Saturday, April 2, 2016

people's war in India cannot stop but advances!

‘Maoists’ visit tribal colony in Nilambur
Malappuram: It seems the Maoist groups are successfully scaling up their activities in Pattakkarimbu tribal region under the Nilambur south forest division and they have managed to influence a section of the tribal people there.
An armed group of suspected Maoists visited the tribal colony on Tuesday night and convened a meeting of the colony natives in which the group urged the people to boycott upcoming assembly election and to launch protest against the recent death of a woman of the colony. It was around 7pm that the team of 10 persons including three women came to colony raising slogans against government and police. Before the meeting they laid an iron chain across the walkway to the colony to prevent colony natives from going outside. The team left the colony after spending more than an hour there, collecting rice and groceries from colony natives.
Police have already identified that Maoist leaders Soman, Sundari, Sreemathi and Asha were among the gang. The anti-naxal squad is suspecting that the gang is still camping somewhere near the colony, as natives reported the sighting of gang members on Wednesday morning and afternoon. Thunderbolts and police have already launched a joint search operation for the gang.
Police have got a clue that there were more than twenty members in the armed gang who visited the colony on Tuesday night and a batch of members of the gang were hiding near the colony when the other group was interacting with the residents. Police suspect those members of the group who were hiding were ready to counter any possible attack from the part of the police. But the gang managed to successfully complete the meeting before police team arrived at the spot.
Police believe that the gang organized the meeting with complete support from the part of a section of the colony people who recently opposed various police initiatives to counter Maoist threat in the region.
According to a source in the anti-naxal squad of the police, the squad is closely observing the situation in the colony as the suspected group is scaling up their activities among the people there. “We suspect clear support from the part of colony natives, and believe that the gang is still camping near the colony. The search will continue with the support of Thunderbolts,” he said.
Meanwhile the Committee Against Military Oppression held public meetings in different parts of the district on Wednesday. They are demanding to withdraw Thunderbolt forces from tribal areas.

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