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International Women's day - support in all women's demostrations in the world CPI(Maoist) call! - MFPR- Italy

Communist Party of India (Maoist) appeal people to join hands to fight strong against the rapes, molestation, fake encounters and violation of human rights,!
Maoists issue statement, condemn attack on Sori in Chhattisgarh 
RAIPUR: Strongly condemning attack on tribal rights activist and AAP Lok Sabha member Soni Sori, Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee (DSZC) on Tuesday issued a statement appealing public representatives and locals to demonstrate strong and intensified protests against the atrocities on Bastar. Maoist spokesperson Vikalp of DSZC in a statement issued to media saying, ” Soni Sori fearless stand against molestation of women by security forces didn’t go down well with police and administration and they attacked on her yet again to shut her mouth.”
Stating about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, Maoist said that during his first visit last year, he brought idea of Salwa Judum II and this time by allowing and attack on Sori, he’s sending out message that anyone who raises voice against government would be considered Maoist or sympathizer, “it’s utter violation of human rights.” Criticizing molestation on women, fake encounters and surrenders, gang-rapes in conflict region, the spokesperson said that it was an attempt to silence those who raise voice against the wrongs, so that the world shouldn’t know the truth. Blaming it on Union and state government, RSS and the BJP sponsored organization Samajk ekta Manch, Naxal Pidit Sangh and Salwa Judum II, the spokesperson said that the attacks and assault on people are being done in joint collaboration with police.

Sori was targeted because she raised voice against assault on women by security forces in October 2015 and took the matter to court with help of lawyers and social workers. Maoist said that police also made attempts to terrify journalist Malini Subramaniam and other social workers and also they made it impossible for a BBC representative to work in the region, which is condemnable. Criticizing molestation on women, fake encounters and surrenders, gang-rapes in conflict region, the spokesperson said that it was an attempt to silence those who raise voice against the wrongs, so that the world shouldn’t know the truth. Communist Party of India (Maoist) appeal people to join hands to fight strong against the rapes, molestation, fake encounters and violation of human rights, the statement said.

India - violence and crimes against women activists by police!

     PUDR’s Open letter to the Chief Justice of India for immediate intervention into physical attacks and eviction drives against women activists by police and vigilante groups in Chhattisgarh

February 24, 2016
Honourable Sir, We wish to draw your attention to the recent incident of physical attack on AAP leader, Soni Sori, by unidentified men near Geedam town on the night of 20th February 2016. The attackers threw some black substance on her face which caused immediate burns and pain. Consequently, she has had to be hospitalized. This attack comes close on the heels of the eviction drives against lawyers Shalini Gera and Isha Khandelwal of Jagdalpur Legal Aid Group (JagLag) and journalist Malini Subramanium. All three have been given notice to find alternate accommodation. There is also news of a similar eviction drive against Bela Bhatia, an independent scholar and activist. It is obvious that these attacks are part of a wider campaign launched by the police along with state sponsored vigilante groups such as the Samajik Ekta Manch and Naxal Peedit Sangharsh Samiti.
Undoubtedly, such harassment is not new and these incidents fall in line within the longer history of intimidation that have been carried out against inconvenient individuals who have spoken against the state. Soni Sori has personally experienced this brutal history, and the honourable apex court had intervened in her matter and granted her permanent bail in February 2014. Like in the past, the present attacks are part and parcel of the state’s strategy of silencing dissent, particularly since there is an accelerated offensive in South Bastar. In the last six months the war strategies have escalated and even the air force has been roped in for ‘strafing’—a technique of aerial bombing—over a specified area in Bijapur on 13th October 2015. As area domination exercises, the security forces have raided villages and arrested people.
The coming months have been dubbed as “Mission 2016” and intensified operations are expected in Bijapur, Sukhma and Darbha districts. Already the statistics are staggering as the police has reported 23 encounter deaths and 50 arrests for the month of January alone. The fallout of this “mission” is not easy to assess as the affected villages are remote and the residents are brutalized and intimidated. A WSS (Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression) team which visited Bastar in November 2015, highlighted repeated acts of gang rapes, looting and other acts of physical violence in five villages in Bijapur district between 19th and 24th October 2015.
A recent team of WSS and CDRO (Coordination of Democratic Rights Organization) members have documented similar incidence of sexual violence and physical attacks in Sukma and Bijapur districts and instances of fake encounter and shooting of minors in Bijapur district, between 11th and 16th January 2016. Most importantly, anyone questioning the war or investigating the atrocities committed by men in uniform is being silenced. It is a manifestation of our times that while the adivasis residing in the shadow of security camps have been attacked, plundered, thrown behind bars and left to fend for themselves, those who question and counter, are harassed and silenced. The administration has adopted the time-tested method of labelling critics as sympathizers in a bid to intimidate them. ‘Lists’ have been created and watches and vigils have been mounted. The recent eviction drives and physical attacks fit in with this larger design aimed against all human rights defenders who have assisted victims and families in filing complaints.
For almost a year, the pressure has been mounted on these activists to desist them from questioning the state. In April 2015, when the present IG Bastar Range, SRP Kalluri, held a press conference he warned that certain ‘NGOs’ and individuals were aiding Maoists in the name of helping adivasis. On 1st August 2015, he issued an excommunication call against AAP leader, Soni Sori and activist Linga Kodopi after they had done a detailed fact-finding into a fake encounter in Nahadi village in Dantewada district on 29th July 2015. He particularly blamed Soni Sori for the murder of a local trader in Geedam town on 1st August as he alleged that she was passing on the names of traders to the Maoists who were behind the attack.
The defamation campaign gathered force when two journalists, Someru Nag and Santosh Yadav, were arrested for aiding Maoists. The flagrant disregard for the rule of law is evident from the fact that Nag, an adivasi journalist, was kept in illegal detention for three days before being shown as arrested in July 2015 and Yadav was harassed and even stripped and threatened with torture, well before he was arrested in September 2015. In tandem, the JagLag lawyers were victimized by the bar association of Bastar district which illegally tried to prevent local lawyers from assisting them on the pretext that they were not registered with the local Bar Council. The brazenness with which they attempted to pass this illegal resolution speaks volumes about the situation in South Chhatisgarh where most lawyers have closed ranks with the administration. While the present context is a worrying one, we believe that it is a logical consequence of the undeclared war which the state has been waging for over a decade.
In this context, we would like to reiterate our reasons for seeking your immediate intervention.
1. As a war-zone, South Chhattisgarh has witnessed innumerable cases of state excesses and the administration has taken all steps to prevent journalists from investigating and writing about them. Towards this end, Mr SRP Kalluri has played significant roles as SP and SSP Dantewada, from 2009 to 2014 and as IG Bastar Range from 2014 onwards. In 2010, when three journalists were publicly named and threatened in a pamphlet issued by an organisation, Danteshwari Adivasi Swabhiman Manch, Mr Kalluri defended the warning and stated that the organization had been formed by the police for the benefit of adivasis. On account of vigilantism and police harassment, two of the three journalists were forced to relocate. Hence, the present harassment of Malini Subramanium is not new; it is part of the process that began half a decade ago when a woman video journalist was evicted from her residence in 2011 for documenting how villagers were seeking compensation for development work in Rajnandgaon district.
2. Lawyers have been prime targets for defending adivasi rights, not only in Bastar but also elsewhere, especially Surguja. In March 2008, advocate Satyendra Chaubey of Ambikapur was arrested from his residence as the police alleged that he was a Maoist supporter and had taken up the case of a Maoist undertrial. Equally, lawyers who choose to defend adivasi villagers against state atrocities are harassed. Advocates Amarnath Pandey and DP Yadav of Surguja were foisted with a false case when they represented a victim of custodial rape in 2007. Since Mr Pandey had also filed a petition against the fake encounter of Narayan Khairwar who had been dressed in uniform and shot dead by police in 2006, he was targeted by SRP Kalluri, the then SP of Balrampur, the respondent in the above cases.
Also, since the unofficial Operation Green Hunt is as much about hunting of resources as about finishing the Maoists, lawyers like Girju Kashyap, have been harassed for defending the rights of adivasis against corporate greed in Lohandiguda. Similarly, JagLag lawyers have been accused of aiding Maoists when they took up the case of Bhima Madkam, an adivasi villager who had been shot at by the security forces while protesting against the arrests of fellow villagers on 17th April 2015. Thus, the present eviction attacks are part of a larger history of hostilities against lawyers who are also human rights defenders.
3. In this all-out offensive against the adivasi population which includes children and elderly persons, women have been particularly singled out and sexually targeted. Given their poverty and lack of resources, adivasi women of Bastar have little control over their destinies. Most of their menfolk have been killed, arrested or forced to become fugitives in a bid to escape state terror. Along with having to build their precarious lives, these women have been left to fight repeated sexual attacks perpetrated on them by men in uniform. Justice eludes them entirely as sexual offences have been institutionalized and routinized. Impunity is structured at all levels as sexual offences are never acknowledged and perpetrators are never punished.
Accusing a man in uniform of sexual offence is not easy and till now only one FIR has been filed in Bijapur PS, on 1st November 2015, under S.376(2)(c) of the amended IPC (punishment for rape by personnel belonging to the armed forces in their deployed areas), for the 2015 October gang-rapes in Bijapur district. In such a context where assaults on women abound, the present orchestrated attacks point to the state’s desperation in silencing women activists who have challenged the manufactured lies and untruths.
4. Greater force has been used in evicting and intimidating activists who are either local or who have worked among the adivasis for a long time. The present attack on Soni Sori recalls the eviction of Himanshu Kumar from Dantewada in 2010. A Gandhian who had worked extensively among the adivasis for long years, Kumar earned the ire of the state and of the Salwa Judum after he filed 522 complaints on behalf of villagers (between 2005 and 2009). First, his ashram was razed to rubble in May 2009 and he was told that he had illegally occupied government land. No records were ever proffered to prove this illegality. Next, Kumar rented a house but his landlord, a government employee, was threatened. Despite this, Kumar continued to raise his voice against Operation Green Hunt.
Soon, his aides Kopa Kunjam and Sukhnath Oyami were arrested in December 2009 and compelled to leave. Finally, his planned Padyatra was cancelled and Kumar found himself on the run, particularly since he had petitioned the apex court against the excesses committed by the security forces and Judum members, in October 2009. Kumar was forced to flee Dantewada once and for all. Since nothing has deterred the state from committing these excesses, the technicians of war have had the time to master the strategies of harassment, intimidation and eviction. For over a decade, the state has held that unless the Maoists abjure violence, it will continue to unleash its violence.
This monopoly over violence is gilt edged and guilt free as it is accompanied with rewards and promotions and unattended with any punishments. Since this war has never been acknowledged, the gamut of illegalities committed by the custodians of law and order has rarely been prosecuted. It is in this context that the activism of lawyers, journalists, social and political activists located in the war-zone becomes important as they not only provide the much needed support to victims of war, but also create the democratic space for debating and discussing the validity of this war. They remain our channels of information as their documentation, litigation and social activism provide the bulwark for the democracy that has been eroded and corroded by the war. If the state officials and their collaborative forces choose to harass and evict them, then the price of this war will be much greater. It will cost us our democracy. We urge you to take exemplary steps to ensure safety of lawyers, journalists and activists in these lawless times where the state has failed the adivasis entirely. But for the exemplary work done by these activists, the adivasis would have little hope in claiming their right to legal redress.
Deepika Tandon and Moushumi Basu

