Friday, June 3, 2016

India - people's war attacks in Indian press

Naxals change tactics, 

Officials from the Anti-Naxals Operation have learnt that naxals have changed their attacking tactics and are now functioning in Small Action Teams (SAT). Unlike earlier, when naxals used to launch attacks in large numbers, SAT functions in small groups and kill policemen, civilians and informers found in isolation. The death of 31-year-old police constable Bandu Vachami last month is the third such killing done by SAT in Gadchiroli.

Maoists issue ‘death warrant’ against security forces,
BALAGHAT: Police in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat have recovered Maoist posters with “death warrants” issued against the names of security forces and police informers in Maoist-affected areas, the police said on Thursday. Balaghat Police Chief Gaurav Tiwari told IANS that on Wednesday that some officers found such posters in Lal Ghati area under the Roopjhar police jurisdiction. These posters also held out dire warnings for police informers.
Tiwari said security forces were continuing with their anti-Maoist campaign in the jungle. According to official sources, the posters were a retaliatory move by Maoists against the security forces’ armed action. The Maoists have threatened to kill whosoever was involved in the security forces’ operation._8e3f859a-2708-11e6-a271-92fd27615944

Police seize banner agitating against discrimination in BPL system in Jamshedpur area.
Attack on construction site in Banka.

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