Monday, November 7, 2016

Manipur - Campaign for No Congress-No Killers will be launched: Maoist

A campaign under the slogan No Congress-No Killers will be launched starting from 21st November, 2016 all over Manipur by the Maoist Communist Party-Manipur. If the Lok Janasakti Party (LJP),a party which maintains a nexus with the reactionary Gang Parties of Manipur, who masquerade as Yawol Lanmee to does not apologize the people of Manipur, another political offensive, No-LJP will also be launched, starting with the banning all movies featuring , R.K. Kaiku, the artist who represents the LJP in Manipur. These Political parties and their cronies have cheated and continue deceiving us. So the Maoist Party has decided to tackle these killers and liers. On the 21st Nov.2016, the initial day of the campaign No Congress-No Killers, an 18 hours General Strike will be observed from 5 am to till midnight of the day, a day the Killer/Robber Government observed the so called called Sangai Festival. This festival is indeed a festival of collecting personal wealth of the ruling class without an iota of a long term plan for the development of public. As a defiant act to boycott this Loot & Plunder Sangai festival organized by the Congress Killer Party on the 21st Nov,2016. the Moist party too is launching the No Congress-No Killers offensive. Looking back at the past, it can be vividly seen that Indian National Congress (INC) generally known as Congress Party in short in our Manipur, is a Political party that sold us out, making Manipur not only a colonial state, but also was responsible for ceding away the Kiyamba Tampak ( Kabow Valley) slyly deceiving the people of Manipur. This party also abolished the act for the preservation and safety of the indigenous peoples called Foreigners Act, opening a floodgate of the South Asians making us indigenous people a minority in our own homeland. The Congress party with the help of the draconian inhuman law AFSPA has carried a genocide and has murdered thousands of us in the name of counter insurgency. Till date 1528 (one thousand five hundred and twenty-eight) cases of fake encounters have occurred and cases are pending in the court of law Under the governance of this Party thousands of homes of the poor dwellers of the Loktak lake were burnt down deliberately rendering hundred homeless and forced to live at improvised make shift camps without any basic amenities. This tragic brutal inhuman acts are no less than savagery and is comparable to the tragic historical the seven years' Devastation of Manipur. Though the world and the 'have all' section of thee forgotten this barbaric act, which rendered many of our poor fisherman folks homeless, the Maoist will never forget nor forgive and will in fact make us strive harder to uproot such political party from our land. One can also remember the incident of Imphal Airport where narcotics involving the cartels, who was none other than the nephew of Mr Ibobi was involved. The officials who made the seizure of the narcotics were publicly humilated and their careers nipped in the bud. The Congress not only ruined our past but is also responsible for ruining our future by introducing narcotics in our land, waging a narcotic war on our young generation. The Maoist Party therefore, took the decision of launching this campaign- No Congress, No Killers on the 21st Nov coinciding with the Loot & Plunder Sangai Festival. The Maoist Party does is also aware that many security personnel (officers),past and present, who were/are a Reactionary antagonist and who were/are waging a war against their own people, are fooling the public and regard themselves or bestowed themselves as Social Workers or Political Workers. Even Yumnam Joykumar, the former Director General of Police (DGP) who had orchestrated the most brutal killing period in the history of Manipur too has incarnated as an active official member of BJP. A typical wolf in the sheep's clothing indeed. Such killers, murderers and assassins can never be forgiven nor forgotten nor should be accommodated in a civil society. These facts were the reason behind us planting a bomb at his residence as a rejoinder that the Maoist Party has not forgiven nor forgotten his crimes against Humanity. To further strengthen the steps taken by the Manipur Maoist we are launching the No Congress-No Killers offensive on the day of The Sangai Festival-2016. We sincerely appeal to all concerned affected public, those who support ILPS movement, victims of fake encounters, mothers who lost their sons in fake encounters, children who have become fatherless, women who have become widows, victims of the Narco wars waged on us, and all victims of this genocide meted on us to stand up and unite with us. Let's stand united to teach a lesson to these cruel and merciless inhuman killers and the devil's incarnate. As much as the Manipur Maoist knows the hardships endured by the public during shutdowns, we would like to remind all our beloved Manipuris regardless of any faiths, any caste or any creed that our offensive politically or militarily is for the whole Manipur. We also would like to remind the people of Manipur that we are not only after Congress but after every enemy of the people and just because we are after Congress, we do not necessarily or technically support or any other Colonial Political Parties. We in fact are associated only with the fight against injustice and oppression, complete National and class liberation, free from any occupation. It would also be wrong to ignore the present situation of our homeland as indifference by the public tantamount to consenting to the injustice and oppression carried out by the enemy and its local stooges. Help us to help you all less we may regret and we incur the wrath & curses from tomorrow's generations. Therefore, the Party extends our message to the people of Manipur to unite firmly and raise the united voice of No Congress No killers in one single Voice.

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