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Document from CPI(Maoist)

Advance with resolute determination in the path of People's War to fulfill the aims of our great martyrs !
Let us comprehend and pound the deceitful LIC policy of the enemy and preserve the leadership and our subjective forces !
Let us strengthen the Party and advance the People's War !
Call of the CC, CPI (Maoist) to party ranks, PLGA commanders-fighters and revolutionary masses to observe Martyrs' Memorial Week with revolutionary spirit from July 28 to August 3, 2012

Dear comrades,
In the course of striving with utmost dedication for the success of the New Democratic Revolution in India in the path of Protracted People's War as shown by the founders of our party, great leaders and martyrs Comrade Charu Mazumdar and Comrade Kanhai Chatterji, for the establishment of socialism and ultimately communism nearly more than 150 worthy daughters and sons of the proletariat and ordinary people have laid down their most invaluable lives. Many among them have lost their lives in fake encounters carried on by the government armed forces. Our party Central Committee pays humble red homage to all our beloved martyrs and dedicates itself one more time to the fulfillment of their aims. It calls upon the party, PLGA, Revolutionary People's Committees (RPCs), mass organizations and revolutionary masses to observe with revolutionary
spirit the Martyrs' Memorial Week in memory of our beloved martyrs from 2012 July 28 to August 3 holding aloft their sacrifices and pledging ourselves one more time to fulfill their aims. We observe these revolutionary memorial days to pay homage to the martyrs while bearing in mind their memories, to rededicate ourselves to fulfill their dreams and advance forward for fulfilling our aims by filling our hearts with their inspiration. These days simultaneously fill us with infinite grief, boundless inspiration and paramount responsibility. Let us surmount all kinds of difficulties and hurdles created by the enemy classes to stop us from observing the Martyrs' Memorial Week as a revolutionary occasion in order to learn from their inspirational lives and practice and to pledge to carry forward their lofty aims even while overcoming our grief. Let us hold high the red flag left to us by those valiant fighters who laid down their lives in battle and aim our guns at the enemies in People's War and advance forward with great determination !
The most reactionary Indian ruling classes with the complete support, guidance and all kinds of help from the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists are carrying on the countrywide, multi-pronged Operation Green Hunt and it is increasingly becoming more dreadful, horrible and most oppressive to the masses in its second phase. Our beloved martyrs have laid down their lives while valiantly fighting this back. Majority of them have lost their lives while defending the successes of the People's War, the people, the party, and the people's army, while defending and expanding the newly emerging and sustaining new democratic power organs in the guerilla zones and the guerilla bases. They fought back the enemy valiantly and laid down their lives thus adding new chapters in sacrifice to the history of People's War. Some comrades have died in accidents and due to illness and they were primarily martyred due to lack of medical facilities in enemy repression. Some died due to the tortures of the enemy and in jails. Whatever may have been the manner in which they died the aspiration, selfless practice and sacrifices of all these martyrs are aimed at liberating the people of our country and the oppressed masses of this world from all kinds of exploitation and oppression.
That is why their martyrdom is loftier than the Himalayas and worth remembering. The Martyrs' Memorial Week of this year particularly brings us unbearable grief and supreme inspiration of a great martyr. The leader of the Indian Revolution, general of People's War, our Politburo member and the beloved leader of the oppressed masses Comrade Mallojula Koteswara Rao alias Kishenji was martyred in a fake encounter on November 24, 2011 caught in a dragnet of the central and Bengal state governments and the Bengal state and central intelligence agencies. This cruel murder by Sonia-Manmohan-Chidambaram-Pranab Mukherji-Jairam Ramesh fascist ruling class clique in connivance with the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerji caused immense loss to the Indian revolutionary movement. Comrade Koteswarlu was born into a middle class family in 1954 in Peddapally town of Karimnagar district, Andhra Pradesh. In his 38 year long revolutionary life he developed from an organizer to a Politburo member and won a permanent place in the hearts of the masses as a hugely popular leader. He carried on his revolutionary activities in Andhra Pradesh, Dandakaranya, Bengal and other North Indian states. As a crucial member of the higher committees (state and central) that take decisions which could turn the movement and advance it, he took up important responsibilities and played a great role. It was creative and full of revolutionary commitment. He played a laudatory role in standing firmly with the party line and conducting two-line struggle in the party against opportunism that raised its head in the party and in strengthening the party by imparting ideological and political education through Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. He played an exceptional and inspirational role in developing North Telangana and Dandakaranya into guerilla zones with the aim of building base areas, in building the people's army of PLGA, in expanding and developing the revolutionary movement in North and East India, in building New Democratic power that emerged in an embryonic form and is developing, in strengthening the party by uniting the revolutionary forces, in maintaining solidarity relations with foreign revolutionary organizations and in creating the deluge of Lalgarh people's rebellion.
