Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May Day in Milan - migrants workers reds and internationalists - PCmItaly info

extraits of a speech

"… workers of the logistics are the most advanced section of the working class, we have raised our heads and will not lower it!
They can not break our fight movement, so they are trying to stop us with making judicial frames because they can not get us out in any other way, and they will not succeed. We must crush e reject their frames...
These days we have seen against us: 11 layoffs, including 4 union representatives of Slai cobas per il sindacato di classe, sacked not for economic but political reasons. The workers were charged of sabotage, to criminalize the trade union struggle out of the rules we make against a system without rules, like that of logistics cooperatives.

This requires a unified response!
They raised the shot and did it because they are in trouble. Repression is not a sign of strength but of their weakness.

On this international Day of struggle I want to remember that many workers are hit by repression around the world. In India, where millions of workers have come down on strike, there is the affair of Maruti-Suzuki workers, who responded bluntly to the police and gunmen attacks inside the factory and unfortunately someone died. This time, however, the dead was a boss and 13 workers have been sentenced to life imprisonment.
There is an international campaign to free them because we workers have no nation!
Let us make also an effort for this, because we have to win a battle!

If one wins, we all win!...

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