Friday, August 21, 2020

BALKANS – camp of revolutionaries info

August 19, 2020
In the Balkans there has been organized successfully a camp of revolutionaries and activists. The revolutionaries of the Serbian „Partija Rada“ also reported about the camp. International solidarity was expressed at that camp as well, which is an important sign to all antiimperialists and revolutionaries. Especially in the situation of aggravating crisis of capitalism, the solidarity and connections between the antiimperialists and revolutionaries of different countries is getting even more important, in order to strengthen the joint struggle against imperialist exploitation and oppression.

Here is an unofficial translation of the statement of the „Partija Rada“:
„The general circumstances in which the world finds itself, as well as the situation in the Balkans, shows the necessity to mobilize the most conscious and most combative parts of the people's masses to prepare for the upcoming struggles. To prepare for more decisive class-struggles against the dictatorship of capital and the upcoming fascism. To prepare for the liberation of the Balkan peoples from plunder, dependence and slavery in which they find themselves; to prepare for the strengthening of a revolutionary subject who will be able to respond to a given historical task.
We know our way! With the Balkan Resistance Movement!“

Long live international solidarity!

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