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The Nato's Summit - Imperialism and war - 2-

this is unofficial english traslation of a document of PCm Italy about last NATO SUMMIT in Poland - the text is in 5 parts- this is the Second  Part - in the next days the others parts

It is the first battleground between NATO, with distinguished interests inside, and Russian imperialism. The support to the pro-Nazi regime in Kiev and the open attempt to detach Ukraine from Russia is the main cause of the civil war and the current situation in Ukraine.
Russian imperialism has immediately annexed Crimea for the strategically significant access to the Black Sea and supported the people’s opposition anti-Nazi and anti-Western imperialism oriented having his heart in Donbass. This resistance was the main factor that prevented the further widening of the conflict and that it results in a new permanent partition.

But NATO and Western imperialism, US first, did not loosen its grip and supported the agreements with Russia only as part of a temporary truce. The aim of the NATO-US is always only one: unify Ukraine under the dictatorship of Kiev, with the fig leaf of a decentralized federal state with broad autonomy for the pro-Russian districts.
This solution is not welcomed by the anti-fascist and anti-imperialist masses in many Ukrainian districts nor, in the final analysis, by Russian imperialism. The low intensity conflict goes on, economic sanctions on Russia harm more some Western imperialist countries than Russia itself. Therefore, the NATO summit and the group of 5, of which Italy is part, moves further aggressive steps on checkerboard trying to unload the responsibility on Russian imperialism, especially on the anti-fascist and anti-Western imperialism people.
And the concept of “hybrid warfare” here comes in handy. As il Manifesto wrote on 8 July: “everything can be considered hybrid, any incident of public disorder is likely to be ascribed to interference from outside.” And the whole situation in Ukraine is every day at risk of explosion.

However, the expansion of NATO, which has its center in Ukraine, now aims to reach all the countries. But everyone knows that the Euro-Atlantic an integration of the entire arc surrounding Russia – for instance Georgia – is indeed war. For this reason, Germany and France put constraints, because a war now would mean surrender with hands and feet tied before the interests of US imperialism and its military and nuclear deterrence which makes US the only hegemonic superpower.
It is good to say that the deployment of troops and bases in countries bordering Russia is much more than an expansion. It is the creation of a missile defense system that resembles the projects of "star wars" of previous US administrations, where the "stars" are not in heaven but on the borderland.

Military Expenditure
Another aspect of the issue to which we should pay attention is the cost of this military offensive. US put on the table several billions of dollars, not only as a structural boost for the US military industrial system that, beyond any kind of Presidency, is the heart of the imperialist domination, but also to openly blackmail and force all European powers to pay the cost of this new phase of the global strategy.
The defense ministers of NATO countries, have pledged to increase by more than three billion dollars the military expenditure in 2016 and to continue increasing in the following years. On this, the post Brexit UK can claim again the role of top of the class and skirt the US pressure on Germany, France and Italy, which without any parliamentary and electoral check have already said yes to the request.
It is clear, therefore, that a tie between the major war industries and high military hierarchy within NATO is being created, beyond the national dimension of individual states. This means that any government in the NATO countries meets the general interests of imperialism, that constitute a constraint and define their nature, and on this NATO is even more influential that the ECB, that deals with “accounting”, compared to what it is production and geo-strategic structure.
In this sense, the exit from NATO is clearly a goal of the revolutionary struggle in each imperialist country and has many other meanings, compared to the exit from UE – a ridiculous and rightist slogan when it does not concern minor capitalist countries (it is the case of Greece) crushed by the dictates of the various European imperialists in coalition.
But the exit from NATO is a point of the program of a complete revolution, not just an empty slogan, good for election campaigns or for traditional marches and signatures-collections against the war, that never put really into question imperialism, neither NATO or the internal structure of the imperialist countries.

East European countries
Coming back to the NATO Summit decisions, we must consider that they accomplish another process of change in the international structure, the complete reactionary transformation of East European countries, all of which are now dominated not only by a savage capitalism subservient to US and European imperialism, but also by facist-Nazi dictatorships that make them the spearhead of the process fascistization of the whole Europe and the front-line troops in the inter-imperialist conflicts.
What happened long time ago in Poland, Hungary and progressively in all other countries of Eastern Europe and the Balkans has become clear at the eyes of the world with the barbarity against immigrants, particularly in Hungary, and with the internal legislation by ferocious Nazis in power, who are suppressing with anti-Communist and anti-democratic laws any kind of right for the workers and the masses of these countries and put them at direct service of the interests of imperialists and the ravenous domestic bourgeoisie.
The chief of the defense in Poland is Macerewicz Antoni, representative of the nazi ultra right of Poland, who took as his first task to purge the Polish Armed Forces of each officer who had started his career before '91, considered tout court guilty of suspected nostalgia for the old communist regime.
There is resistance within the military hierarchies, albeit for reasons such as: “distortion of careers and command structures”, “Witch hunts and McCarthyism climate, instead of the principle of professionalism.” It is clear that a defense minister of this kind, as a general said: “supported by the nationalist Ukraine and influenced by bloodthirsty extremists, is dangerous for Poland and exacerbates the hysteria of the Russian-speaking minority”.
A minister of this kind welcomes the deployment of large forces, including US, UK and Canadian troops, on Polish soil and is suitable to unleash any kind of warlike provocation at the service of the plans of his real masters, who are, again, US imperialism and NATO hierarchies.

