be attacked, blood is being spilled and they are being murdered.
The AKP government, who knows no bounds in its attacks, is in a state of failure against the honourable resistance and defiance of the people of the Kurdish nation. We should be asking the government spokespeople and chauvinist groups who use the bourgeois/nationalist media and TV channels to fuel hatred and racism towards the Kurds in an attempt to clear the name of the government who carries out vicious murders against the venture for self-administration, the following question! When the attacks on Suruc, Ankara and Amed were carried out was there a struggle for self-administration, was there the Hendek initiative?…
The policies of destruction and discarding put in place by AKP, the political party of the fascist government has resulted in widespread arrests and murders against the democratic declaration of the Kurds, the implicit collaboration of the government with fascist Islamic organisations such as ISIS and also the mass murders and bomb attacks on civilians has turned it into a concept of war. In addition to this, with the support of American and European imperialist the pressure, operations and arrests against Kurdish organisations, revolutionary organisation and democratic representatives in European countries has increased.
We know that no matter how oppressive and violent the domination of persecution is, those people who are part of the Kurdish nation, and revolutionaries and socialists who are our true friends will never give up and the tyrants and dictators will sooner or later fall under the struggle of the oppressed people and will end up in the rubbish bin of history!
Long live the Newroz Festival of the Kurds!
Long live the Kurdish People’s struggle for equality and its rightful resistance for Regional Autonomy! 
It’s resistance towards and uprising against persecution is legitimate!
May Newroz, the day of resurrection and resistance, be happy for all our people!  
ATIK – Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe

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