Saturday, November 26, 2016

24 november AUSTRIA - The martyrs of the people are alive in the struggle!

Honor to comrade Kishenji!

On the 24th of November has been an international day of action to support people‘s war in India, in the memory of the 5th anniversary of the murder of comrade Kishenji.
Kishenji was an important member of the Communist Party of India (maoist). As a leading cadres he was responsible for the development and the victories of the people‘s war in India and a main enemy of the fascist Indian government. On the 24th of November in 2011 Kishenji had been arrested, tortured and murdered. But the murder of him was no victory to the reaction, thousands of people came to his funereal and there had been many actions and declarations of solidarity from revolutionaries and communists from all over the world.
Kishenji showed what it means to serve the people. With his sacrifice for the revolution he is a great example for the international revolutionary and communist movement!
Also in Austria there have been actions of solidarity in the memory of comrade Kishenji and the martyrs of the people‘s war in India. That is an important expression of proletarian internationalism and a contribution for the international support of the people‘s war in India!
Long lives the people‘s war in India!
*pictures: actions took place in several cities: Innsbruck, Salzburg, Linz and Vienna.


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