Monday, August 3, 2020

maoist road info

after preparatory meeting in italy in january 2020 - debate in the 
maoistroad special/internal circulation- unofficial texts- no 
publication internet web - we have made efforts for relizing Final 

we have made also - a mayday joint declaration 2020 -

Now we work for a common convocation and realization of International 
Unified Conference mlm with all bilatelar and multiilateral meetings 
that need for this objective

For the international revolutionary struggle and international struggle 
within our movement  Maoistroad prepare


a new series of issues with a common board of all partecipants in the 
january meeting 2020 that want to partecipe

this series begins to issues in this autunm


a strong support to ICSPWI days of actions -

the first  28 july 2020 for the freedom of VaravaraRao/Saibaba and all 
political prisoners in India has had successfull -

the second in september - Support people's war! Support PCI(Maoist) 
until the victory! will be launched  by ICSPWI in the next weeks


the realizations of a 200th celebration of Engels's birth in a 
simultaneus international events in all countries possibles in the 28 
november 2020

a call for this will be issued in the next days

we hope that all forces mlm  together  realise these tasks for the only 
interest of proletarian internationalism and the advancement of 
proletarian revolution


2 august 2020

all revews, texts, documents are disponible


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