Wednesday, November 30, 2016

25 november Italy - Proletarian Women Call the Women’s Strike !

Against All the Violence of Masters, Government,
State, Men who hate women
Proletarian Women Call the Women’s Strike !

On November 25, workers, precarious, unemployed, immigrants women from various cities, from South and North, in the name of all the most exploited, oppressed women by this social system. They were in Piazza Montecitorio [in front of the Parliament] with a combative and lively demonstration, rich of speeches, agitation, full of their experiences of struggle.
Asserting that "We proletarian women are against all violence, and the first one is the systemic violence of masters, government, capitalist, imperialist State that nurtures and produces the horrific rapes and femicides" we have besieged the parliament, representative of all the corridors of power, and we said, "Enough! We will not stop! We fight and will fight all the way to put an end to this horror without end". It is this capitalist system that must be overturned, from earth to heaven, and as women we have to break not one but a thousand chains, because our whole life must change, and then there will not be oppression, double exploitation of women, sexual violence.
We also did something else. We have summarized all the expectations coming from our struggles in a platform, in a "booklet" where we counted, gathered our conditions of work / no work, life, all the attacks on us women, by big and small master on jobs, by the governments which with their laws in these years have worsened the condition of the majority of women on jobs, neighborhoods, homes, cutting expenses and essential social services - from kindergartens to pensions, the right to health on the territory, we think the women in Taranto and polluted cities - while the attacks on the right to abortion and racist attacks that hit twice our immigrant sisters revive.
We brought our Platform / booklet as a challenge to the corridors of power and this won two initial meetings, in the Parliament and at the Ministry of Labor, a result only of the strength of our struggles.
In these meetings, where, "breaking their rules," we went with large delegations and many unemployed workers women made hard speeches, we said that women do not want to hear their hypocritical words, we women want to talk and demand answers to our needs and dreams, put our conditions. And their failure to answer or false answer will also be a reason for increasing and hardening our struggle.
To the press we have said “do not speak about us" once a year, with gray statistics or scoop articles that offend us, "talk to us"! And as a proof that most of newspapers are against women, "The Messaggero", where a delegation of women went to speak, called the police, which came in force with men and trucks, to prevent us from entering.

Today we are here with all the women in this national demonstration to say:
And now: Women’s strike! As in Argentina, Poland, France ...

The women’s strike of has already begun in our country : 20 thousand women workers, precarious, unemployed, immigrants, have participated, on November 2013 and this year, in the strike called by the Feminist Proletarian Revolutionary Movement.
The women's strike is a strong weapon in the struggle. It is the women’s strike that scares masters, governments, collaborationist unions, men!
Today the proletarian women who lit this "spark" in Italy and launched a message also to other countries, call the women's movement as a whole to take the spark in their hand.
Large demonstration of women, such as this today, are not enough to change the balance of power between our real enemies and the majority of women, if they are not part of a process of continuous struggle against the entire social system, the masters, the government, the state, their fascist, sexist, racist males.
The women’s strike, the self-organization of the proletarian feminism are the current stages of the path for our liberation, that must be revolutionary.

Because there is no liberation without revolution!

Feminist Proletarian Revolutionary Movement. 26 November, 2016

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