Saturday, October 28, 2023

Announcement of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan:

In support of the Palestinian resistance movement


Sympathy with the earthquake victims of Herat Province, Afghanistan

Twenty days have passed since the barbaric crimes of the occupying Israeli army in Gaza, during which about 7,000 people have been killed and over 15,000 have been wounded. The relentless air raids by the invading Israeli army in Gaza, supported by imperialists, continue. Recently, imperialist countries like the United States, England, Canada, France, Germany, and Italy have jointly called for support for "Israel's right to self-defense against terrorism," which is itself a manifestation of the peak of brutality and barbarism of the outdated imperialist system ruling the world.

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan condemns the ongoing repression and continuous massacre of the Palestinian people by the Zionist Israeli army, supported by imperialists and their agents. This suppression is another glaring example of the age-old nature of imperialism, which imposes uninterrupted domination and exploitation on nations and people through oppression.

The escalation of the global imperialist system's crisis intensifies all the contradictions within this system. The rivalry between imperialist powers (Russian imperialism and Chinese social imperialism) against the entrenched American imperialism, along with their increasingly brutal attacks on oppressed nations and peoples to maintain their empires, amplifies and enhances the resistance and struggle of oppressed peoples. This, in turn, reflects the ever-increasing crisis of the outdated imperialist system ruling the world.

Friday, October 27, 2023

Mass dawn prayers in occupied West Bank in support of Gaza

Thousands of Palestinians have prayed on the streets in different parts of the occupied West Bank in a show of support for Gaza.

Reports said that thousands performed the Fajr, or dawn prayer, in main squares in Nablus, Tulkarem, Jenin and Tubas.

Following the prayers, hundreds staged demonstrations in support of Gaza in Tulkarem and Tubas, according to an Anadolu reporter.


Terror e horror in gaza - Neither must know Neither must see the nazi-zionist genocide supported by USA/UE


Military power Usa/Israel against palestinian people

How powerful is Israel’s military?

As Israel carries out the most intense bombardment of Gaza since the war began, the size and power of its armed forces are in the spotlight.

Despite having a population of only 9.3 million people, Israel operates one of the most powerful militaries in the world.

In 2023, Israel ranked 18th in Global Firepower’s annual military strength ranking, putting it ahead of much bigger nations including Saudi Arabia, Germany and Spain.

Israel’s military spending came to $23.4bn last year, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), making it the world’s biggest per capita spender on defence after Qatar.

Israel’s armed forces include 169,500 active military personnel and 465,000 reserve soldiers.

Those troops are backed by an extensive array of military hardware, including more than 2,200 tanks, 339 combat aircraft, 43 Apache attack helicopters, and five submarines.

Israel’s military prowess rests in part on the backing of its staunch ally, the United States, which sees the country’s military strength as key to stability in the Middle East.

In total, Washington has provided Israel with more than $124bn in military aid since 1946, according to the US Congressional Research Service.




from Gaza - against Genocide



Pcm Italy - Translation of Introduction and conclusions of our report about world demonstrations for Palestine

"Le grandi mobilitazioni nel mondo a sostegno della resistenza del popolo palestinese - In Italia intervento e commento dalla manifestazione a Milano - Da Controinformazione rossoperaia del 16/10".

See the link:

Big demonstrations in the world to support Palestinian people's Resistance - In Italy action and comment from Milan demonstration - From 16th of October redworker information against".

The State of Israel, its policy which many - and we with them - rightly call Nazi-Zionist, that is, a policy which bases the occupation of the land of Palestine on a racist ideology and on ethnic cleansing, on genocide, in these days , in these hours, is bombing Gaza non-stop, since last Saturday some sources report that 2,300 Palestinians have been killed, of which a third, 724 are children, with a military policy of mass extermination of the Palestinian people that has lasted for 75 years.

The support that the Israeli occupying state receives only from all imperialist governments and states and consists not only in military aid, but also in the repression of internationalist solidarity with the Palestinian people and the disinformation that these governments and states, their press carry forward.

