Saturday, April 2, 2016

19. März 2016 in Wien: Imperializm creates reffugees! Imperialists, hands away of the opressed!

Within the framework of an Europ-wide day of action for reffugees on the 19 of March, a huge damonstration took place in Vienna. In it participated 16.000 people. At 13:00 Demonstraters gathered at “Karlsplatz”. From there the demonstration Started at 14:00 to its finnish at the “House of Europe.” We, the Revolutionary Construction (Austria)(“Revolutionärer Aufbau (Österreich)”) participated in it with an own block. We shared out a common leaflet with the ADHF (Federation for democratic rights in Austria) in with we took up important democratic demands (f.e.: “Unrestricted right to work, to stay and right on mobility!; German-language courses in all levels, unlimited for free!;…). With slogans like “Frontex, war and genocide, this is the EU-export!” “The true face of there democracy, mass murders thats what they are!”, we were able to gain a lot of attention and rais the mood at the demonstration.
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The text on our transpraent says: “Imperializm creates reffugees! Imperialists, hands away of the opressed!
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