Due to the growing negative public opinion about the cops and encouraged by more and more victims of racist or otherwise motivated police violence coming forth with their stories, we experience in recent times that an increasing number of people speak of their experiences with the cops whenever we are in the proletarian neighborhoods or directly seek our contact. Henceforth, we document some of the most recent assaults in Freiburg:
In early May, Gali, a young black woman, spent the evening outdoors with friends. After about two hours, the police came in a patrol car to check them under the pretext of Corona measures. Two weeks earlier, one of the police officers had made fun of the non-German name of one of the affected. During the inspection he made repeated racist comments, whereupon she confronted him. The cop wanted to carry out a search afterwards, which the young woman resisted because she had not committed a crime. The police then called reinforcements. When a policewoman tried to grab the victim, she backed away. Then everything happened very quickly, Gali was thrown on the floor, her head hit the pavement. One of the cops kneeled on her shoulders and eight police officers pushed her to the ground. They then put her in handcuffs and ankle cuffs to take her to the station, where she was thrown to the floor again and then handcuffed to a chair. She then published her experiences on a social media profile, whereupon the cops tried to silence her with a charge of defamation.
A similar situation arose last Sunday in the square of the Old Synagogue. Hundreds of Freiburg residents meet there every evening to sit together, listen to music and enjoy the evening after work. On August 16, the police picked a single group of teenagers who they accused of listening to music too loudly. After the group willingly turned off the music, the police came back a little later and claimed they were talking too loudly. This claim is completely absurd since, as mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of people every evening and the volume level is always very high. The cops then wanted to check ID cards and were very aggressive. When one of those present asked for the police to speak to her in a normal fashion, they pushed her to the ground, injuring her face and elbow. Then she was handcuffed and taken to the police station.
In addition, we want to report on the following incidents:
  • In the working class district Weingarten, the police used massive violence against a drunk man. His face was also slammed on the floor. Five or six police officers are said to have been involved in the attack.
  • A Roma family was also sought out by the police near Freiburg. Allegedly it was about a minor matter in the context of a parking space question. The police acted very aggressively from the beginning, set a dog on the 48-year-old father and hit other family members with their fists.
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