India - also the revisionists cannot hide maoists prisoners - we want Shina Free! - 2-9 avril international week af actions for political prisoners!

Kerala CPI secretary Kanam Rajendran meets jailed Maoists in Kottayam
Kerala CPI secretary Kanam Rajendran met two of the five jailed Maoists lodged in the Kottayam Central Jailon Friday. Rajendran was in Kottayam to attend the 41st AITUC conference. After meeting Shyna and Anoop who were arrested with three others last May, Rajendran told reporters that Shyna had complained that they were not treated as political prisoners, despite several representations made on their behalf. Stating that Shyna had certain health issues, Rajendran said that the jail authorities had refused to provide the basic amenities such as a table and chair -things which the jail manual clearly says political prisoners are entitled to.
Rajendran reiterated that the CPI was against the misuse of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and was in the process of creating public awareness regarding the same. He also opined that the said Act should not be applied to political prisoners per se. When asked why would want to visit those considered extremists against whom the National Security Act (NSA) was invoked, Rajendran was quick to add that his party did not support the Maoist style of functioning but they were sympathetic to the issues raised by them.

Since there was reportedly no prima facie evidence of their involvement in illegal activities, Rajendran said that the police should meanwhile stop filing fabricated cases of cheating which would not have a legal standing in a law of court.

India - never and none can stop people's war! Intensify international support!

Singh said, “They expressed wonder as to why Uttarakhand had not figured on the list which was placed in the Lok Sabha by the union home ministry on Wednesday. The list carries the names of 106 districts of 10 states, including Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Odisha, Telangana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. Intelligence officials said the threat in Uttarakhand was more alive as the state shares its borders with Uttar Pradesh, which is on the red list, and Nepal, which is one of the hubs Left extremism. The officials referred to the recent incident in Almora where Maoists had tagged posters at an under-construction site of international school to assert their presence.

India - strong attack of people's war against Jindal Group

CPI (Maoist) Zonal Committee issues communique taking responsibility for armed action against Jindal Group project in Almora.

India - Statement of recent attacks against lawyers in Chhatisgarh, Jagdalpur.. - against Modi's fascist regime - for freedom of political prisoners|

... working for under trial prisoners, Adivasi activist Soni Sori, Journalist Malini Subramaniam, public intellectuals such as Bela Bhatia among others.

img_20160224_152201 img_20160224_152536

We, the members of civil society in West Bengal stand in firm solidarity with the Jagadalpur Legal Aid Group, Malini Subhramaniam, Bela Bhatia, Soni Sori, Sudha Bhardwaj and all other groups and individuals who were working for human rights and upholding the Constitution and Rule of Law in Bastar. Their activities should be seen in the context of an increasingly oppressive state. These conscientious persons have played a critical role to bear witness to the plight of the indigenous peoples in the region.
Bastar is a conflict zone where the democratic institutions of our country have broken down. The state has deliberately supported land grab efforts of the mining profiteers. Police and armed forces displace whole communities. Deployments of paramilitary forces isolate dissent by laying siege on entire villages. Armed anti-social groups like the notorious Salwa Judum, banned by the Supreme Court, unleash systematic sexual violence. The state-corporate nexus continues to act with total impunity, demonizing the local indigenous peoples under the rhetoric of ‘counter insurgency’. All legal and democratic processes have broken down.
Advocates such as Isha and Shalini of Jagadalpur Legal Aid Group, journalists and writers such as Malini Subhramanium, public intellectuals such as Bela Bhatia, and activists such as Soni Sori are a necessary force in restoring the Constitution and Rule of Law as well as invoking international Human Rights institutions and frameworks in Bastar. Starting November 2015, there is a concerted effort by the state to silence them and the 20th February chemical attack on Soni Sori is part of this plan. This is clearly a sinister design, which includes re-launching the banned Salwa Judum, and pulling a smoke screen behind which land grab plans can be executed. The role of the Collector, SP and other state officials clearly implicate them in violating the fundamental rights of indigenous peoples and in subverting the Constitution and democratic processes.
We, the members of civil society in West Bengal express our gratitude to the National Human Rights Commission for their immediate response to the present crisis by sending a notice to the Director General of Police, Bastar and agreeing to send a team to Bastar. We also call upon the media to awaken the public conscience, protect the steadily shrinking space of democracy in the region, and help restore democracy in Bastar.
— On Behalf of Several Concerned Individuals and Organisations from the Civil Society of West Bengal

India - Freedom for SAIBABA! - 2-9 avril - international campaign for all political prisoners in India

 Shifting ‘Maoist sympathiser’ Saibaba may be risky: Maha govt
The Devendra Fadnavis government has opposed the idea of moving out wheelchair-bound Delhi University professor and alleged Maoist sympathizer GN Saibaba from Nagpur jail to Gadchiroli district on the ground the area was infested with Maoists who may attempt to rescue him. The Supreme Court on February 23 questioned Saibaba’s solitary confinement, asking Maharashtra government to make alternate arrangement to house him at Gadchiroli because the criminal case, accusing him of having links with banned Naxal organizations, was pending there.

Arrested in May 2014 from the Delhi University campus, Saibaba has been in Nagpur jail. He moved the SC for bail on medical grounds saying he has to travel 170km every time to attend his case proceedings in Gadchiroli. In its affidavit before the top court, Maharashtra said it has received intelligence inputs that Maoists have launched a campaign to free Saibaba. “The respondent (Maharashtra) apprehends that if the petitioner is kept at Gadchiroli, outside the prison, the Maoists may attack the police for rescuing the petitioner…,” read the affidavit. It referred to a press note published on a website, calling upon the cadres to launch a nationwide agitation for Saibaba’s release. “We want you (state) to make him comfortable. Tell us how you will make him comfortable. You cannot have him in solitary confinement,” a bench had told the state counsel, Nishant Katneshwarkar.

