Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Austria: Report on activities because of the 50. anniversary of Cultural Revolution.

dear comrades,
we send you a repot on actions to the anniversary of cultural revolution, to publish it on maoist road.
red reguards!

Fight against the current!
On 16th May in 1966, fifty years ago, in China the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was called out. Because of this in Vienna one weekend for activities, with studies, ideological struggles, singing, playing theatre, drawing and making a celebratory meeting, was realised.
The initiation of the Cultural Revolution was an achievement for the international workers movement, only with it the way to communisms can be reached. The Chinese communists struggled hard against revisionist of Soviet Union to develop the cultural revolution. Chairman Mao Zedong was leading these struggle, his political line was essential for the initiation of Cultural Revolution. To understand the role and the meaning Maos for the revolutionary movement (not in the meaning of bourgeois personality cult), on this weekend a seminar of the life of Mao Zedong was made. "How to learn from Mao!", was the mainly orientation.
On this weekend together a celebratory meeting for the 16. of May was prepared. Also a group for theatre was built. Activist of this group discussed about proletarian theatre, and how they could express positions of the Cultural Revolution. They managed it very good to express paroles of the Red Guards (an important political youth movement of the Cultural Revolution) in a way concerning to the current political situation. Also a very good transparent ("Fight against the current! Unite under Maoism!"), a graffiti workshop, buttons and proletarian music were make.
 To do the preparation means a very intensive weekend, what gives strength to the comrades and activists for development, what pushed back bourgeois individualism, strength collectivism and make that weekend to a big victory for the revolutionary movement!
The celebratory meeting was visited by many people and find good approval. Not only that there was international participation at the meeting (comrades from Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece and Palestine visited), in speeches and discussions it often was pointed, that with this meeting an important contribution to the international maoist movement was done.
This meeting was an important start for coming action for the campaign for the 40th day of death of Mao Zedong and the fiftieth anniversary of the cultural revolution. As Revolutionary Construction we support this campaign. "We made the experience, the more open and more directly our ideology builds the centre of activities, the stronger are the effects of it. That is one main point we should learn, at least to purposeful take the tasks of the campaign: to spread Maoism and to defend Maoism in Austria.", a participant of this weekend told.
With this weekend an important victory against reaction and for the development of the revolutionary struggle in Austria was reached. Which has to be seen as a new basis for the coming struggles. Go on resolutely, fight against the current and organise the masses!
Rebellion is justified!
Revolutionary Construction - Austria

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