Despite all this police and media apparatus, the streets of the world in recent days have been invaded by the masses who have lined up for the right to national and social self-determination of the Palestinian people against Israeli state terrorism, with the great participation in the front row of the youth which is the element that must be highlighted, an extraordinary participation which clearly did not find space in the press of the bourgeoisie, of the bosses, a participation which has nothing comparable to the miserable - and miserable - support of a few people who demonstrated their support for the Israeli terrorist/Nazi occupier but which were echoed in the imperialist media.

Thousands of people took to the streets in support of Palestine in Algeria and Morocco, in the Moroccan capital Rabat there was a demonstration on Sunday to demonstrate against the Israeli massacres in Gaza and to ask the government to cut ties with Israel.

Morocco has been one of the few Arab governments pushing for ties with Israel in recent years, but the Moroccan people continue to reject that decision through their constant solidarity marches in support of the Palestinians. The march in Rabat was called by the "Moroccan Front for Support of Palestine and Against Normalization" and the "National Action Group for Palestine".

Now the cause of the Palestinian people will be brought forward with motions, with slogans, among the workers in the general strike of the grassroots unions on October 20th and in the demonstrations that will be held against the war in some realities, in front of some bases, such as Gedi , Pisa, Palermo, Taranto.

We report the intervention at the Milan demonstration of the communist proletarian comrade and an opinion on the demonstration:

"Today is a great demonstration and a great day that must continue because they must take back all the lies they are telling against the Palestinian people.

We are unconditionally on the side of the oppressed, on the side of Palestinian rights, on the side of their armed resistance, of their liberation.

We are not the ones who have to decide. The Palestinian people have decided to raise their heads and move forward until victory. And we just have to do our part and support him. It is a great battle, we must also do it here in Italy against a government and against many parties that have sided with the oppressors, with Israel, against many newspapers that have spewed lies against the Palestinian people. We must not leave them alone.

We are for peace in Palestine but there is no peace without justice and in Palestine today there is no justice, there is only the oppression of the Zionists, of the Nazi State of Israel which was put there by the imperialist countries to crush the peoples and primarily the Arab peoples, but all the peoples, because the struggle of Palestine is a struggle for the liberation of all the peoples from Nazi-Zionism and imperialism. Forward until victory!"

"No justice, no peace, until Palestine is free." This is the gist of yesterday's demonstration which brought thousands of young people, families, proletarians, students, in solidarity to the streets, all linked by a single objective alongside the Palestinian resistance against the genocide of the Nazi State of Israel.

The communist proletarian comrades who participated in this demonstration found themselves in a climate of struggle, of determination with respect to those, the so-called "beautiful souls", also of the movement, who they thought they would flatten into positions that were always whining towards the Palestinian people who have instead decided to raise their heads and are fighting in all possible ways.

A river in flood that wanted to denounce all the mystifications, the lies spouted by the media and by the various parties that have sided with Israel, including in the front row the Meloni government which has sided with the bloodthirsty Netanyahu who throughout the march was rightly defined as a "murderer", just as the Nazi State of Israel was defined as a fascist state.

The just liberation of a people is not terrorism, everyone said throughout the demonstration which shouted out the anger and the need to continue the mobilization even more in these hours in which, together with the massacre of the Palestinian people, a deportation and a situation in which, despite all the UN resolutions and international issues, they want to carry out a real genocide of the people.

Support for the struggle of the Palestinian people is support for all the oppressed of the world, it is support for the battle that we wage every day in close connection against the oppressors, against their system of masters, governments and the imperialist system that wants to relegate to repression, war and exploitation. This is why the battle that we are carrying out in these mobilizations is also that of a growth of consciousness, of class consciousness, of all being part of the same class of the oppressed, against the oppressors, to have a true peace, because without any justice there is no peace.

This is why in recent days we have also brought this position to the workplace, to the factories, because there is a close link between the daily condition of exploitation and oppression and what is happening in Palestine, and in many situations in the world where many, many peoples, from India to Palestine, have decided to raise their heads again.