Mossad and Bulgaria's government crime against palestinian people

     PFLP mourns and salutes the martyr Comrade Omar Nayef Zayed, assassinated in Bulgaria

Feb 26, 2016
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine salutes and mourns the martyr, Comrade Omar Nayef Zayed, the former Palestinian political prisoner and lifelong struggler for the freedom of Palestine, assassinated this morning in the Palestinian embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Comrade Omar Nayef Zayed had taken refuge in the Palestinian embassy after he was pursued by Zionist and Bulgarian forces for extradition 25 years after he escaped from Zionist prisons in 1990 following a 40-day hunger strike. He had been imprisoned for an operation targeting illegal Zionist settlers in Jerusalem, along with fellow strugglers including his brother, and including Samer Mahroum, recently re-imprisoned by Zionist forces following his earlier release.
Escaping Zionist imprisonment, Comrade Nayef Zayed traveled through the Arab world and to Bulgaria, a model of steadfastness, creativity and ongoing resilience and resistance. It became clear that he was a target for Zionist occupation intelligence and security services in an attempt to eradicate this model of resilience and example of a Palestinian living free of Zionist jails.
We in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hold fully responsible for this nefarious crime the Zionist State and the Israeli Mossad who targeted Comrade Omar Nayef Zayed for assassination, as we hold responsible the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Embassy in Bulgaria who failed to protect him and his security, and the Bulgarian government and security forces who pursued Comrade Nayef Zayed for arrest and imprisonment for over three months. We note the full responsibility of the Palestinian Authority at the highest levels for failing to protect Comrade Nayef Zayed from assassination, up to and including PA President Mahmoud Abbas, Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki and Ambassador Ahmad al-Madbouh.
This crime took place as the highest officials of the Palestinian Authority met with the highest officials of the Bulgarian state in Ramallah, with no apparent demands made for our pursued comrade, the martyr Omar Nayef Zayed.
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine vows to pursue in all ways the truth of the assassination of the martyr Comrade Omar Nayef Zayed, to stand by the family of our martyred comrade, and to hold accountable those responsible for his targeting and assassination. We pledge as always to remain on his path of unremitting struggle for liberation of Palestine, its land and people, as he joins the convoy of the great martyrs of our people whose lives have been taken inside and outside Palestine by the murderous Zionist colonial project.

India - PCI(Maoist) for students arrested

Naxals comes out in support of Kanhaiya
Nagpur: The western sub-zonal bureau of the Communist party of India (Maoist) of north-south Gadchiroli has issued a press note demanding the release of JNU student union president Kanhaiya Kumar who has been arrested on charges of sedition earlier this month. The banned Maoist outfit has targeted the high-handedness of the PM Narendra Modi-led government in suppressing the voices of dissidents. The press release also alleged that organizations like RSS and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) are fast losing their image in the society which did not go down well with the Hindu rightist bodies. The rebels have also appealed to the media and other intellectual sections to ensure that they do not get lured by the misleading propaganda of the present Hindu ideology-driven government.

India - people's war actions against informers - support people's war NOW!

Wall slogans threatening informers in the name of CPI (Maoist) in Pankhajur
Maoists kill two tribals for being ‘police informers’
A group of 20 armed men stormed into the village and dragged the tribal from his house. Two tribals were killed allegedly by Maoists after branding them as ‘police informers’ in two separate places in Chhattisgarh’s Naxal-hit Bastar division, police said on Sunday. A villager identified as Sukhram Poyam was shot dead by rebels late Saturday night at his village Kundla under Kurusnar police station limits, Narayanpur Additional Superintendent of Police, OP Sharma told PTI.
A group of around 20 armed ultras stormed the village, located around 350 kms away from Raipur, and dragged out Poyam from his house. They shot rounds of fire at him and fled from the spot, he said. As per preliminary investigation, Maoists had branded him as ‘supporter and informer’ of police prior to his murder, the ASP said. After getting information about the incident, security forces were rushed to the spot this morning, he added. In another incident, a villager identified as Amrit Hurra (25) was killed with sharp-edged weapons by the ultras in Bhanupratappur area of Kanker district.

Hurra was abducted by some Naxals from his house at Ghotha village last night and his blood-stained body was found this morning outside the village, following which police was informed, a police official said. Naxals had dropped some pamphlets and put up banners at the spot in which they claimed Hurra to be a police informer, he said. Cases have been registered with regard to both the incidents, Sharma said.

India - DSU on Recent Repression at JNU

Gar ho Sake to Ab Koi Shamma Jalaiye Is Daur-e-Siyasat ka Andhera Mitaiye
Friends and Comrades, from Democratic Students Union (DSU), we convey our revolutionary greetings to all of you for your fearless solidarity in the last few days against the attack on the students of our campus and the institutional autonomy of the university by the State after the 9th February programme organised by some students of JNU. The students of this campus have come out unitedly against the arrest of JNUSU president and malicious witch hunting of the organisers of the programme and other students of JNU based on false charges. We condemn the consorted conspiracy viciously led by ABVP, JNU administration, the police and a section of media on all the activists in the strongest possible words.
This is a time of rising fascism, when repressive state apparatus, right wing hooligans from RSS to ABVP, the university administration and the media are trying to criminalise student politics, crush democratic voices of dissent and attack progressive individuals who support people’s democratic movements and aspirations within and outside the country. And anyone who disagrees with the propaganda of right wing forces and their idea of one nation are branded as “anti-nationals”. Anyone who speaks against the anti-people policies of the Indian State, neo-liberal policies, corporate loot and plunder of indigenous resources and the atrocities perpetrated by the State on the most downtrodden sections of society are labelled as Maoists and “biggest internal security threats”. Anyone who raised her/ his voice against the incarceration and institutional murders and rapes of Dalits, Adivasis, Muslims and other oppressed sections are tagged as terrorists and “desh ke gaddar”. Anyone who questions the racial discrimination and violence meted out to the people of North East or speak in solidarity with the democratic political aspirations for right to self-determination of the people of these States and Kashmir are targeted by the cannibal “collective conscience” propagated by the ruling classes.
We must not forget that the crackdown which we are facing in JNU is in no way separate from the repression and incarceration faced by the oppressed people of this country on an everyday basis. Neither should we forget that we cannot escape this psychological warfare and reign of terror by restraining ourselves from speaking the truth out aloud. Today, we must stand united with the ongoing struggles in all campuses from IIT Madras to FTII, HCU to JNU. Our united struggle for right to dissent cannot be isolated from the struggle for justice for Rohith and against institutional murder of Dalits, Brahmanism in Education and targeting of minority students.
We may have political differences with each other, but in the face of fascism, if we start condemning fellow student activists in the fear of repression, then we are readily conceding to the states’ attempt to break our unity. Now, a draconian and colonial law is being invoked by the Brahmanical Indian State to charge students with sedition for sloganeering. We may not agree with all sorts of slogans, but we must not forget the historical injustice perpetrated on the people of Kashmir and their democratic aspirations by the Indian State for more than sixty years. The charge of sedition levelled against our fellow students is nothing but a sham that puts the entire judiciary under trial.
Today, Brahmanical Hindutva Fascism in the garb of jingoistic nationalism is amassing the rural and urban unemployed youth in large numbers while simultaneously expediting the imperialist loot and plunder of people’s resources aided by the State and big corporates, bolstering its anti-people policies and pulling up the farce of “Make in India”. This State is trying to divert the attention of the people from its economic crisis by violently propagating Hindutva Nationalism. This nationalism is nothing but a conceited face of fascism. By enforcing unquestioning obedience to the Sangh’s notion of Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan, the Indian State is trying to create wedges between dalits, adivasis, muslims, women and other oppressed minorities because this state is fearful of our unity.
DSU strongly demands the immediate and unconditional revocation of the academic debarment of student activists and organisers of the 9th February programme. We appeal to the student community to raise the demand of scrapping the ongoing enquiry. We must remember that even before the enquiry started students were suspended from academic activities. Let us not be in the false hope of a “fair and just” trial because this enquiry is intrinsically linked with the ridiculous charges of sedition against some of the students. The JNU Vice Chancellor must ensure that students are not individually hounded by the administration and police. The VC must take a stand against the police intervention in the democratic space of our campus and repeal all charges against each and every student. We demand the resignation of JNU Registrar, Bupinder Zutschi, who has been acting according to the diktats of the Sangh by providing the police with personal details of students. At the same time, the JNU administration is complicit in the vicious profiling and witch hunting of the organisers in the media and by police.
We condemn the media trial of Umar Khalid, now in police custody along with Anirban Bhattacharya, which took no time to brand him as a “terrorist mastermind” because he comes from a minority community. Moreover, how can we expect justice from this judiciary, when Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNUSU president along with teachers and journalists were attacked at the supposed altar of justice, the court? The assailants of Hindu Rashtra are in a frenzy to turn our universities into factories and students into unthinking machines while the judiciary has become a mute spectator to the tragi-comedy of “Indian democracy” unfolding on the streets and in media. Amidst all of this, lies conveniently buried the sedition case slapped against Prof. SAR Geelani from Delhi University who was arrested by the Delhi Police for merely organising a meeting against the killing of Afzal Guru on 10th February.
DSU condemns the attack by right wing forces on JNUSU president, Kanhaiya Kumar, JNU teachers and journalists in the Patiala House Court where ironically lawyers who are supposed to uphold judiciary abused and physically harassed them. Instead of protecting the unarmed students and teachers, the police acted as the hired goons of the State. We condemn the intervention of Delhi police and demand that police forces are immediately removed from university campus. We appeal to the progressive sections inside and outside campus to stand in solidarity and demand the release of Kanhaiya Kumar, Anirban Bhattacharya and Umar Khalid who are in police custody under false charges and all the students and activists persecuted by mob hysteria based on the rumours and lies spread by ABVP. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Prof. SAR Geelani. We condemn the witch hunting of Muslim and Kashmiri students inside an outside the campus. We also reject the profiling of DSU in the Parliament and media based on the false claims of ABVP lumpens. This is a time for us to stand united against fascism and fight together for justice, our right to dissent and finally to build a truly democratic society.
Let us resolve to fight together for an equal world free from all oppression!
Scrap Enquiry! Revoke charges of sedition against Students!
Release Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya immediately and unconditionally!
Release Prof SAR Geelani immediately and unconditionally!
Stop selective witch hunt of students!

