Wednesday, July 13, 2016

PCm Italy - Micah Jonson is really a symbolic people’s hero, ... unofficial traslation

Micah Jonson is really a symbolic people’s hero, a result of indignation and anger, who, through his own life, as a soldier of the US imperialist troops in Afghanistan, realizes that it is within the US society the only just war we must fight, the one against a system that claims to be the largest democracy in the world, bearer of goods and equal opportunities, as well as against an African-American president who has the same face of the pigs that kill at the pace of serial killers, with impunity, combining class violence and racist violence.
This is the America that is laid bare, and the action of Micah shows that the time of impunity for this America may be discontinued, the time of a police force strong against the weak while being in a thousand ways linked to the organized crime, the holder of the economic, political, financial power.
The symbolic action of Micah has finally broken a pattern and said to the masses, which a thousand times have rebelled against the police crimes, that another path is possible, a path that has already written exemplary pages of glory, struggle and organization, with the bright history of the Black Panther Party.

The Corriere della Sera writes: "The danger is that someone turns the sniper of Dallas into an avenger angel who embodies a wild vision of people’s justice." This way, the true snipers are not the authorized serial killers of the police, it is not the fierce, barbaric killing of Philando Castile, worthy of one of the worst American movies, but the clear, straightforward, brave action of Micah to be put on trial.
As soon as a man of the masses takes up arms, the pompous, arrogant killers in uniform show all their miserable cowardice and for the first time use a robot bomb, because, as they themselves said, they were afraid that Micah could kill them.
Now the whole world bourgeoisie, not only the US bourgeoisie, screams for vengeance and glorifies the murderer pigs, hide the fear that in the African American communities there are "violent splinters, small units of urban guerrillas, capable to plan military ambushes, handling weapons". Now the pigs in uniform scream, showing to be a state within the state – see the statement of David Brawn, chief of the Dallas police, who said "the time has come to put an end to this division between our police and our citizens", the only admission that their police is something opposed to the masses.
Another sold writer on the CdS notes that on the Web "there are posts that define this murderer as a freedom fighter ... the risk is that Micah first becomes an icon, then a role model. There are too many urban areas in US which are of social powder keg."
Symbolically, Micah acted as a soldier who has acquired the combat techniques in the unjust wars of imperialism and has put them in place in the only just and necessary war in US.

Obama, with his statements, shows that the skin color or the African-American origin does not matter, but the what class is represented and what interests are served. At the same time, the problem is not that too many weapons are around, but the fascism, racism, imperialist supremacism that arms the hand of its representatives, in uniform or civilian.
Obama, US imperialist bourgeoisie and all their apologists cry scandal and horror when the people take up arms, as already pointed out by the Black Panther Party.
Obama and Trump are two sides of the same medal – Hillary Clinton is just a drab figure – their words are the same in substance: the exaltation of the strength that "ensures the safety of all citizens"; "We must restore law and order", etc.
Honor and glory for the murderer pigs, for once they fell on the asphalt, at most condolences for the poor blacks murdered.

But times are changing and Micah symbol is the future. The rest is the rotten old world of imperialism, capable only of crimes and horrors, which tries to continue to rule, as if the day of reckoning will never come.
That the imperialists and their press to do their dirty work there is certainly no wonder. Once again the hypocritical voices raised by commentators from "left" that must be exposed and denounced, because they are always an expression of the two feet in both camps, the blow to the rim and the barrel, the party of conciliation, even when there is nothing to reconcile.
Alessandro Portelli on the Il Manifesto writes: "I do not think we could be happy with what is going on in Dallas at this time. First, because there are dead and this can never be a source of joy ". They tell the story that all dead are all equal, that oppressed and oppressors, from a human point of view, are equal, and they only remember when the oppressors die at the hands of the oppressed. "Secondly – Portelli continues - because the level of armed struggle the winners will inevitably be others, hardly we will win and there will be more deaths." It is not true, it was never true. The oppressed have obtained their results only when they had weapons in hand, imperialism has lost only when the peoples fought with arms in hand - Vietnam and many other glorious stories have shown this. So, African Americans have achieved true conquests, always questioned, only when they as struggling masses relied on Malcolm X, the Black Panther Party. It is just when the armed struggle failed that the US imperialist State won.
But, in order to support his thesis Portelli has to say hateful falseness from the columns of Il Manifesto: "the liberation movement of African Americans has won its victories with other means." As if the chain of unpunished murders, the state violence did not demonstrate exactly the opposite, that when the masses could not rely on the armed radicalism of their movement, or directly within the US or indirectly, with the anti-imperialist liberation movements in world, they lost.
Portelli writes: "African Americans have used the ballot, have elected Barak Obama ... the bullets continued to fly, as they have for centuries of slavery, lynchings, segregation, racism ...". Exactly. Is this be the only world possible?
When a gesture, an action shows that this spiral can be stopped, Porrtelli can not find any way out but belittling "the minority and desperate explosion is the mirror of the disappointment and impotent rage of the majority of a democracy that has failed in its task".
But has not this always been the logic of revolutions? Are not they the symptoms that demand and evoke the historical necessity of the rebirth of a Black Panther Party, armed with the science of revolution and representing the proletarians and oppressed no matter their origin, skin color, and connected to the struggle of all the oppressed in the world fighting US imperialism, along the way of a genuine revolutionary war that can really put an end to the horror without end that US society gave birth?

Guido Moltedo also, always on Il Manifesto, has as concern the armed struggle and not state violence. What he fears is "the beginning of a stage in which a organized forms and armed struggle will try to impose their logic on what has so far been a peaceful protest against racism ... Black Lives Matter could be marginalized by organized groups armed. " Moltedo also describes how, with the the presidential elections, what is really advancing in America is a fascist wave that Trump embodies and the police murderers play. It is clear that the answer to this wave can not be the fig leaf of Hillary Clinton, even if she becomes president, and that the community of poor African-Americans, a all the workers and the poor in this country, can not accept to be crushed and that a tank passes over their bodies, can not accept to be killed, having as only weapon a generous protest.

Therefore, the dynamics of the opposition movement to needs to gain strength and build on their strengths, out of the false democracy that is invoked here.

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