Monday, August 24, 2020

antifascism in nordic countries in Europe - info

We hereby report on some developments of the revolutionary movement and the class struggle in general in the Nordic Countries during the past weeks.
Comrades from Serve the People Media have reported on some developments in the anti-fascist movement in Norway. The recent anti-fascist protests have taken place against the fascist organization SIAN ("Stop Islamization of Norway").
In Arendal on the 6th of August, activists reported the participation of more than 200 masses in the anti-fascist demonstration. Among the participants was the Struggle Committee ( A video was published showing the demonstration, in which the police acted as defendants of the fascists, arresting three people and knocking one unconscious.

On the 7th of August in Kristiansand, SIAN likewise attempted to distribute leaflets, but were met by more than 150 counter-demonstrators. The leaflets of the fascists were ripped apart, they were drowned out by chants and eggs were thrown against them. Three people have been banned from the city as a result of the protests.
Nord Report 1
Synthesizing the recent struggles, Serve the People Media states: "2020 has hitherto been a miserable year for fascism and a great year for the struggling masses, who have directed their justified anger at both fascists and police. The increased resistance leads to hard repression and persecution, which is the other aspect of the victories won on the streets".
The Struggle Committee additionally participated in a manifestation on the 7th of August against the repression of Mapuche activists in Chile. Slogans against political repression of various kinds were put forward. Comrades of the Struggle Committee raised the slogan: "Honor and glory to Garett Foster!", honoring the US comrade who was recently martyred in the people's uprising in that country.
Nord Report 2

The Maoist Committee in Finland has published a statement condemning the trial of the communists in Munich, who were charged with membership in the TKP/ML, which leads the People's War in Turkey. The statement is entitled: "Long Live the TKP/ML! Down with the Persecution of Communists!", and can be read here.
Additionally, paintings have been done in various cities in Finland in solidarity with Austin's Targeted Three, that are being persecuted by Yankee reaction for the "crime" of participating in the people's uprising in the USA.
Nord Report 3

In Eskilstuna, activists have put up posters from the Communist League of Sweden, raising the slogans: "Organize for a Socialist Revolution! Construct a Revolutionary Communist Party!" and "For a Class Line in the Women's Movement!".
Nord Report 4

Activists from Common Action Copenhagen participated in the recent demonstrations against the visit of Yankee imperialist foreign secretary Mike Pompeo to Denmark. A Yankee flag was burned and the slogan: "Yankee Go Home!" was raised.
An article was published on the blog Socialist Revolution, with an analysis of the collusion and strife of Yankee imperialism and Danish imperialism, especially regarding the Arctic colonies and semi-colonies of Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, and an analysis of the class character of the protests against Mike Pompeo.
Nord Report 5

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