NPA-NEMR launches coordinated and synchronized tactical offensives on the 30th anniversary of EDSA

Since the massacre of September 1, 2015 at Han-ayan Lianga, Surigao del Sur until present, the AFP has launched continuous, intensifying and widespread attacks in NEMR against the revolutionary movement and the people. Several activists, leaders and civilians were killed, houses and schools burned, hundreds of thousands forcibly evacuated and other human rights violations inflicted.
The AFP has mobilized a huge number of forces including 8 AFP battalions and 2 PNP maneuver battalions, along with CAFGU and paramilitary groups such as the Magahat and many others. Psywar operations under the guise of COPD and other forms of harassment and threat are widespread.
Thus, the NPA-NEMR has launched a coordinated and synchronized attacks today, February 25, against AFP, PNP and CAFGU camps and against AFP operating troops in the countryside.
Based on initial reports from the various commands of NPA units in the entire region, the following incidents of attack as of today against military targets are:
Army-Cafgu detachment in San Pedro, Lianga, Surigao del Sur – 1:19 AM
Army- Cafgu detachment in Panaytay, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur – 5:00 AM
26th IB troops conducting combat operations and COPD in Imelda, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur – 5:00AM
Army-SCAA detachment in JCA Compound, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur – 5:30AM
Army-SCAA detachment in JCA Compound, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur – 6:00AM
Army-Cafgu detachment in Ugoban, Tagbina, Surigao del Sur – 6:19AM
Army-Cafgu detachment in Sityo Kusip, Bayugan 3, Rosario, Agusan del Sur – 6:44 AM
Army-Cafgu detachment in Brgy. Tagasaka, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur
Army-Cafgu detachment in Villa Undayon, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur
Army-Cafgu detachment in Mt Carmel, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur
Army-Cafgu detachment in Bunyasan, Malimono, Surigao del Norte – 12:00 midnight
Army-Cafgu detachment in Tagbayani, Sison, Surigao del Norte – 12:05 AM
Army-Cafgu detachment in Cabongbongan, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte – 12:06 AM
Army-Cafgu detachment in Mayag, Mainit, Surigao del Norte – 12:10 AM
Alpha Company 29th IB headquarters in Bangonay, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte, 4:07 AM
Alpha coy 29th IB outpost in Bangonay, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte
Army-Cafgu detachment in Bunyasan, Malimono, Surigao del Norte – 10:00 AM
Army-Cafgu detachment in Tagbayani, Sison, Surigao del Norte – 5:00 AM
The illegal sawmill in Bangonay, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte owned by a policeman named Perang was destroyed as a Punitive action for violating the revolutionary government’s environmental policies – 4:30AM
More details on the results of the tactical offensives and other related developments will be released.
These synchronized NPA attacks are launched underscoring its significance during the EDSA I celebrations because while the US-Aquino III regimes boasts of its ‘peaceful revolution’, it is currently waging its brutal military attacks in the countryside. These NPA tactical offensives show that armed revolution is imperative, because the so-called ‘peaceful people power revolution’ of EDSA was not able to provide for genuine solutions to the basic problems of the Filipino people. Thirty years after EDSA, the big bourgeois comprador, big landlords, their US imperialist master and the political dynasties are still in power and monopolizing the nation’s economy. Thus, the national democratic revolution remains to be the only solution.
Ka Maria Malaya

Saturday, February 27, 2016

International Women's Day is a struggle’s day ! - Proletarian Feminism in the hand of proletarian women! New Declaration of MFPR ITALY

The proletarian women, the workers, the most exploited, discriminated and oppressed will be at the centre of the mobilization for the next International Women’s Day! With their strong denunciation of a condition that worsens every day, but especially with their struggles, the various forms of protest and rebellion against all this, that this year also have been seen.

An International Women’s Day of proletarian revolutionary feminism.

With a clear link and continuity with the historical meaning of this Day that is rooted in the exploited workers on strike killed by factory owners, and that was born by the international communist movement when, in 1921 with Clara Zetkin, decided to adopt the March 8 as International Day of Women workers, and later became the day of all the women's struggle movement.

Clearly linked to the current battle of women at national and international level, in the imperialist countries, as ours, and in countries oppressed by imperialism; Women are always in the front line, wherever is a struggle, against the employers, governments, the modern fascist State, imperialism and its rapist men and armies, against and the reactionary and genocide regimes, against "men who hate women", to put an end to the bourgeois social system, in which the majority of women are doubly exploited and oppressed, crushed in their dignity, raped in their bodies, murdered, a system that does not hesitate to repress with double ferocity, with sexist hate and violence, those women who rebel and fight in arms.

A Women’s Day against the bourgeois feminists who want rather a miserable power and petty improvements for themselves, while the majority of women live more and more a situation of "modern Middle Ages".

The proletarian women must take in their hands the struggle for their fate and true liberation, and be a reference for all the oppressed women, taking up all their needs and dreams.

In this battle, the women’s strike is a practical weapon, to translate in fact today the role of the proletarian, workers, unemployed, immigrant women, to unite their single struggles and impose, make the general point of view hegemonic: the double reasons of women, the intertwining of class and gender reasons.

Women need to organize themselves and struggle also in a separated way from the general movement of struggle, to gain strength, courage, break the practical and ideological brakes, the many forms of oppression both external and in family, the double chains, to unleash rebellion of women as a powerful force of the revolution of proletarians and peoples all over the world.
Those who deny this, even when they speak about "revolution", wants to stop the disruptive, transforming, practical, theoretical and ideological wind that the "revolution within the revolution" of women, the majority of the masses, brings in the overall battle.

For this, the women’s strike is an important step.

We held a first successful women’s strike on November 25, 2013. Un these two years we have been pursuing the organization and mobilization of women, initiatives towards the factories and workplaces of women, from Palermo to Taranto, in Milan, in Melfi etc. up to novelty of our March of last December 11 and 12. In these two years the struggles, the protests of workers, agricultural laborers, immigrant women, temporary workers were heard and seen more and more.

The next March 8 we call a second women’s strike, and we begin a march that will unite and reach bit by bit all the organizations of the women workers.

Proletarian women this March 8 raise their battle and their challenge, unite with the women fighters, in India, Palestine, Kurdistan, Turkey, etc., and are on the of women forced to flee form wars and genocide regimes.

Finally, we say clearly: We are against those who want to cancel the Women’s Day.
The bourgeois, the government want to cancel this Day, because the rightly fear that behind the "mimosa" the spectre of revolutionary struggle of women appears; but also those, often petty bourgeois feminists, who deride this historic Day for women and thus contribute to remove its proletarian, red and revolutionary character.
We, instead, is this Women’s Day what we rise!

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement

spanish text

Que en el centro de la la movilizaciones para este 8 de marzo sean las mujeres proletarias, las obreras, las trabajadoras más explotadas, discriminadoas, oprimidas! Con la fuerte denuncia de las condiciones que están empeorando cada día, y sobre todo con las luchas, las diversas formas de protesta, rebelión contra todo esto, que incluso en este año en que se han expresado.

En clara vinculación y continuidad con el significado histórico de esta fecha, que tiene sus raíces en las obreras explotadas en huelga matadas por los dueños de fábricas, y que nació en el movimiento comunista internacional que, en 1921 con Clara Zetkin, decidió de adoptar el 8 de Marzo com día como internacional de las obreras, y que más tarde se convirtió en el día de todo el movimiento de lucha de las la mujeres.