The same process goes ahead in the other countries of Eastern Europe, and there also the generals are those who lead the march, as Pavel in the Czech Republic, who has been in office as chairman of the Military Committee of NATO for one year, and openly says that Russia, not terrorism, is the real danger and supports the maneuvers NATO at Russia borders, and this way is a candidate for the next presidential elections in the Czech Republic.
In Hungary the cement of the Nazi government is the war on immigrants and good business relations with Putin's Russia, along with to a matter of strategic relevance such as energy – there is a nuclear treaty signed by Budapest and Moscow in 2014, which includes the construction of two new reactors by Russia in Paks. Consequently, Orban appears less frantic in the military alignment against Russia and, as we have said, he rides mainly the tiger of "anti-immigration" hysteria. Here we witness the fact, very strange in appearance, that the opposition center-left forces denounce the dictatorial nature of Orban but, use against him the rightist argument to be “lukewarm” in the contrast to Russia. Consequently, those center-left forces are the most active in urging Hungary to align the US-NATO-led anti Russia offensive.
Also in Poland, the Committee in Defence of Democracy, protesting against the “orbanization”of the country, points out: “we are still in favor of decisions taken by the Atlantic Alliance to increase the security of our country.”

Throughout the Easter Europe the path is identical. Gradually, the reactionary regimes that often were tinged with nationalism, do the contrary, selling off the country to the US-NATO interests. For instance, it should create a scandal the participation of Montenegro as observer at the Warsaw Summit. Mirko Knezevic, the president of Montenegro, is known for often showing the photos of his son, a victim of NATO bombingin ’99, but now runs to seek the accession into NATO.
The nature of the Montenegrin economy would have no need for this military shift. It is the NATO, however, that with the accession of Montenegro aims to seize two objectives: on the one hand, militarily, after the accessions of Croatia and Albania, it completes the line of eastern Adriatic and, on the other hand, detaches another country from the Russian orbit. The ruling forces in Montenegro, in turn, rely on NATO to have a cover, not so much concerning Russia, but more to boost a domestic leadership based on the ties with the great Italian, Russian, Balkan organized crime.

We see not only the internal use of the presence of NATO by the reactionary regimes in Eastern Europe, but also the battle between them, to get more from NATO, to be recognized as an integral part of its plans, at the expense of other Eastern European countries. This leads, for example, the president of Romania, who already allows the presence of strategic bases and troops, to demand to be organically inserted into a naval and air cooperation model with NATO forces; as well as the president of Poland boasts that the Polish aircraft carrier takes part in the "Air Policing" to patrol the Bulgarian and Turkish airspace; while, again under the NATO control, Bucharest and Warsaw are working for a bilateral cooperation treaty in the military. So, a wild race to better serve imperialism.
Poland itself is seeking to carry out a task of mediation to enhance the cooperation between Belarus and NATO. It is in this context that Poland urges that the troops deployment decided by the Summit takes place in the Suwalki district, right on the border between Belarus and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which, as il Manifesto rightly wrote, it is likely to become the most militarized region in the area and the real potential of explosion.

This review allows us to conclude that these new capitalist dictatorships are essentially at the service of imperialism, from which they depend in all respects. And then they give mainly imperialism the task of defending their own interests, apparently against Russian imperialism but in fact and especially their internal interests against any possible development of the proletarian and mass struggle.

These countries have always been described as heirs of the Russian domination and the ruling parties and classes as the long arm of that, today they have become props of the interests of US and EU imperialist masters and true branches of their power within. This explains more than anything else the blatant pressure to fill their countries with money, weapons, military bases of imperialism, to get an “insurance policy” for their internal power. In this, the issue of migrants is thoroughly the combination of two factors: the response on behalf of imperialism to the migratory wave, a kind of dirty work on behalf of the imperialist bourgeoisie, and the domestic Nazification to divert the exploited and oppressed masses toward an anti-migrants block.

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