As a party leader he worked day and night to develop the People's War in all the areas he worked. He paid special attention to revolutionary propaganda and publication of revolutionary literature and magazines and inspired the Indian people to enter revolutionary practice by imparting them revolutionary politics. He dedicated his pen to the liberation of the oppressed masses and wrote articles, poems and did translations. The unprecedented level of responses from revolutionary masses, parties, intellectuals, various sections of people, from several areas in our country and internationally have severely condemned the conspiracy of the Indian ruling classes in murdering him and paid homage to him befitting a great leader. The hatred of our party, PLGA and the revolutionary masses towards the ruling classes that have murdered our beloved leader by torturing him in the most inhuman and cruel manner has doubled. Though his loss for the Indian revolutionary movement is irreparable, the movement, party and PLGA that developed due to the sacrifices of our thousands of martyrs including that of Comrade Kishenji, the invaluable experiences they imparted and the revolutionary
ideals they established are an assurance for the fact that many more leaders like Comrade Kishenji would come forward. Let us hold aloft the high ideals and values established by Comrade Kishenji in his life, long revolutionary practice and even in death. Let us make them a part of our practice at every step and advance forward.
In the past one year we have lost two state level leaders one each in DK and NT and a Regional Committee level leading comrade in Asom. Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee (DKSZC) member Comrade Harak (Srikanth) died at the age of 48 on February 26, 2012 due to severe illness relating to heart disease. North Telangana SZC member Comrade Gundeti Sankar (Seshanna) died an untimely death at the age of 47 due to snake bite on March 18, 2012. Comrade Srikanth worked in the Red Flag party and later joined our party in 1993. He worked in the urban and plain areas of Chhattisgarh among workers, youth, and students and in the cultural field. He worked in the Gadchiroli division of DK since 1998 and was elected into the DKSZC in 2005. He led the Gadchiroli division movement till the end and became the beloved leader of the people there. Though he had severe heart related illness he was always smiling and spread cheer and won the love of the cadres. He was an editorial board member of the Prabhat magazine (DK zone political organ) and contributed to the magazine and propaganda work. The untimely death of Comrade Seshanna due to snake bite while he was tirelessly working to revive the North Telangana movement is an irremediable loss to the party and particularly to the NT movement. Seshanna had 30 years of long experience in the movement and developed from a squad member to a state level leader. He was a brave fighter who never left the people even amidst several repressive campaigns of the enemy. He wrote many literary pieces especially about martyrs. He worked in the political, military and propaganda spheres and led the cadre and the people. Though this is a severe loss to the NT movement it has been proven in history that this land of struggles would give birth to many more leaders like Seshanna.
Nearly 30 comrades were martyred in the Bihar-Jharkhand-North Chhattisgarh Special Area during battles with the enemy forces. Some comrades were martyred in the hands of counter-revolutionary armed gangs like PLFI and Jharkhand Jan Mukti Parishad. Like in other revolutionary movement areas, in this Special Area too the Indian ruling classes are intensifying the military offensive in an unprecedented manner and are also implementing reforms and conducting psychological warfare, thus intensifying their effort to pave the way for the loot of immense mineral, forest, water and land resources. The most reactionary `Saranda Action Plan' is also part of this. The Adivasi and other oppressed masses are advancing forward in the revolutionary path under the leadership of the party and the PLGA by valiantly fighting back such repressive policies of the government. All the comrades who were martyred in B-J such as comrades Yogendra Oraon, Pancham Paswan, Gulach Munda, Bhagabat Marandi, Sri Krishna Mahato, Tapeswar Ganju, Anil Ram etc laid down their lives in battles with the enemy while preserving the natural riches that rightfully belonged only to the local people and while defending the emerging people's political power there.
