Sunday, March 18, 2018

2 - Call - Why it is important to support the Spring Thunder Tour?

In India the people’s war continues day by day, led by Maoist Communist Party of India. It involves and relies on the support of poor peasants, women, masses of untouchables, and involves about ten States of the Confederation of India.
It is a people’s war against poverty, feudal capitalistic exploitation, in the regions where most acute are the contradictions brought by the turbulent development of plundering resources, caste oppression and exploitation, by the Indian capital linked to imperialism.

With the aid and support of the imperialists, particularly U. S. imperialists, Indian reactionary ruling classes with their government fascist indutva Modi try to suffocate the revolutionary movement, carrying out huge atrocities and barbarism .
The Indian government and  imperialism, describes the People’s War as the greatest threat to its internal security, and continue a nationwide unprecedented repression after Green Hunt and besiade Green hunt with massive use of ultra-armed troops, police and paramilitary forces, aimed to sow terror and genocide amongst the peoples of India, through raids, indiscriminate destruction, rapes and massive murders, aerean bombs, arrests and disappearances,

All this with the illusion of drowning in blood the struggle of the people for their liberation.
But the Indian masses intensify their struggles with  large protests, strikes and all kind of demonstrations . Masses supports the actions of  the People’s War,against state terrorism.
The imperialist governments, U.S., Europe, Russia, support the criminal action of the Indian government.

The Indian masses, led by the Maoist Communist Party of India, are writingwith their blood an important historical page in the world class struggle today.The development of people’s war in India is part of the world revolution against the imperialism in crisis.
Support of the people’s war is a duty ofof the proletarian internationalism 
This support needs of an International Commitee that unite all forces comumunists, antimperialists for a development of a very large mouvemennt of solidarity

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