Wednesday, February 1, 2017

India - Telangana Youth Federation (TYF) condemns false allegations against their members

Telangana Youth Federation (TYF) strongly condemns the false allegations made by Warangal police in regards to the arrested cadre of TYF. TYF would like to clarify that the arrested persons Srinu, Devender, Narayanaswamy do not have any contacts with the CPI (Maoist) party and they are not involved in any conspiracy or other criminal activities as stated by the Police. This act of police is only to suppress the people movements in the name of Maoists. TYF is established to work for the cause of Democratic Telangana which ensures food, shelter, clothing, employment, justice and rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. We also work with other friendly organizations on the issues people are facing day to day. We speak on broad range of issues from Youth unemployment to women, students, peasants, prolitariat etc.
In this course, TYF along with other organizations is constantly exposing the anti-people character of Telangana & the central government. To curtail people movements and the organizations leading them, Telangana government like all other governments earlier is using Police machinery.
TYF is committed to work for solving the problems of toiling masses, we would like to clarify that people movements cannot be suppressed by exercising police power and putting us behind the bars.
We strongly condemn this fascist nature of state and request all the Democrats across the nation & globe to stand in support for us demanding unconditional, immediate release of TYF leaders.
Prudhvi Azad (Telangana Youth Federation)
Pandu (Telangana Youth Federation)

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