Sunday, October 30, 2016

Statement of the Maoist Communist Party of Manipur 10/24/16

Lok Janashakti Party (LJP) kouba Bihar-da yumpham oiba aduga Indian Election Commission-na State Party ama oina Masak khangliba Political Party asina Manipur-da leiba Gang Khutpubu sougatpagidamak Maoist Communist Party Manipur-na Boycott touragani. LJP gi oina Houjik MLA ama Langthabal Assembly Constituency-da leiri maram aduna MLA asibusu lup asina Boycott toubaga loinana Political Party asimak Lup asina Manipur da mapung phana Boycott touragani. Manipur-da Election mai paknabagidamak Political Party ayambana communal oiba thouramsing pangthoktuna lakli amadi Suspension of Operation (SoO)-gi makhada leiba anti-social Forces kaya khutlai oina sijinnaduna lakhi haibasi Meeyamna khangi. LJP hairiba Indian Political Party asina Manipur-gi Gang khutpu-gi luchingbasing India-gi Mayol lam Delhi-da Yok thaktuna Thamba amadi Manipur-da cheingak piduna thamlaga lakkadouriba Election asida mai paknaba khutlai oina sijinnanaba sem sare haibasi lup asina chap chana khangba ngamle, Khudam changdamsu chap chana leire. Thouwong asida Lup asigi oina kham thengna yaba ngamloidabagi maram anikhak lei. Ahaanbada Manipur-gi yawol lanhoubu kham thengna leikha tahallamba asigumba mifattasing asi Khunai asigi yeknabani. Anisuba amadi Lup asigi oina khwaidagi hakchinba maru-oiba maram amadi Iramdamda Communist ki lanhou asi Lamyanba Hijam Irabot-na thamoi sengna kathokpaga loinana houdoklambani. Laibak thibakdi Lamyanba Irabot ki wakhallon-bu motsin-hanba mawongda Communist-ki mingbu khunaida kham thengna leikha tahallamba Michel mifattasing lup asina keidounungda ngakpiba touroi. Asigumba Communist ki wakhallonbu kham thengna leikha tahallamba reactionary-singbu yok-thaktuna LJP-na chathariba thouwong asi lup asina keidounungda taraina louba ngamloi. Communist haiba wahei asi paksillaga senkhai lup kaya Indian reactionary Force-singna semgattuna makhoibu Hui-loibagum thaktuna thamlaga khunai asida yawol lanhoubu kham thengna leikha tahankhibani maram aduna Houjik election mayada LJP-na asigumba Gang kangbu asigi luchingbasing New Delhi da yok-thaktuna thamba amadi Manipur-da cheingak piduna thamlaga chatharakkadouriba anti-social oiba thabak thouramsing asi thinghouba haibasi Manipur-da Marxism-Leninism-Maoism gi wakhallonbu Lamyanba Hijam Irabot-na houdoklamba Communist Lanhougi itinphamni khanna lanhou semgatlakliba lup asigidi tangaiphadaba thoudang amani. Maram aduna Maoist Communist Party Manipur-na LJP-bu Manipur-da Boycott tounaba warep loukhibani. Karigumba LJP-gi maikeidagi chayol amagi manungda Yawol lanhou amadi Lamyanba Irabot-na houdoklamba Communist ki lanhoubu leikha tahallambasing-bu yok-thaktuna thamlibasi mari pumtat tatnadaba thoklagadi Lup asina tuminna leithoklaroi. Chayol amagi matungda thoklakpa apha phattagi tekchak khudingmak LJP na pujagadabani. Lup asina Houkhiba March thada SoO da leiba Communist lanhoubu kham thengna leikha tahallambasing khut thaba houkhrabani haibasi kaobiganu amadi makhoibu changjapham pirambasing amadi makhoibu yok-thaklibasingsu lup asina reactionary haina lougani.
Indian government officials and gang leader. This is the nexus between Indian government and politicians who help preserve the current status of the Manipuri masses. 
Lok Janashakti Party(LJP), a political party founded in Bihar, which is recognized by Indian Election Commission as a State Party is boycotted by Maoist Communist Party-Manipur since it has supported a gang party based in Manipur. An MLA of these organization is still in Langthabal Assembly Constituency so this MLA too, will be boycotted as well as the Political party itself in Manipur. It is a well-known fact that many of the political parties has been programming many communal poisoning plans to succeed in the election in Manipur and many anti-social forces under Suspension of Operations (SoO) have been used as tools for the cause. This so called LJP has been adopting the leaders of the Gang party in Delhi and supporting and safeguarding them in Manipur. Now these political party is already prepared to utilizing them as a key to success in the coming Election, is clearly known to the MCPM with vivid evidences. There are two unavoidable reasons for the party’s unacceptability on their planning. Firstly, those treacherous absconders who are pulling down the Revolutionary movements of Manipur into the hellish bottom are the real foes of our society. Secondly, most important and much serious reason is that the Communist movement in our own soil was initiated by our prominent leader with his sacrifice and sincerity. Such villainy absconders, who had adulterated the ideology of Lamyanba Irabot deteriorating the term of Communism at aloft in the society, can never be forgiven. And such as the dirty policies of LJP that have been sustaining those reactionaries cannot be considered easily by our Party. With the establishment of gang groups and founding of such Parties in the name of Communist like domestication of tamed dogs, the Indian Reactionary Forces have been adopting them that led the emphatic ruin of Revolutionary movements of Manipur in our society, so it is compulsive obligation of the Party, being an revolutionary party developing and forming based on the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism of which is considered to be catchment basin of Communist movement of Manipur initiated by Lamyanba Irabot, to obstruct and eradicate such anti-social activities operated by LJP that is supporting and bringing up the leaders of the villain group in Delhi in the close timing of the General election. This is why our Party took the firm decision of boycotting LJP. The Party will never be in a mute until and unless LJP has total link or any sort of relation within a week with those absconders who had debacle the communist movement of Manipur and who has defamed the revolutionary struggle of Manipur. Any dire consequence after a week must fall upon LJP. It should be noted that the Party had already started to attack on those absconders sheltering under SoO, who have been defaming the Communist Movement in Manipur in the month of the March this year, and those who have given them shelter and sustenance will be counted as reactionaries.

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