Our task is to stand at their side, it is to wage the battle against our imperialism which uses the media as a daily war, full of lies, against which we must loudly denounce these days with initiatives right under the newspapers, identifying the journalists by name and surname who are carrying out this dirty campaign against the Palestinian people. Just as we must rally together and denounce the repression that is also being implemented in Italy with respect to support for those who are in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance, in particular among young people and students, because the system is afraid of this, this is a spark that can really set a prairie on fire.

Participating in that event in Milan had meaning grasp many aspects of the fear that the bourgeoisie has, so our task is to move forward and wage a battle also to define ourselves, to clarify the positions that are not in the field of support for the Palestinian people, such as those that they were also in Milan on Friday, behind the "Now Peace" street mobilization which gathered very few people and representatives of various political forces, including the Democratic Party, Rifondazione Comunista, CGIL and also other associations, Emergency, Anpi. These "Peace Now" positions do not support the Palestinian people but, on the contrary, objectively support the action of the imperialist countries.

These positions - condemnation of Hamas' terrorism, immediate freedom for the hostages, now peace - have truly outraged the Palestinians, who will certainly take them into account from now on, to understand who is truly on their side and for the Palestinian cause and who instead he takes sides in an equidistant manner and therefore does not clearly take a position on which side he is on.


- Collect of signatures campaign to express solidarity to Palestine at ArcelorMittal biggest Italian factory gates:

- Translation: "Lo sciopero del 20 ottobre a Palermo - ascolta i video indicati"

See the link for pictures and video:

The 20th of October strike in Palermo

During the morning shifts at the Cantieri Navali in Palermo on the day of the general strike called by the rank and file unions. The strike platform flyer and the workers' counter-information newspaper on the strike and Palestine were distributed.

The workers were informed of today's strike by the Ex Ilva workers of Taranto and of the demonstration in Rome, several expressed solidarity with the workers of Taranto but criticizing Fiom and in particular Landini which "does not start the war" (against the bosses) as one worker said. He put up posters around the factory about the strike and the demonstration of 21 October against the imperialist war in Palermo in unity with the demonstrations in Ghedi, Pisa and Taranto.

Starting from 11.00 in the center of the city, in Piazza Pretoria at the Municipality, the precarious workers of Coop Sociali, school and service workers went on strike in unity and connection with the workers, workers, temporary workers, unemployed, migrants on strike today October 20th and fighting.

Also in the square at the demonstration promoted by Slai Cobas sc were comrades/delegates from the Cub, comrades from the Pcl and young comrades from the FGC.

In solidarity with the former Ilva workers today on strike and demonstrating in Rome who blocked the motorway in protest upon arrival in Rome, news of which arrived live from Slai workers

Cobas sc.

If our life really has to change, our struggle as women workers, precarious workers... it must be 360 degrees against the government, bosses, this capitalist system, the precarious workers and workers who are always on the front line in the struggle said loud and clear in the streets.

Alongside the Palestinian people, against the criminal siege of Gaza by the Nazi and terrorist state of Israel, fully supported by the US/European imperialist states including Italy with the government headed by the fascist Meloni. In unity with the appeal of the Palestinian unions on strike today.

Many passers-by, migrants and tourists sympathized with the precarious workers and workers on strike and took many photos and shared the appeal in solidarity with the Palestinian people. During the demonstration, the appeal of the Palestinian trade unions was read in full and applauded at the end and supported by slogans. Free Palestine! WITHOUT JUSTICE NO PEACE!