En clara vinculación con la batalla actual de las mujeres a nivel nacional e internacional, en los países imperialistas, como el nuestro, y en los países oprimidos por el imperialismo; Las mujeres siempre están en la primera fila, dondequiera hay lucha contra los patrones, los gobiernos, el estado moderno fascista, el imperialismo, sus hombres y sus ejércitos violadores, y los regímenes reaccionarios asesinos, contra los "hombres que odian a las mujeres"; para poner fin al sistema social burgués, en el cual la mayoría de las mujeres son doblemente explotadas y oprimidas, aplastadas en su dignidad, violadas sus cuerpos, asesinadas, un sistema que sin vacilación reprime con doble ferocidad, con el odio y la violencia sexista las mujeres que se rebelan y luchan en armas.

Una 8 de Marzo contra el feminismo burgués que por el contrario qiere una miserable poder y mejoras para sí mismas, mientras que la mayoría de las mujeres viven cada vez más una condición de "moderno medievo".

Las mujeres proletarias deben tomar en sus manos la lucha por su destino y la verdadera liberación, y ser una referencia para todas las mujeres oprimidas, sumendo todos su necesidad y sueños.

En esta batalla, la huelga es una arma de práctica de las mujeres, para traducir hoy en hechos el protagonismo de las proletarias, obreras, trabajadoras, desempleadas, inmigrantes, para unir sus singulas luchas e imponer, hacer hegemone el punto de vista general, las dobles razones de las mujeres, el entrelazamiento entre razones de clase y de género.

Una 8 de marzo del feminismo revolucionario proletario.

Las mujeres necesítan organizarse y luchar también en forma separada del movimiento de lucha general, para ganar fuerza, coraje, romper los frenos, prácticos e ideológicos, las múltiplas formas de opresión y externas y familiares, la dobles cadenas, para desencadenar la rebelión de la mujeres como fuerza poderosa de la revolución del proletarios y los pueblos del mundo.
Los que niegan esto, aún si habla de "revolución", quieren evitar que el viento disruptivo, de transformación práctica, teórica e ideológica que la "revolución en la revolución" de las mujeres, la mayoría de las masas, lleva en la batalla general.

En esto, la huelga de las mujeres es un paso importante.

Hicimos una primera exitosa huelga de las mujeres el 25 de noviembre de 2013. En estos dos años hemos llevado adelante la organización y movilización de las mujeres, las iniciativas hacia las fábricas y lugares de trabajo de las mujeres, de Palermo a Taranto, en Milán, en Melfi etc. hasta la novedad de la Marcha del 11 y 12 de diciembre; Han sido años en los cuales cada vez más se han hecho escuchar y veer las luchas, las protestas de las trabajadoras, las obreras, las inmigrantes, las trabajadoras precarias.
En estos 8 marzo nos hacemos una segunda huelga de las mujeres, y comenzamos una marcha que poco a poco une y llega a todas las organizaciones de los trabajadoras.

Las mujeres proletarias en este mes de marzo 8, leventando su su desafío y lucha, se unen a las mujeres combatientes de India, Palestina, Kurdistán, Turquía, etc., y toman lado con las mujeres obligadas a huir de las guerras y regímenes asesinos.

Por último, le decimos claramente: Estamos en contra de aquellos que quieren cancelar el 8 de marzo.

Quieren cancelarlo los patrones, el gobierno, y con razón, porque temen que detrás de la "mimosa" aparece el espectro de la lucha revolucionaria de las mujeres; pero también quieren eliminarlo aquellas, a menudo feministas pequeñoburguesas, que se burlan de este día histórico para las mujeres y contribuyen así a cancelar su carácter proletario, rojo y revolucionario.
Nosotros, sin embargo, es este 8 marzo que reivindicamos!

Movimiento Feminista Proletario Revolucionario

Guerre populaire en Inde : Appel pour la semaine internationale d’action du 2 au 9 avril 2016.

draft4-BLKFRLibération inconditionnelle pour tous les prisonniers politiques en Inde !
Solidarité avec tous les prisonniers politiques dans le monde !
Non à l’Opération Green Hunt !
Soutenons la Guerre Populaire en Inde !
En Inde plus de 10 000 prisonniers politiques croupissent dans les prisons. Des dirigeants, des cadres et des membres du PCI(maoïste) et de la PLGA (Armée Guerilla Populaire de Libération), des villageois adivasis qui ont résisté aux évacuations forcées; des paysans qui ont lutté contre les MOU (Mémorandum d’entente) signés par les gouvernements et les multinationales qui exploitent le peuple et continuent le pillage impérialiste des ressources naturelles; des activistes pour les minorités nationales organisées contre la montée de la menace du fascisme hindou communal; des intellectuels comme le professeur Saibaba, des artistes, des étudiants et autres organisations démocratiques, coupables de s’être levés du côté du peuple faisant face à la guerre contre eux portés par l’Etat indien; des femmes du peuple, des féministes unies pour se révolter contre l’énorme hausse des viols, commis en partie par les forces armées et de police et les escouades fascistes paramilitaires sponsorisées par l’Etat. Dans les prisons les prisonniers font face à toutes sortes de harcèlements, tortures, dénis de caution, des conditions de vie inhumaine, des transferts arbitraires, des assauts brutales et des punitions de confinement solidaire et souvent les femmes détenues sont violées.
Malgré de féroces conditions de détention, les prisonniers résistent et luttent avec esprit révolutionnaire et tournent les prisons sombres dans lesquels ils sont confinés en front de bataille contre la montée du fascisme en Inde et dans le régime Indien.
Leur lutte pour leur libération inconditionnelle est une tâche urgente pour toutes les forces de solidarité et elle est une partie intégrante du soutien pour la victoire de leur guerre de libération.
Toute l’Inde est de plus en plus transformée par les classes dirigeantes en une “prison des mouvements populaires”. Les classes dirigeantes indiennes, sous les conseils et avec l’assistance des impérialistes, ont lancé l’offensive nationale et sur plusieurs fronts appelée Opération Green Hunt. Celle-ci est supposée viser à supprimer le mouvement maoïste mais dans les faits ses cibles et son objectif est de supprimer toutes revendications démocratiques authentiques du peuple. Des milliers de dirigeants et membres des organisations de masse révolutionnaires et démocratiques ont été assassinés, torturés, placés en prison. Accusés avec de faux dossiers, nombre d’entre eux font face à de dures punitions. Les lois draconiennes adoptées par les gouvernements centraux et étatique, qui brandissent les dirigeants populaires et ceux qui luttent comme « anti-nationaux » ou « terroristes ». La crise financière et de l’économie impérialiste s’intensifie continuellement alors que s’intensifie les agressions impérialistes et les guerres réactionnaires. Dans cette situation, le gouvernement BJP fasciste brahmanique de Modi a donné la haute priorité dans son agenda à anéantir la lutte maoïste le plus tôt possible, les organes de la nouvelle forme du pouvoir populaire Krantikari Janatan Sarkar (Comités Populaires Révolutionnaires) et à piller les ressources naturelles à un rythme effréné à tout prix. Modi, qui est le premier serviteur des « Corporate Houses » domestiques et étrangères, a non seulement initié mais aussi agressivement implémenté la troisième phase de l’Opération Green Hunt. Dans ce contexte le régime de Modi a proposé des attaques aériennes sur les régions adivasi.
Les maoïstes indiens appellent tous les partis, organisations révolutionnaires, les organisations de solidarité internationale, les syndicats, les intellectuels démocratiques progressistes renommés, les travailleurs, paysans, étudiants, jeunes, artistes, écrivains, scientifiques, écologistes, enseignants à lever leur voix contre la décision d’attaques aériennes sur des zones à majorité adivasi et à prendre les rues pour manifester. La guerre de libération des masses en Inde ne peut pas être stoppée par la répression sauvage, au contraire cela étend la solidarité morale et politique à la guerre populaire.
Le comité international de soutien à la guerre populaire lance une semaine internationale d’action du 2 au 9 avril 2016 dans tous le monde.
Dans cette semaine, toutes les initiatives expriment de la solidarité avec tous les prisonniers politiques dans les prisons des régimes réactionnaires et impérialistes et son soutien à toutes les luttes pour leur libération.
Comité international de soutien à la Guerre Populaire en Inde

France - Etat d’urgence : Procès d’un ouvrier maoïste à Clermont-Ferrand !

