Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit - PCm Italy declaration

unofficial traslation
Brexit - the populist extreme right won the referendum ...

and pushes British imperialism towards
- A new phase of “English fascism” with internal reaction, hunt against migrants and xenophobia, nationalism and extremely open social-chauvinism, including against Irish, Scottish, etc. proletarians and masses,
- Even more anti-worker and anti-people Economic policies,
- Even more foreign war against the peoples oppressed by imperialism and within Europe itself.

Riding the Tiger of the anti-people policies of the EEC under German “domination”, the English extreme right of Farage - ally of Grillo and English shore of the italian fascist of Lega Nord - wins the referendum and approaches the government of the country.
Soon English proletarians and masses will see the hard way the real outcome of this referendum.

The English vote feeds and strengthens the extreme right and the racism and xenophobia of Lega in our country.

Support for Brexit, shows the drift to the right of forces also belonging to the "communist" left in our country and belonging to parts of the base union, which by now have become useless tools for the class struggle and the socialist and internationalist class perspective in our country.

proletarian communists - PCM Italy

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