A stage of struggle, it was said in the square, this strike which must bring a real message to the workers, male and female workers, precarious workers, the unemployed... proletarians on the need to connect and unite to fight on a class basis towards the construction of a true general strike that blocks the production of this system of exploiting masters and against the government steeped in fascists in power today, starting from the factories and extending to all workplaces, also looking at the encouraging examples of the great workers' struggles in France against the pension reform and Stellantis workers in the USA on prolonged strike, which was reported during the magaphonics

Slai Cobas per il Sindacato di Classe Palermo

- Translation: "Contro la guerra imperialista a Palermo il 21 ottobre nel cuore dei quartieri proletari e popolari, contro i padroni assassini al servizio della guerra/Leonardo"

See the link for pictures and video:

21th of October in Palermo against iperialist war, in the hearth of proletairan and popular neighbourhoods, against assassin masters of Leonardo at the service of the war

*Leonardo is the main army factory in Italy that supplies israel army too.

Hundreds of demonstrators yesterday, 21 October, the national day of mobilization against the imperialist war, the military bases, the war profiteering factories, at the procession promoted by the No Muos movement in unity and connection with the other demonstrations in Ghedi, Pisa, Taranto, who crossed the streets of the proletarian and popular Oreto-Guadagna neighborhoods of Palermo to protest in this case also against the presence, in the Guadagna neighborhood, of the Leonardo death factory, a high-tech factory for war and space systems/devices in the hands of the Italian State!

At the concentration we distributed the flyer and several copies of the red workers' counter-information, base unions such as the USB, the Cobas Confederation, the Cub and the Slai Cobas per il Sindacato di Classe were present with a delegation of workers who already on the previous day of the 20th had brought about the strike a strong message against the imperialist war, so different political and social realities, the young people of the FGC...

Some pacifists contested the slogan of our banner saying that it would be absurd to respond to the imperialist war with the war of the people, we only said "the Palestinians, the Kurds, the oppressed peoples like in India who should then suffer and wait happily that the "confrontation/dialogue" between the imperialist states that are the proponents of war in the service of Capital free them?".

Here some slogans:

The people in revolt write history! No Muos until victory!

The proletariat has no nation! Internationalism! Revolution!

Meloni government, government of war and of the masters!

The imperialist war can only be stopped if the people's war advances!

Strong and constant solidarity from the beginning to the end of the march to the Palestinian people who resist and fight against the Nazi state of Israel!

Then the procession started and positively involved a good part of the inhabitants of the neighborhood who were quite intrigued and surprised by this presence which was also very colored by the flags of the various basic political and trade union organizations with a large flag in the center in solidarity with Palestine currently below the murderous bombs of the Nazi state of Israel.

While the leaflet was being distributed, we spoke with various proletarians who agreed on the gravity of the war and who, seeing for example our sign against the Meloni government, denounced that Meloni, who has villas costing millions of euros, only makes words, spends the money for the war and gives nothing to the populations of popular neighborhoods like Guadagna where "everything is missing and where no one ever comes", said one woman, "they only know how to come when they want the vote..."

A great willingness of the people along the sidewalks to talk to the demonstrators which in fact contrasted with some large shopping centers which had closed the gates manned by security guards.

Various anti-war, anti-bomb and appeal-to-fight slogans were projected onto the buildings along the streets.

The procession then, between several stops, arrived at the Leonardo factory which is located in the heart of Guadagna, militarized with a more than massive police presence inside and with helicopters simultaneously controlling the procession from above throughout the entire route. A denunciation action in front of the gates of the factory whose entrance was stained red as a symbol of the blood of all the victims massacred by the weapons of the murderous masters while a writing with the word ASSASSINS was projected onto the Leonardo sign.

The Slai Cobas SC workers, passing in front of the factory, shouted "what freedom, what democracy, this is a police state" Then the procession resumed its route, crossing the neighborhood in reverse, with many people on the balconies of the buildings taking photos and videos to arrive again at the concentration site where there were some final speeches including that of the proletari comunisti-Partito Comunista maoista comrade.

A step forward in the fight against the imperialist war which must be strengthened and extended, but understanding must certainly advance on the need to fight against the imperialism of our homeland, today represented by the Meloni government, on which the denunciation in this march it wasn't enough.

