Monday, May 30, 2016

ICSPWI's activity in the next month: International Bulletin - 19thjune solidarity with political prisoners -series of talks in Europe - info ICSPWI

Statement icspwi

Icspwi salutes the success of International action’s week in varius countries in the world.
It is important that many workers, youngs, women, people have directly partecipated with the spirit of international solidarity with political prisoners in the jails of the Indian Modi’s regime.
It is important that many maoist, revolutionary, antimperialist  organisations have organised different kind of actions according to the conditions  and the level of the possibility in every country.
A bulletin will be realised in this month with reports and infos..
The wind of this IAW arrives in India and the Indian people envolved in revolutionary struggle and in the the war’s people is incouraged in his epocal struggle for a New Democracy Revolution.
Now it needs that the initiatives continue particularly against Green Hunt and Aerial attacks against people.
In some Universities in Europe advances the ICSPWI proposal to invite Indian democratic representants of association and people’s organisation in the next months.
It needs in the same time to develop analisis of concret situation for preparing a new wave of the international support, for extending mass mobilitation against Indian regime and imperialist states that have strict relation with Indian regime.
It needs an antifascist and antimperialist alliance with all that are availables in this new wave.
For this a series of talks will be realized in the next weeks and months, particularly in Europe in june-july, in Latin America in october:
Other new proposals can be sent to ICSPWI that will send them to all solidarity mouvement.

Unconditional freedom for all political prisoners in India!
Stop Green Hunt, the war and aerial attacks on the people!
Support the People’s war in India!

may 2016

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