Friday, May 27, 2016

ICSPWI info - Delhi: Protest against police brutality on protest in Arunachal Pradesh,

May 26
Join Protest at 4:30 pm, 26th May 2016, Jantar, Mantar, New Delhi
Against “Police brutality in Arunachal Pradesh – 2 killed and several seriously injured”
On 2nd May 2016, two persons were killed and several badly injured. The incident took place when a peaceful gathering of more than 2000 people in Tawang Valley on 2nd May 2016, was demanding the immediate release of Lama Gyatso who was arrested on 28th April 2016, based on false and fabricated grounds.
The police atrocities began post the decision of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on suspending the environmental clearance of the 780 MW Nyamjang Chhu power project.
From the incidence it is clear that local administration sought revenge once the NGT verdict came and a war is committed against the community. In this revenge nexus of private and public authorities are involved. Incidents which occurred on 28th Apr 2016 and 2nd May 2016 are the indications of a few local politicians who are hand in glove with the corporate and bureaucrats who support big Dams at the cost of environment and peoples’ livelihood. There have been ongoing protests against various other dams too on the ground, much to disliking to a political and influential elite who are to benefit from the contracts and money these projects offer.
On the hand the community from the valley wrote several petitions to the State and the Central Government Agencies about their grievances however there has been no response. Due to this irresponsiveness, the tribal community took democratic steps and approached NGT to address their grievance.
In this context, Save Mon Region Federation along with Delhi Solidarity Group gives a call to responsible citizens of this country to join the protest followed by candle march in solidarity with the communities of Tawang Valley on 26th May Tomorrow , 4:30 pm at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.
Kindly do join.

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