Tuesday, June 21, 2016

India - MODI's regime crimes - rapes, killings, fake encounters - ICSPWI info

Tribal girl allegedly raped, killed and branded Maoist in Sukma
The police had issed a statement claiming that Madkam Hidme was killed in an encounter, a claim that activist Soni Suri is contesting.
Tribal activist and the Aam Adami Party leader Soni Sori has contested claims that a woman Maoist was killed in an encounter near Gumpad forest of Sukma district. The Inspector General (IG) of Police of Bastar range in Chhattisgarh Mr. S.R.P. Kalluri had issued a statement claiming that a woman Maoist Madkam Hidme was killed in an encounter with a joint team of the District Reserve Guard (DRG) and the Special Task Force (STF) near Gumpad forest of Sukma district.
Mr.Kalluri had also claimed that Madkam Hidme was a member of Kistaram area platoon no.8 of the outlawed Communist Party of India (Maoist).
But Soni Sori has contested the claims and has alleged that Madkam Bhime, a resident of Gumpad village, was “picked up from her home, raped and killed before being branded as a Maoist”. “Many villagers from Gumpad and nearby villages came to meet me and told me that Hidme was raped and killed. I also spoke to some of her relatives on phone who also confirmed that she was forcibly taken by the policemen from the village. Some villagers tried to resist but the policemen waved guns at them and scared them away,” Ms. Sori told The Hindu.
“She was taken to the nearby forest and raped. Her relatives also told me that some of her clothes and smashed ornaments were found at a place in the forest. The police then made a propaganda that there was an encounter and a Maoist was killed,” claimed the AAP leader.
Maoist leader Bikash was afraid that he might be killed in fake encounter

KOLKATA: Maoist leader Bikash and Tara might have been one of the most feared operatives in the Junglemahal area, but the leader himself had been living in mortal fear of being shot dead in a fake encounter.

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