Repression intensified in Bengal, Odisha and North-East states all of which fall under East Regional Bureau of our party. Apart from murdering Comrade Kishenji in Bengal, three more comrades were killed in the name of encounters in Lalgarh. In Asom where the revolutionary movement spread and is strengthening, the army, paramilitary and the police conducted a fake encounter in May 2012 and killed four of our comrades in cold-blood. P. Chidambaram who was shouting at the top of his voice about the expansion of Maoist movement in Asom and its borders finally quenched his thirst for blood with this fake encounter. One of the martyred comrades is the Asom leading committee comrade Siddharth Burgohain. The other three comrades were Comrades Rajiv Gogoi, Arup Chetia and Kamla Gogoi. Earlier Comrade Pavel, a commander was martyred in Asom during a military action. These losses are severe for us due to the strategic significance of the movements of oppressed nationalities and the revolutionary movement of the North-East not only for the Indian revolutionary movement but also for South Asia. However, there is no doubt that more people's leaders would emerge from among the people of North-East who are increasingly mobilizing vastly on their day to day issues, against big dams and displacement as part of their national liberation aspirations. Under the Odisha State Organizing Committee area, Comrade Mitu (ACM) was martyred in an encounter with the police in January 2012. Central Regional Company Comrade Ungal was martyred in an accidental mine blast on January 4, 2012 and Comrade Ravi was martyred due to illness in December 2011 when this company went to Odisha to conduct military actions there.
In Dandakaranya, Kangerghati LGS commander comrade Mahesh died a hero's death during an ambush conducted on the enemy forces on October 11, 2011 near Netanar. On August 16 2011, comrades Badru, Gopi, Akash and Ramsai valiantly resisted the police forces that surrounded them and were martyred after killing a STF jawan. The brutal police hurled grenades on a huge scale and finally torched the house they were in.
Comrades Paklu and Mangli were martyred while fighting the enemy forces valiantly in an ambush conducted by the PLGA near Bhejji on March 26, 2012. West Bastar Action Team commander Comrade Pramod was martyred in the hands of a body guard while trying to annihilate people's enemy Rajkumar Tamo. Comrade Mangu Paddam (Sukku), a DVC member working for expansion of the revolutionary movement in central India as part of Chhattisgarh-Odisha Border State area was martyred while fighting the enemy forces in Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh on January 27, 2012. He worked in North Bastar area of DK and PLGA for a long time and worked in the extension area since mid-2010. This is a big loss for the extension area movement.
In North Telangana, comrades Sukkal (ACM) and Somal (Militia) were killed in a fake encounter in Charla of Khammam district. Comrade Sutari Papa Rao (LGS commander) was martyred in Sayannapalli encounter in Khammam district. We have lost some very valuable women comrades in the past one year. Comrade Swaroopa (Sunita) who served in the technical field under the AP state committee and the CC since 28 years and as a tailor in DK in her last years died due to breast cancer in March 2012. A secret, selfless activist who served the people, she protected the higher level leadership of the party like the pupil of her eyes during her long tenure in the technical field. In her entire revolutionary life she faced several problems like illness, losing her life partners, patriarchy, loneliness etc but she overcame them with the inspiration of the martyrs and with Bolshevik spirit and set an ideal. On August 20 2011, Comrade Ramko Hichami (Ranita) was surrounded by the enemy forces in Makadchuvva village in Gadchiroli of DK. But she did not waver even for one second and with great valiance and bravery wiped out three CoBRA/C-60 commandos and injured four more jawans with her .303 rifle and died a hero's death. A battalion level of armed forces, thousands of bullets, dozens of hand bombs and mortar shells were deployed against her but with great determination she faced all these and stopped the enemy forces in their tracks for hours together and inflicted losses on them. Comrade Ranita is the President of the Chadgaon Area Janatana Sarkar, a brave fighter and the beloved daughter of the oppressed masses who registered a valiant chapter in her name with red letters in the history of People's War and emergence of New Democratic Society. On 31-5-2012 Comrades Sameera, Ameela and Aruna were martyred in an encounter with the enemy forces in Mainpur division belonging to the Chhattisgarh-Odisha Border movement. Comrade Sameera was born in Nalgonda district of AP. She worked in the protection platoon of the AP State Committee and was a brave fighter who defended the state leadership by putting her life at stake in those years. She became part of DK movement since 2009 and worked among the women in East Bastar. Later she worked in the Gobra LOS area in Mainpur division and developed into AC secretary and won a place in the hearts of the oppressed masses there as their most beloved leader. Comrade Aruna was born in DK and learnt her lessons in revolution there. She is a senior ACM who won the confidence of the party and people in Mainpur. Comrade Ameela was a great cultural artiste even while she was in DK and held many a promise as an active ACM. Mainpur division that is playing a crucial role in expanding the revolutionary movement in central India faced irreparable loss with this. These most reliable and beloved young women martyrs to the party and the people would live on forever in our memories. Their martyrdom would be written in red letters. Comrade Sombari of Darbha division died in a heartrending manner due to burns during a military action. This young women fighter was paid great homage by the people and her fellow PLGA fighters.