DSCF2237Alors qu’il sortait de la mairie de Clermont-Ferrand suite à la mobilisation devant le conseil municipal (voir lien), un camarade a été arrêté par la police. Il a tenté de se réfugier dans le bar de la mairie, en vain.
C’est dans deux voitures que l’attendaient les flics, une de chaque côté de la rue de l’hôtel de ville. Pourquoi l’ont-ils arrêté nous ont-ils dit ? Il serait « recherché ».
Dans la nuit même, le commissariat de St Jacques a été dégradé par les slogans suivants : « Libérez notre camarade », « à bas la répression ». Le PCm revendique cette action, déclare qu’il ne se laissera jamais intimider et soutiendra jusqu’au bout les camarades.
Le camarade a été libéré à 12h30, la justice bourgeoise l’accuse d’avoir « organiser une manifestation publique n’ayant pas fait l’objet d’une déclaration préalable ». La manifestation en question, était contre l’État d’Urgence, elle avait eu lieu le samedi 12 décembre à l’appel de plusieurs organisations et avait été un véritable succès (voir lien). Pour l’État français, il s’agit de réprimer le mouvement révolutionnaire et toutes les personnes qui osent relever la tête face à la chape de plomb qu’il est en train d’établir tout comme les condamnations contre les Goodyear et la répression à Air France.
Le camarade passe en procès au Tribunal de Grande Instance le lundi 23 mai à 14h. Le PCm appelle donc, même date et même lieu, à un rassemblement de soutien au nom de la liberté de manifester et contre la fascisation de la société. Nous appelons toutes celles et ceux qui se passent dans le camps du peuple à se mobiliser contre la répression et contre l’état d’urgence qui frappent les militantes et militants ouvriers, syndicalistes, zadistes, manifestants réprimés en Corse et les habitants et habitantes des quartiers populaires !
A bas l’état d’urgence et la répression !
Liberté de manifester !
Rendons coup pour coup !
Osons lutter ! Osons vaincre !

Thursday, February 25, 2016

International Week of Action April 2-9 2016

download the version in black
download the version in white

Call for an International week of action 2nd – 9th of April  2016

Unconditional release for all political prisoners in India!
Solidarity with all political prisoners in the world!

Stop Green Hunt!

Support People's war in India!

In India more than 10.000 political prisoners are languishing in jails. They are leaders, cadres and members of the  COI (Maoist) and PLGA; Adivasi villagers who resisted the forced evacuation; peasants who struggled against the MOUs signed by governments and TNCs to exploit the people and continue the imperialist looting of natural resources; activists of the national minorities organized against the rising threat of Hindu communal fascism; intellectuals as Dr Saibaba, artists, students and activists other democratic organizations, guilty of standing on the side of the people facing the war on people waged by the Indian state; people's women, feminists, united to rebel against the huge escalation of rapes, committed in part by the armed and police forces and paramilitary fascist squads sponsored by the State. In jails the prisoners face every kind of harassment, torture, denial of bails, inhumane living conditions, arbitrary transfers, brutal assaults and punishments of solitary confinement, and often the detained women are raped.
In spite of the fierce condition of detention, prisoners are resisting and struggling with revolutionary spirit and turning the dark jails in which are confined into a battlefront against the raising fascism in India and the Indian regime.

The struggle for their unconditional release is an urgent task for all the solidarity forces and it is integrant part of the support for the victory of their liberation war.

Semana Internacional de Acciones: 2-9 de Abril 2016

Por una Semana Internacional de Acciones: 2-9 de Abril 2016

¡Libertad incondicionada para todos lo presos políticos en la India!
¡Solidaridad con todos los presos políticos en el mundo!

¡Stop Green Hunt, stop a la Guerra y ataques aéreos contra el pueblo!

¡Apoyar la guerra popular en la India!

En la India son más de 10.000 los presos políticos que languidecen en las cárceles. Son líderes, cuadros y miembros del PCI (Maoísta) y del Ejército Popular Guerrillero de Liberación del (PLGA), pobladores Adivasi que han resistido a la evacuación; campesinos que han luchado contra los memorandos de entendimiento (MOU) firmado por gobiernos y compañías multinacionales para explotar al pueblo y continuar con el saqueo imperialista de los recursos naturales; son activistas de las minorías nacionales organizados contra la creciente amenaza del fascismo hindú; intelectuales como el Dr. Saibaba, artistas, estudiantes y miembros de otras organizaciones democráticas, culpables de toma lado con el pueblo contra la guerra al pueblo desatadas por el estado indio; son mujeres del pueblo que junto a las feministas se han rebelado contra la escalada desenfrenada de las violaciones, a menudo cometidos por escuadrones fascistas militares, paramilitares y de policía y respaldados por el estado. En las prisiones los detenidos sufren todo tipo de abusos, tortura, denegación de fianza, condiciones de vida inhumanas, transferencias arbitrarias, ataques brutales y castigos en aislamiento total, y cada vez más las detenidas son violadas.
A pesar de las duras condiciones de detención, los presos resisten y luchan con espíritu revolucionario y transformar las cárceles oscuras donde son encerrados en un frente de lucha contra el ascenso del fascismo en la India y el régimen indio.

La lucha por su liberación incondicional es una tarea urgente para todas las fuerzas de la solidaridad y es una parte integral del apoyo, para la victoria de la guerra de liberación.

Settimana Internazionale di Azioni - 2-9 aprile 2016

Appello per una Settimana Internazionale di Azioni: 2-9 Aprile 2016

Libertà incondizionata per tutti i politici in India !
Solidarietà con tutti i prigionieri politici del mondo!

Stop Green Hunt, stop la Guerra e gli attacchi aeri contro il popolo!

Sostenere la guerra popolare in India!

In India sono più di 10.000 i prigionieri politici che languiscono nelle carceri. Sono dirigenti, quadri e membri del PCI (maoista) e del dell’Esercito Popolare Guerrigliero di liberazione (PLGA), abitanti dei villaggi adivasi che hanno resistito all’evacuazione forzata; contadini che hanno lottato contro i protocolli di intesa firmati da governi e multinazionali per sfruttare il popolo e continuare il saccheggio imperialista delle risorse naturali; attivisti delle minoranze nazionali organizzati contro la minaccia crescente del fascismo indù; intellettuali come il Dr Saibaba, artisti, studenti e membri di altre organizzazioni democratiche, colpevoli di stare dalla parte del popolo a fronte della guerra al popolo scatenata dallo Stato indiano; donne del popolo, femministe unitesi per ribellarsi contro la galoppante escalation di stupri, spesso commessi da forze armate e di polizia e squadre fasciste paramilitari spalleggiate dallo Stato. Nelle prigioni i detenuti subiscono ogni tipo di abuso, torture, negazione della libertà su cauzione, condizioni di vita disumane, trasferimenti arbitrari, aggressioni brutali e le punizioni in isolamento totale, e sempre più spesso le detenute sono violentate.
Nonostante le feroci condizioni di detenzione, prigionieri resistono e lottano con spirito rivoluzionario e trasformano le oscure galere in cui sono rinchiusi in un fronte di lotta contro l’ascesa del fascismo in India e il regime indiano.

La lotta per la loro liberazione incondizionata è un compito urgente per tutte le forze di solidarietà ed è parte integrante del sostegno, per la vittoria della guerra di liberazione.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Platform for a New Women’s Strike 8 March-MFPR Italy

BO 6 maggio 2011

Unofficial translation by Signalfire
This platform incorporates the points of the 2013 strike platform, on which work has continued for the last two years, particularly among workers, the precarious and the unemployed, and objectives present in the most recent denunciations and mobilizations of proletarian women, workers, laborers, immigrant workers, etc.
-Work for all women
-Transformation of indefinite precarious contracts – No to the Jobs Act [ the Jobs Act is a labor market restructuring measure imposed by the Renzi government which removes protections against arbitrary firing and layoffs-Signalfire]
-NO to wage discrimination, equal pay for equal work
-Reduction of work time and increased breaks
-Reduction of rates and workloads, in defense of our health
-Rest on Saturday and Sunday, or on 2 consecutive days in the companies
-Shift schedules that do not exacerbate the condition of women
-Working conditions and work environments (including toilets) to protect health, including the reproductive health of women and the dignity of women workers
-NO to illegal hiring in agriculture
-No use of toxic products while working in the fields and medical facilities close to the workplace
-Expulsion from the workplace for all those – supervisors, bosses, etc.- engaged in harassment, blackmail, sexual violence and racist attitudes
-Automatic transfer of acquired rights in companies or subcontractors- in part-time contracts, time not to be below 30 hours per week
-Minimum wage guarantees for all women
-Ban on inquiry into marital status, maternity, sexual orientation, in recruitment or layoffs
-NO to discrimination in employment related to family status, maternity, race
-Right to citizenship and equal employment rights, wages and regulatory protections for immigrants
-Lowering the retirement age of women, for the double work they do
-Payment of women for participation in union meetings
-Socialization and free provision of essential household services, kindergartens, elderly care services, etc.
-Defense and expansion of abortion rights, abolition of conscientious objection for medical professionals, lay counseling managed and controlled by women
-Free access to health services for women
-Measures against those denounced for violence, stalking, harassment – Prohibition of staying at home, whether family members or cohabitants
-Urgent procedure in trials for rape and femicide, acceptance of the civil role of women’s organizations, and legal aid for women

USA : Albert Woodfox est libre !

