Monday, March 6, 2017

8th march Mfpr Italy - workers women's strike platform

The platform we bring in many cities and places on March 8, during the strike of women, has been prepared “in the field” by the same workers, precarious , unemployed, immigrants, day laborer women , etc. through years of struggle, work, initiatives on jobs and out, in neighborhoods, apartment blocks, etc .; it is also the result of a continuous work of connection with other experiences of struggle, of surveys on the field.

It is not a platform artificially created in workshops or by “experts”.
That is the value of this platform and what distinguishes it from others.

Its value is to be a weapon for the struggle today of women on all fronts, showing, in the clash with the bourgeois social system that not only denies the rights to the majority of women, especially the proletarians, but increasingly delete them, even those won by the feminist mass movements of struggle, that to get these “normal” goals for the life, dignity, self-determination of women, even to get “decent toilets close to the workplace, for the protection of women's health ... ", we need a new society, a socialist society, where women have power and can assault the sky and win it .

That makes this platform, which is still in progress to be filled of other needs and dreams of women, not simply a list of claims but the mirror of the general conditions of oppression and exploitation of women and the need that all the life must change.


  • A job for all women
  • Transformation of temporary job contracts into indefinite
  • No to discrimination on wages: equal pay for equal work
  • Less time of work and more pauses
  • Reduction of work pace and workload, also as defense of our health
  • Include in the Law for the Safety in the Working Places the violence-work-realted stress
  • Rest days on Saturday and Sunday, or 2 consecutive days where the shifts are continuous
  • Shifts must not affect the health of women
  • Working conditions and work environments (including toilets) must protect the health, even reproductive, of women and the dignity of women workers, the Inspections Bodies should watch, under our control
  • NO personal controls on women, bringing serious effects from psycho-physical stress.
  • Lowering of retirement age for women, in recognition of their double work
  • More paid union meeting for women that those established by the law
  • Women representatives everywhere, elected by women
  • Immediate removal from the workplace for everyone - bosses, managers, foremen, etc.- responsible of harassment, blackmail, sexual violence, racist attitudes; protection for women complainants
  • No to gang-masters system in agriculture
  • Free transport services from and to the fields in the countryside
  • Transition from piece work to time wage, implementation of National Collective Work Contracts, pay equality as men
  • No use of toxic products while working in the fields, medical facilities close to the workplace
  • Toilets and hygienical services in the fields
  • In case of change of subcontractors, workers must pass automatically to the new employer, retaining acquired rights
  • Not less than 30 hours a week, for part-time job contracts
  • Minimum wage guaranteed to all women
  • Prohibition of inquiry into the couple condition, maternity, sexual orientation, for recruitment or layoffs
  • NO to discrimination in employment related to family status, pregnancy, race
  • Right to citizenship and equal employment rights, wage and regulation for immigrant women
  • No persecution for sex workers, right to social services for all women
  • Extension of paid leaves for illness of children more than three years old, for both parents
  • Socialization and gratuity of essential household services: kindergartens, health care, aged care services, etc.
  • Defence and expansion of abortion rights, all public centre clinics must guarantee operations and facilities, abolition of conscientious objection; secular clinics managed and controlled by women
  • Free access for women to health care services
  • Immediate action against men charged with violence, stalking, harassment - Prohibition of staying at home, if family members or cohabitants
  • Urgent procedure in trials for rape and femicide and acceptance as civil parts for women's organizations, with free legal aid for women
  • Prohibition in the schools, mass media and cultural events of images offending the women’s dignity

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