Thursday, November 10, 2016

in Rome 25 november -MFPR

Proletarian women, directed by MFPR Italy, organize their contingent to besiege the palaces of power on November 25 in Rome

In the international day against sexual violence, proletarian women, workers and farm workers, immigrants, must not queue losing positions and conceptions of the small and middle-class feminism.
The proletarian women must independently, while building their strength in the fight, carry on the general battle. This we did in the strikes of women, this we will do on November 25, with a demonstration that besieges the Palaces of Power.
This is necessary to fight against all the violence of the masters, the state, the government, the men who hate women; because violence against us women is systemic and it is this capitalist system that must be overturned, from earth to heaven, because as women we have to break not one but a thousand chains and our whole life must change.
The next day, the 26th, a contingent of women workers will take part to the demonstration against sexual violence to bring to all women the need of a prolonged class struggle and as women to overthrow with the proletarian revolution the whole system.

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