Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Peru - Protest grows against the illegal pardon of genocide Fujimori

As we ring in the new year, this is one of the worst ever. Rotten right-wing ass holes have all done well in 2017. People such as Donald Trump, a man who has no business in politics, won the US presidency. Rodrigo Duterte won power in the Philippines. Other equally bad right-wing people have won elections and taken power throughout Europe, South America and the rest of the world. The year 2017 could be called "the year of the ass hole dictators!" -  សតិវ ​អតុ
 Collectives demonstrate against the pardon in Piura and Tumbes
More than 500 young people from various groups of civil society marched this afternoon in Piura against the pardon granted to the former president, Alberto Fujimori (Photo: Ralph Zapata)
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More than 500 young people from various groups of civil society marched this afternoon in Piura against the pardon granted to the former president, Alberto Fujimori.
The protesters gathered from 4 pm at the Plazuela Ignacio Merino and then toured the main avenues of the city carrying banners, bombs and flags against the pardon. The protesters could not reach the Plaza de Armas because they were diverted by a police contingent.
Eliani Vargas, president of the "No to Keiko" Collective in Piura, said the march showed the rejection of the pardon granted by President Kuczynski to Fujimori, as well as the presumed alliance of impunity between both politicians.
"We reject the pact of impunity between Kuczynski and Alberto Fujimori, we are against the pardon granted to a former dictator, responsible for crimes, not mistakes, the young people of Piura will not tolerate injustice and the return to a new dictatorship," he said.
In contrast, at the same time a contingent of supporters of Alberto Fujimori met in Plazuela Tres Culturas de Piura to greet the pardon. The rally was called by congresswoman Maritza García, one of the Fujimorista legislators who abstained from voting against the vacancy of President Kuczynski.
Marches in Trujillo
On the other hand, a group of at least 500 people expressed their rejection of the pardon in TrujilloUnlike the first march in the city, held on Monday 25, this was attended by a large police contingent.
The protest was summoned by the Popular Front of Lucha de La Libertad. He left from the El Recreo square at 6:30 p.m. and then moved down Spain Avenue, one of Trujillo's main roads 
The protesters demanded the resignation of the president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, for "having lied to the country," and questioned the appointment of Vicente Romero as the new interior minister.

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