Thursday, June 22, 2017

50th anniversary of naxalbari's uprising in Manipur

The Maoist Communist Party Manipur successfully commemorated the 50th Naxalbari uprising at all the newly established Revolutionary villages (Yawol Khul) of Manipur. Details of the uprising and the movement

for the liberation of the revolutionary masses were discussed in depth with the local participants at the functions. It is being organized as an International contingent of World proletarian Revolution as per  resolution adopted by Maoist organizations in solidarity with the peoples War in India.  Mention may be made that the since the beginning of this year 2017,the MCPM has been making a huge stride and putting a relentless effort in establishing the five "Yawol Khuls" and we strongly believe and have faith in the public that we will be able to establish more "Yawol Khuls" in the days to come, spreading the message of liberation. With a determined effort by our party Red cadres & working in tandem with the political cadres, we have a strong belief that by the month of July of this year, the people of Manipur will definitely see some visible a landmark in the history of the liberation struggle of Manipur. Indeed the exclamation of Comrade Lenin "The Revolutionary Storms in the East" is true to the core in our land, Manipur. Our Homeland is endowed with a fertile revolutionary mind and all we need is only a right grooming in the right direction of the liberation movement. The MCPM is also aware of the wariness of the middle & the ruling classes, who with their "Bourgeoisie Education" opposes the class & liberation struggle. But with an appropriate "walk the talk" liberation agenda of the MCPM, we believe that these opposing classes will soon see the light at the end of their dark tunnel of pseudo liberalism under occupation. The Manipur Maoist also understands that the opposition to the liberation movement by some of our own people is due to the infringing activities against the law of liberation by some of our own state actors who masquerade as "Yawol-Lois". The MCPM truly and sincerely hope to revamp the liberation movement of our Nation, bringing a change in the history of the liberation struggle of Manipur, with a firm faith that other "Yawol-Lois" will encourage (nurture) us and hoping that the people of Manipur will rise in unison one day & bringing a change not only Manipur but to the whole of the liberation struggle of south Asian sub-continent. The MCPM convey to the Indian Maoist their best wishes in their struggle to free the oppressed class from the clutch of the Indian hegemony. The MCPM affirming the "Unity of Struggle" strongly believes that one day we will defeat the common "Imperialist India".

The MCPM affirming the "Unity of Struggle" between Manipur and Indian Maoist strongly believes that one day we will defeat the common "Imperialist India".

  (Kyonghan Mangang)         Coordinator, Standing Committee,         Maoist Communist Party-Manipur.

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