Friday, March 30, 2018

Free Dallas campaign in Usa and in the world

fficial Statements with translation

Write Letters to Dallas

And if you want to, you should! He said explicitly he’d greatly appreciate it–even if you’ve never met him. If you support him, he’d love to hear from you. If you email your letter to, it will be printed out and mailed in to him, and his reply will be sent back to you via that same email.
(There are many questions about what is and isn’t acceptable to write about. The guidelines are pretty simple: (1) Do not write about any details surrounding his case. (2) Also avoid discussing your or anyone else’s participation, past or present, in specific organizations. Also avoid writing anything about an organization that is not already public knowledge. (3) Beyond that, almost everything is fair game. You can discuss things that organizations have already publicly said or done, as long as you do not implicate any individuals in those activities. He would welcome summarized updates on what organizations around the country and the world have been up to. He would also welcome hearing your reflections on what you’ve been studying or writing lately, so that he can provide his thoughts and continue, as he always has, to help others advance their political education as well as his own. Be creative, it doesn’t have to be limited to these things at all.)

Financial Support

You can send donations directly through PayPal:
Buy a T-shirt—all proceeds will be used for this struggle:

Solidarity Statements

Solidarity Actions

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