Albert Woodfox, l’un des Trois d’Angola, emprisonné depuis 1972 après avoir passé plus de 40 années à l’isolement (ce qui en fait le record américain) a été libéré ce vendredi 19 février 2016, le jour de son 69ème anniversaire.
Albert Woodfox était membre du Black Panthers Party. L’année dernière déjà il avait été déclaré "libéré" avant qu’un appel ne le renvoie en cellule. Il était le dernier des 3 d’Angola, accusé en 72 du meurtre d’un maton, il avait toujours nié avoir commis ce meurtre. Robert King avait été libéré en 2001. Herman Wallace avait été libéré après 41 années d’isolement en octobre 2013 et était décédé trois jours plus tard. Albert Woodfox a passé plus de 43 années en isolement.

India - Video - Represión fascista y acoso reaccionario del movimiento estudiantil en la India

La tensión se ha desatado en la India por el arresto de un líder estudiantil y de un antiguo profesor universitario acusados de sedición por participar en actos en memoria de un separatista cachemir que fue ahorcado hace tres años. El estudiante fue torturado en los juzgados.
“Lo metieron dentro”, explica un periodista. “Le golpearon hasta hacerle caer y en el suelo siguieron dándole patadas”.
Estudiantes y profesores se han manifestado en contra de lo que consideran que es un retroceso democrático. Muchos periodistas se han unido a ellos para denunciar las agresiones y las presiones que sufren al informar sobre lo que está pasando.
Militantes nacionalistas y simpatizantes del Ejecutivo se han manifestado a su vez contra los anteriores. Amnistía Internacional ha criticado la deriva ultranacionalista del Gobierno indio.

Germany - Incendian un hogar de refugiados en Alemania

Un incendio causó daños en un antiguo hotel que se estaba reconvirtiendo para alojar a refugiados en el este de Alemania, según la policía, y dos personas fueron detenidas por obstaculizar la labor de los bomberos.
El fuego en el tejado del edificio en Bautzen, en el estado oriental de Sajonia, comenzó el domingo de madrugada por motivos desconocidos aunque casi con toda seguridad provocado intencionadamente. Nadie resultó herido, pero varias personas se reunieron ante el inmueble y algunas "expresaron comentarios despectivos o alegría descarada" por el incendio.
El suceso se produce tres días después de un incidente en Sajonia, en el que una turba que exclamaba "¡Váyanse a casa!" bloqueó el paso de un autobús que llevaba a solicitantes de asilo ante un hogar para refugiados. La policía fue criticada en ese incidente por sacar a algunos migrantes a rastras del autobús, lo que según dijeron era necesario para evitar que la situación se agravara.

USA - solidarity with Manipur

Brasil - Terrorismo dos latifundiários não vai parar a luta pela terra

Escrito por Comissão Nacional das Ligas de Camponeses Pobres

De sofrer tantos abusos e de ser vítimas de tantas matanças, as massas revoltadas
têm sede de justiça e vingança do sangue derramado de seus filhos e suas lideranças

A alta concentração da propriedade da terra em Rondônia está na base das inúmeras chacinas como o massacre de camponeses que lutavam por um pedaço de terra, em 1995, na fazenda Santa Elina, em Corumbiara e a continuada eliminação de lideranças e lutadores do povo. A traição dos governos do PT (Lula e Dilma) da promessa de "reforma agrária" e seu total apoio ao "agronegócio" (latifúndio) só piorou a concentração da terra. Esta situação empurrou milhares de famílias de camponeses pobres para a luta por um pedaço de terra. Em Rondônia, enquanto os camponeses pobres são dezenas de milhares sejam como pequenos proprietários vivendo esprimidos no pequeno sítio da família que mal dá para comer, sejam como sem têm terra alguma vivendo amontoados nas periferias das cidades, os latifundiários são só um punhadinho de famílias mafiosas, ladronas de terras da União. Inclusive muitas são terras já destinadas há muitos anos para a "reforma agrária", que os sucessivos governos nunca "assentaram", exatamente para que essas terras fossem objeto das negociatas entre políticos e latifundiários. É o caso de muitas das terras das fazendas do Vale do Jamari.

Este roubo escandaloso de terras sempre foi feito em conluio com os políticos e autoridades do governo do estado. Em Rondônia, quando não são os latifundiários mesmos os políticos e autoridades são eles que os financiam, de forma que sempre são eles os que mandam e desmandam no estado, onde reinam por meio da corrupção e dos assassinatos de camponeses pobres.
Massacres de índios, camponeses e garimpeiros e eliminação de suas lideranças

Como é conhecido em todo país e inclusive internacionalmente, a história de Rondônia, especialmente a partir de sua passagem de Território a Estado, está feita de seguidos e cruéis massacres de populações indígenas e de famílias de camponeses vindos de todas as partes do país em busca de um pedaço de terra. Os latifundiários (criadores de gado, depois soja), grandes madeireiras e mineradoras ocuparam as melhores terras expulsando povos indígenas inteiros e colonos pobres.

Na década de 1980, continuados massacres de populações indígenas foram perpetrados por bandos armados a serviço de latifundiários e grandes madeireiros em várias regiões do estado, a fim de expulsar estes povos de suas terras e consolidar a colonização imposta pelo gerenciamento militar. Já nos anos de 1990 diante do crescimento das tomadas de terra na região, latifundiários liderados por Antenor Duarte organizaram junto com a Policia Militar e governo do estado a repressão a luta camponesa em Corumbiara, resultando no massacre na fazenda Santa Elina, em 1995, com pelo menos 9 camponeses brutalmente assassinados, entre eles uma criança de 7 anos.

Outros episódios de massacres mais conhecidos resultaram no assassinato de garimpeiros em Corumbiara, na serra do Touro em 1983 e Espigão do Oeste, na reserva Roosevelt em 2002, que tinham como objetivo garantir os interesses de grandes grupos econômicos na exploração de minérios e riquezas e claro na concentração das terras nas mãos destes mesmos grupos. Algumas das famílias mafiosas de Rondônia se beneficiaram do garimpo de diamantes.

Segundo dados apontados pela agência ( cerca de 1115 assassinatos decorrentes da luta pela terra foram registrados entre 1985 e 2014, destes apenas 12 foram julgados. O relatório parcial de assassinatos decorrentes de conflitos no campo em 2015 foi o maior dos últimos 12 anos no Brasil. De janeiro de 2015 a fevereiro de 2016 foram registradas mais de 50 assassinatos, só em Rondônia foram 21 assassinatos e pelo menos 3 casos de camponeses desaparecidos.
Policiais e governantes de Rondônia protegem o roubo de terras e os crimes do latifúndio

As polícias, justiça, ninguém nunca cita sequer os assassinatos, os inquéritos sequer são concluídos, só abrem a boca para tomar as dores dos latifundiários e chorar pelas invasões de fazendas. A onda de crimes contra camponeses em Rondônia atingiu níveis alarmantes. Principalmente na região do Vale do Jamari (Buritis, Campo Novo, Monte Negro, Alto Paraíso, Ariquemes, Cujubim, etc.) só de dezembro para cá foram mais de 6 assassinatos e três desaparecimentos. Mas esta situação não é de agora, nos últimos dez anos com o aumento de busca pela terra por famílias de camponeses pobres nesta região os latifundiários incrementaram a pistolagem e a polícia suas ações repressivas. Desde então a matança de camponeses e suas lideranças não tem fim.

De 2007 até hoje foram assassinados dezenas de camponeses e lideranças, sendo que vários deles ou eram coordenadores da LCP ou apoiadores dela como Zé Bentão, José Vanderlei Parvewfki, Nélio Lima, Élcio Machado, Gilson Gonçalves, Oziel Nunes, Enilson Ribeiro dos Santos e Valdiro Chagas de Moura, além de Renato Nathan e Paulo Justino militantes da luta pela terra.

O que fizeram as autoridades diante destes crimes senão justificar os bárbaros assassinatos acusando-os de invasores, de bandidos, desqualificando e demonizando a LCP? Nenhum caso foi devidamente investigado e nenhum inquérito concluído. É de destacar que em todos estes episódios, mesmo quando não correspondia à sua jurisdição, a figura infeliz e medíocre de Ênedy esteve presente sempre caluniando e acusando a LCP. Apesar das inúmeras denúncias sobre pistolagem, desmatamento ilegal e grilagem de terras da União por latifundiários, de inúmeros dossiês contendo provas destas ações criminosas, nunca foi feito nada.