Comrade BSA Satyanarayana was a leader of the working class movement, editor of the workers' magazine `Sramajeevi', a people's lawyer and a leader working tirelessly for the release of political prisoners. He breathed his last on June 22, 2012. In his nearly four decade long revolutionary practice the services he rendered for the rights of workers, civil rights and political prisoners are invaluable and an ideal to be emulated by all those who stand on the side of the oppressed people. Our CC is paying humble and red homage to his great memory.
In the past one year several incidents of ordinary people, activists of mass organizations and revolutionary people's governments dying in police firings, due to tortures in police custody and dying in fake encounters after being abducted from their homes and killed in cold-blood have occurred. Particularly, in an indiscriminate police firing that reminded one of the Jallianwalah massacre in the Basaguda area of Bijapur district in DK on 28-6-2012, the notorious CoBRA and police forces surrounded the people from all sides and killed 17 unarmed people including women, children and school children belonging to Sarkinguda, Raju Penta and Kothaguda villages. Tens of them were injured. Two more villagers were killed in nearby Imlipenta taking the toll to 19.
This would remain another example for the increasing fascist nature and cruelty of the enemy.

Sodi Nani (Militia platoon deputy commander), Venjam Kelu (Militia member), village patel Madkami Maasa of Chikpal in South Bastar, Podiyami Maasa, senior mass organization activist Comrade Negi Yadav of Innar village in East Bastar division and some more persons were either killed in fake encounters or in police lock ups in various areas in DK. As part of Operation Haka carried on by the enemy paramilitary and police forces numbering about 3000 in Maad area, Dunga Dhurva of Toke village was beaten to death. Akali Devi and her
son were killed in a contractor's firing in Tirra village of Gumla district in Jharkhand.
The increasingly intensifying imperialist economic crisis is seriously impacting the Indian economy too. The imperialists, particularly the US imperialists and the comprador rulers of semi-colonial, semi-feudal countries are trying to cruelly crush any kinds of forces that prove a hurdle to their investments, loot of resources and markets in order to come out of their crisis. The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, direct intervention in Libya and still continuing intervention in Pakistan and Syria, threats to Iran and North Korea, launching of country-wide, multi-pronged, most reactionary operations like Oplan Bayanihan and Operation Green Hunt respectively in Philippines and India to cruelly suppress the revolutionary movements are all aimed at fulfilling their economic and political interests. Central, East and North-East states which are home to immense mineral, forest and water resources have been specially targeted by them. Even while brutally suppressing all kinds of revolutionary, democratic and patriotic forces that are opposing the indiscriminate country-wide loot of resources, exploitation and oppression, the ruling classes are carrying on a massive military offensive targeting our party that is arming the people, the PLGA and the revolutionary people's power organs.
Though we have faced severe losses in terms of leadership and subjective forces in this offensive, in our strong areas the revolutionary movement sustained itself and is posing a challenge to the enemy. It is causing losses to the enemy forces during various tactical counter-offensive campaigns. Revolutionary movement is expanding to new areas and in some places it is expanding internally inside guerilla zones. We are striving hard to Bolshevize the party. Apart from this, particularly our party is ideologically and politically exposing the fake development model of the ruling classes. It has built an alternative develop model though in an embryonic form in DK, B-J, Bengal and AOB. Division level Janatana Sarkars have been formed and are working in DK. Our party is striving to fight unitedly with the nationality liberation movements in our country and other movements of the oppressed masses and communities and standing in support of them. Since the days of Naxalbari and Srikakulam movements to this day, any acts, laws pertaining to the rights of
poor peasants and Adivasis or reforms had all been promulgated by the ruling classes in the name of reducing the influence of the Maoist movements. To this day any debate about development cannot take place without discussing about the Maoist alternative development model and the political and economic alternative posed by the Maoists. The reason behind is the significance of the political line of our party and its People's War practice. As our party with its unparalleled sacrifices and correct political alternative is considered a ray of hope by the oppressed masses of our country, the state is trying to crush our party and its leadership as soon as possible. That is why it is resorting to a massive military offensive on us.
