Thursday, July 5, 2018

Bangladesh info - protest demonstration

“See through the so-called ‘ security-development-electoral’ treachery and exploitation of the neocolonial ruling system, scheme with individuals to earn democratic liberty and true freedom of the people. ”


On 5th of July, 2009 Lamppost went on with a protest demonstration in front of the Indian High Commission, Dhaka, Bangladesh focusing on seven clear-cut issues. Indian police in colllaboration with Bangladesh  police tried to break through with a  heinous attack on members of  Lamppost. Two of the editors were arrested on the spot. Observe Indian Expansionism Resistance Day on  July the 5th and join in the fight to uproot this exploiter state system of the lackeys of imperialism, expansionism  with the goal to establish a new-democratic state with your revolutionary participation.

Red Salute  
Farhana Haq Shaama

A    d  e  m  o  c  r  a  t  i  c    e  f  f  o  r  t

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