O atual comandante da PM que nada diz sobre os assassinatos de coordenadores da LCP e só acusa os camponeses de bandidos e a LCP de quadrilha fez sua carreira policial perseguindo os camponeses pobres e a LCP. Mesmo com o flagrante de ações dos bandos de pistoleiros, de paramilitares e de grupos de extermínios formados por pistoleiros e policiais, nada diz e o que se vê é o descarado acobertamento destes crimes pelas autoridades e as mentirosas manipulações dos fatos pela imprensa mercenária.

Agora mesmo diante dos crimes mais bárbaros de camponeses, o mesmo de sempre Ênedy, aparece toda hora para acusar as vítimas e de forma direta ou indireta tentar incriminar a LCP ou relacioná-la de alguma forma com todo tipo de acontecimento violento. Não para de cacarejar de que quadrilhas estão fazendo terror usando o nome da LCP. Do que ele não diz uma palavra é sobre a organização terrorista criada sob a fachada de Associação dos Pecuaristas do Vale do Jamari e comandada pelo latifundiário Antonio Carlos Faitaroni, que não contentando em expulsar a bala 25 famílias do Acampamento Paulo Justino, em Alto Paraíso, depois que estas receberam a solidariedade e acolhimento do povo do Assentamento Terra Prometida (vizinho daquele acampamento), lançou seus assassinos mercenários para aterrorizar os moradores das linhas daquela área. Depois destes bandidos barbarizarem impedindo até a escola rural de funcionar, roubar moradores, apontar armar, espancar um pai de família se fazendo passar por gente da LCP, o Rondônia VIP passou a berrar que "grupos armados da LCP" patrulhavam e aterrorizavam aquela região. Não se sustentando a mentira o que disse o senhor Ênedy sobre isto? Como sempre nada!

Nenhuma palavra sobre os assassinos a serviço do latifúndio, mesmo quando pistoleiros são pegos a luz do dia portando todo tipo de armamento, inclusive com policiais identificados entre estes bandos de criminosos a soldo dos latifundiários. Dentre outros está o caso recente em Cujubim envolvendo duas camionetes e 10 pistoleiros da fazenda Tucumã, que após um despejo violento de dezenas de famílias, mataram um jovem queimando-o dentro de um carro e desaparecendo com outros dois. O caso do 3º sargento PM Moisés Ferreira de Souza, condenado por homicídios e formação de quadrilha e cumprindo pena em "regime fechado", e implicado nestes crimes, teve a fuga facilitada após o bando trocar tiros com polícia civil. Descaramento tal que talvez tenha provocado a declaração do delegado Tiago Flores de que na apreensão da metralhadora de posse desses assassinos, que este fato era indício de que agentes de segurança do Estado eram parte do bando de matadores. E o que disto resultou? Denunciamos e acusamos o coronel Ênedy de capitão-do-mato perseguidor de camponeses pobres e protetor dos latifundiários.
O ouvidor agrário Gercino é cúmplice dos crimes do latifúndio

O ouvidor geral Gercino da Silva, nomeado por FHC e mantido por Lula e Dilma, como alto burocrata e serviçal de poderosos, desempenhou até agora seu papel de autêntico preposto dos latifundiários. A custa do erário público realizou mais de mil audiências sob o pomposo nome de "Comissão Nacional de Combate à Violência no Campo", enquanto a matança de camponeses, indígenas e suas lideranças a mando dos latifundiários só aumentou. Pusilânime e cínico diante dos crimes mais brutais praticados contra camponeses e suas lideranças sequer lamenta e se presta unicamente a enviar mensagens de falsos sentimentos à famílias das vítimas. Nada faz para denunciar tantos crimes cometidos debaixo dos seus olhos, ao contrário promove reuniões conjuntas dos órgãos de repressão do Estado com estes criminosos latifundiários e convida as lideranças dos camponeses para participar dessa encenação feita para legitimar toda esta ordem injusta e expor as lideranças camponesas aos seus verdugos. Inúmeras lideranças em todo o país foram assassinadas depois de tomarem parte de tais audiências presididas por este sinistro senhor. Denunciamos e acusamos o senhor Gercino por cumplicidade nesse genocídio de camponeses pobres e suas lideranças.
A imprensa mercenária e o lixo Rondônia VIP: cloaca dos latifundiários

A imprensa mercenária mentirosa, encabeçada pelo Rondônia VIP, é o monturo de onde exala e expele todo tipo de imundice atirada contra os trabalhadores pobres e para esconder os crimes e bandalheiras de seus amos latifundiários. Montado para caluniar os camponeses em luta pela terra, e satanizar a LCP e outras organizações como a CPT que também defendem a luta pela terra, este biombo de fabricar mentiras e manipulação dos fatos da realidade age na tentativa desesperada de criar opinião pública a favor da continuidade da apropriação indébita e roubo de terra pelos latifundiários; para incriminar as vítimas deste sistema de exploração, os camponeses pobres e suas lideranças, pintando-os como os piores bandidos e assim manter a impunidade de sempre dos crimes destes parasitas; para seguir acobertando os bandos de pistoleiros e policiais assassinos que operam a soldo do latifúndio. Denunciamos e acusamos esses fabricadores de mentiras de mercenários a serviços dos latifundiários, de enganar a população, de acobertarem bandidos e criminosos e de fazerem parte da quadrilha de ladrões de terra e das máfias que controlam o poder de estado em Rondônia.
A LCP organiza a luta pela terra, mas as massas revoltadas tem sede de justiça e vingança

A LCP é a organização política dos camponeses pobres empenhada em mobilizar, politizar, organizar e apoiar os camponeses na luta pela terra. Os inimigos dos camponeses pobres e de todo o povo trabalhador não descansam em caluniar, perseguir, prender e cometer os mais covardes assassinatos contra os camponeses pobres e militantes da LCP. O ódio e revolta do povo camponês com tanta exploração, abusos e covardias cometidas contra ele é cada dia maior como é incontida sua sede de justiça e de vingança do sangue derramado de seus filhos e de suas lideranças. Quanto mais nos reprimirem e massacrarem mais ódio estamos juntando e vai chegar o dia do acerto de contas com os exploradores e assassinos do povo pobre trabalhador.

Não temos medo desta canalha milionária de sanguessugas assassinos covardes. Nenhuma campanha de difamação e mentira vai nos intimidar. O terrorismo dos latifundiários com seus bandos de assassinos a soldo, acobertados por agentes do Estado, por governos e juízes mercenários não pode e nem vai parar a luta pela terra. Os criminosos travestidos de autoridades, com cargos e funções obtidos com corrupção e na farsa das eleições pensam que podem afogar em sangue a luta pela terra. Enganam-se senhores, o sangue derramado de nossos companheiros rega a nossa sagrada luta por exterminar o latifúndio e pela entrega das terras para os camponeses pobres sem terra ou com pouca terra, seus verdadeiros e legítimos donos.

A LCP rechaça todos os ataques caluniosos lançados sistematicamente pela polícia, governantes e essa "imprensa" latifundiária venal contra os camponeses pobres, contra a luta pela terra e contra seus abnegados militantes. A LCP reafirma sua posição de defender intransigentemente os camponeses pobres sem terra ou com pouca terra, de lutar com as massas por conquistar a terra para por fim ao secular latifúndio, causa das maiores desgraças do povo pobre, do atraso de nosso país e subjugação da nação por potências estrangeiras.
Por fim perguntamos:

Povo de Rondônia, com tanta terra da União, inclusive roubadas por latifundiários, porque os camponeses pobres tão necessitados não podem ter seu pedaço de terra?

Porque e até quando a maior parte das terras e as melhores delas têm que estar nas mãos dessa minoria de parasitas, os latifundiários, que montam seus impérios chupando o sangue dos camponeses, cometendo os maiores crimes contra eles e roubando terra?

Se os programas de "reforma agrária" do governo é só enrolação e os camponeses pobres só conseguem terra organizando suas tomadas, vamos nos resignar na miséria vendo nossos filhos caindo na marginalidade e na droga ou vamos tomar os latifúndios, dividir as parcelas entre os mais necessitados para nela produzir e viver?
De nossa parte respondemos:

No Brasil os camponeses pobres vivendo espremidos no pequeno sítio da família que mal dá comer e os sem terra nenhuma vivendo amontoados nas periferias das cidades são milhões que necessitam de terra, mas organizados e unidos, custe o que custar, vamos conquista-la!
A luta pela terra vai continuar e com a crise que devasta os lares pobres com desemprego ela só vai crescer!

Camponeses pobres do Brasil e de Rondônia: unam-se com a LCP e levantemo-nos em grandes ondas para varrer o latifúndio do mapa, entregando a terra a quem nela vive e trabalha!
Abaixo o terrorismo dos latifundiários e seus bandos de pistoleiros e policiais!
Fora autoridades corruptas e latifundiários ladrões de terra e assassinos covardes!

Terra para os camponeses pobres sem terra ou com pouca terra!

Comissão Nacional das Ligas de Camponeses Pobres

Goiânia, fevereiro de 2016