The political successes achieved, the advances in People's War, the expansion of guerilla warfare and revolutionary movement, establishment and development of people's political power, the support and solidarity that our New Democratic Revolution (NDR) is getting in our country and abroad cannot be imagined without the sacrifices of martyrs and the ideals and values that they imparted to the society and established inside the party. It is with the inspiration of the great practice of comrades Charu Mazumdar, Kanhai Chatterji and our thousands of martyrs and with the spirit of their sacrifices that our party is able to overcome all kinds of unfavorable conditions and advance forward for the success of NDR.
The material conditions in our country and the world are increasingly turning favorable to the revolution. All kinds of social contradictions are sharpening and are making the people to join movements and increasingly making them choose the revolutionary path. If we have to advance the revolution in our country towards victory by utilizing this excellent revolutionary condition, then we must fulfill the following immediate tasks with the aim of fulfilling the central task given by our 9th Congress-Unity Congress i.e., developing guerilla warfare into mobile warfare and developing PLGA into PLGA to turn Dandakaranya and Bihar-Jharkhand into liberated areas.
If we are to advance the revolution towards victory by utilizing the excellent material conditions, then we will have to improve our subjective conditions too as rapidly. Preventing losses to our subjective forces, particularly preventing losses to top leadership is one of the most important tasks faced by our party. It is true that people give birth to revolutionary leaders in the course of revolution. But it is equally true that once we lose such leaders, leaders who had gained decades of vast experience and have been guiding the party with unwavering confidence on the people and the revolution, it is not so easy to give birth to such leaders again.
It is a general principle that our aim in war is to preserve our forces as far as possible and inflict losses on the enemy forces as far as possible. We must take the preservation of our leadership, reduction of losses to our subjective forces and prevention of unnecessary losses seriously and strive to achieve the same subordinate to the above general principle.
Our failures and shortcomings in studying the deceptive LIC strategy of the enemy and taking up countertactics by understanding the tactics taken by the enemy to wipe our leadership and subjective forces as part of that strategy are the reason behind the serious losses we are facing. For this, a change must occur in our work methods in accordance with the material conditions, level of the movement and our tasks. Our work methods must be improved such that the three magic weapons for the victory of revolution – party, people's army and united front get consolidated and strengthened. This would create a basis for us to reduce our losses. Likewise, we must bolshevize the party ideologically, politically, militarily and organizationally in order to preserve our subjective forces and strengthen them.
Increasing our mass base is crucial in solving all the problems we are facing at present. A strong mass base would also be a fundamental pre-condition for fulfilling the losses that occurred. So we must strive to sustain a strong mass base and to build it. For this sake, we must politically mobilize the people and consolidate them. We must mobilize the masses in various movements and struggles and particularly we must mobilize the peasantry vastly and militantly in agrarian revolutionary movement. On the whole we must mobilize the revolutionary masses actively in People's War. We must display lot of skill so that we can defeat the civic action programmes, fake reforms, attacks of killer gangs and deceptive war that are being carried on as part of LIC policy and mobilize the middle class people and the intellectuals basing ourselves on workers and peasants.
We must further intensify the guerilla warfare in those zones in our country where it is raging intensely. We must expand it to a vaster area. The enemy would employ every kind of counter-revolutionary method to limit our guerilla zones and movement areas to smaller areas and to end the war in as little time as possible (by wiping us out or by qualitatively weakening our fighting power). We must defeat their efforts by vastly mobilizing the masses, intensifying and expanding the guerilla warfare, consolidating and expanding the people's power organs and guerilla bases, expanding the guerilla areas, developing the movement step by step by sustaining the successes of People's War and by extending the war so that it continues in a protracted manner.
Arming the people further to strengthen people's political power and guerilla bases where we have built them and expanding them to more areas is one of the most important tasks facing us. We must develop all kinds of mass agitations and class struggles, particularly land struggles and anti-displacement struggles, arm the people who get consolidated in those struggles and inspire the people to build people's political power by rejecting the state rule of the ruling classes and to establish liberated areas by building a strong people's army.
Mobilizing people actively in People's War would be crucial for this. Deployment of army in Bastar, opening army training schools, giving special training to a Brigade of forces, building new battalions every year, huge increases in military budget, building of the necessary infrastructure for deployment of Air Force, buying-hiring and usage of helicopters and UAVs are all part of the multi-pronged massive military offensive Operation Green Hunt (OGH). The deployment of army in Bastar is not just for wiping out the movement there but also to damage the movements in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Maharashtra that border Bastar and also the movements in Jharkhand, Bihar, other North and East Indian states and the movements in South and Western India, thus aiming to wipe us out in the whole country. That is why we must put special efforts to build a vast and militant mass movement in our movement areas, in our country and abroad opposing the deployment of army in movement areas and concretely in Bastar.
In the massive special operations carried on by the enemy forces at a Brigade level recently in DK, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, COB and AOB, UAVs were used. They are completing all preparations for deploying them on a vast scale (for gathering information, bombing and firing). We must mobilize on a big scale people of all sections against the usage of UAVs-drones. We must link this with the movements that are arising against the usage of drones internationally, particularly in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine etc. We must strive to mobilize international support opposing the deployment of army and usage of drones in our movement areas. In fact, the lakhs of armed forces, paramilitary, police forces and the number of helicopters deployed in our movement areas is more than the number of armed forces or Air Force planes or helicopters of the majority of countries in the world. We must place this fact in front of the people of our country and the world and mobilize them.
The colonial rulers before the transfer of power in 1947 and later their stooges brought forth brutal laws such as AFSPA, UAPA, MCOCA, CSPSA apart from other draconian laws such as PD Act, NSA, Prevention of Arms Act etc and are crushing the right to live and other fundamental rights of the people. Preparations have been intensified to establish the NCTC (National Counter-Terrorism Centre) that would become the most notorious of all such oppressive institutions. This is modeled on the NCTC of US and would be formed and run under the guidance of the US imperialists. This is aimed at completely suppressing the fighting people with no control whatsoever. The ruling classes are going to use this as an instrument to establish military, dictatorial and emergency type of rule. If this institution is formed, then civil rights would lose all meaning. This is going to turn dangerous not only to the Indian people but to the entire people of South Asia.
The aim of the ruling classes is not only to wipe out the revolutionary movement but also to brutally crush the people who are fighting for their just demands, the nationality liberation movements of Kashmir and North- East people, all kinds of democratic movements and anti-displacement movements. That is why they are bringing in draconian laws and are turning the judiciary more authoritarian and intensifying the `War on People'. At present one of the important aspects of the enemy repression is to arrest our comrades (right from CC to party members and ordinary people), foist false cases on them and incarcerate them in jails for years together. They are being meted out death sentences or life sentences, their bails are rejected or even if they get bails they are arrested at the jail gates again and new cases are being foisted on them. The political prisoners are not given even basic facilities, especially medical facilities and are being tortured in various manners. On the other hand the rights of the people are being crushed on a daily basis in innumerable instances and massacres are perpetrated on them reminding one of Hitler's rule. That is why building a mighty and united civil rights movement that could fight back all this powerfully and strengthening it is one of the most important tasks in front of us.

Observe Martyrs' Memorial Week with revolutionary spirit in every nook and corner of our country. In order to defeat the country-wide offensive OGH that is being carried on as part of the LIC deceptive war of the enemy, hold aloft both in our daily lives and also during this occasion the values, ideals, sacrifices, bravery, valiance, dedication towards the people and commitment that we learnt from the lives and practice of our beloved martyrs. Propagate them among the people on a vast scale and creatively in various forms.
Publish the selfless life histories of the martyrs, build martyrs columns and pay great homage to them. Paint red the previously built martyr columns and beautify their surroundings so that people can pay homage to the martyrs in front of these columns not only on this occasion but also during all revolutionary occasions year long. Publish and release various kinds of propaganda material in the form of pamphlets, posters, banners, folders, calendars, booklets etc on martyrs and propagate them hugely among the masses.
In the movement areas all over the country people are continuing the revolutionary tradition of building martyrs' memorial columns in hundreds of villages. However, in several places the police and paramilitary forces are destroying these columns either completely or partially and forcing the people to destroy them.
People are resisting this in several places. They are rebuilding the destroyed columns with renewed determination. We must further increase the consciousness of the people to condemn the destruction of martyrs' memorials, to intensify resistance in various forms to preserve them, to build and rebuild them, to inaugurate martyrs' columns in each village and to fight bravely and valiantly for fulfilling the aims of martyrs. Meet the families, relatives and friends of martyrs on this occasion and make them a part of the meetings and programmes conducted in this week. Let them inaugurate the martyrs' columns and give speeches on the inspiring lives of the martyrs in the meetings. Inspire them to carry on the aims of the martyrs. Enquire about the problems faced by the martyrs' families, try to solve them and give them the assurance that the revolutionary movement would always stand in their support. On the whole, observe these solemn and inspiring days as occasions to rededicate ourselves to the fulfillment of the aims of the martyrs.

With Revolutionary Greetings,
Central Committee,
July 5, 2012
Communist Party Of India (Maoist)

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