Thus it is also necessary to clarify that if building unity of action and struggle against the worsening of the imperialist war in the world is urgent and cannot be postponed, this however does not mean uniting generically and uncritically with everyone and the opposite of everything: the tolerated presence in this procession of some red-brown characters with boorish sovereignist positions and supporters of Russian imperialism, which only the fellow proletari comunisti have strongly contested, that is not acceptable.

- Translation of "Migliaia in corteo alla manifestazione alla base militare di Ghedi - Report a cura di proletari comunisti"

See the link for pictures:

Thousands in the demonstration against Ghedi military base - Report from Proletari Comunisti".

The day of struggle against the war on Saturday 21 October saw a good participation from a numerical point of view in the demonstration at the Ghedi base, in particular of the workers organized by Sicobas, some delegations of base unions Sgb and Usb and Slai Cobas for the class union, a sign of a battle that can and must advance within the workplaces and factories, but also in the coherent realities of the anti-war movement which were present in a limited way with some pacifist realities in the area leading the march and with a part of more visible anti-militarist anarchists.

We brought and represented in the demonstration the proletarian and communist class, anti-imperialist and internationalist positions, embodying the unitary slogan of convocation Let's unite our forces against their wars, against Meloni's government of the masters... Solidarity was strong and heartfelt throughout the demonstration to Palestine and the resistance of the masses and which was marked from beginning to end, (even if on this, in particular in the TIR/si cobas segment, the voice against the fascist and Nazi-Zionist state of Israel and the complicit Italian imperialist government....)

The delegation of Proletari Comunisti and a representation of logistics warehouse workers tried to do their part in every phase of the demonstration to represent the link between the fight against the imperialist war and the support for the popular and liberation wars, from Palestine to India, passing through the central issue for both aspects which is the fight against our imperialism, the role of our imperialist state, today represented by the modern fascist Meloni government….

From the beginning of the concentration, the signs and posters, focused on the imperialist war that can only be stopped if the people's war advances and on the support of the Palestinian resistance to stop the terrorist genocide of Israel, posted and distributed around 300 copies, attracted the proletarians and workers even with short spikes, including the presence of very young boys and girls who contributed with slogans throughout the procession to incessant support for Palestine until victory to try to unite the entire procession around this slogan.

There was no shortage of interventions with the megaphone at various times, particularly in the streets of the town of Ghedi, focusing on the national day of struggle on 21 October against the war and the bases that united on this day from Ghedi to Coltano, from Palermo to Taranto, and the link with the Palestinian struggle which also indicates the need to raise the level of class warfare in Italy too.

Without justice, no peace against the conditions of exploitation and the attack on the living and working conditions of the proletarians requires a new resistance of the oppressed against the oppressors.

Our very concise final speech (which was somewhat opposed until the end by some of the organizers) summarizes what was said above and the meaning that we wanted to bring to this day and demonstration: to strengthen the conscience of proletarians and workers in struggle of the need to raise the level of conflict to effectively oppose the war of the oppressed to the war of the oppressors.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Ireland: Anti-imperialist solidarity to the Palestinian national resistance

Ireland: Anti-imperialist solidarity to the Palestinian national resistance

Featured image: block of Anti-imperialist Action Ireland in the demonstration in Dublin. Source: @AIAIreland on X

In Ireland, large demonstrations have unfolded in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people. Activists have also carried out other actions, such as distributing leaflets and putting up the Palestinian flag. Also an issue on Palestine was published in the magazine An Phoblacht Abú. We have reported on earlier actions, such as the demonstration on the 10th of October, here.

On the 11th of October demonstrators marched in Dublin, forming a blockade at the O’Connolly Street Bridge.

On the 14th of October a big demonstration marched through the main street in Dublin, O’Connolly Street, to the embassy of Israel. Speeches were made for example to call to expel the Israeli ambassador. More demonstrations have been called for on the upcoming Saturdays, and thus also on the 21st of October, tens of thousands marched in Dublin in solidarity with the struggle in Palestine. Demonstrations were also held in other cities such as Ennis, Cork, Carlow, Limerick and Galway.

In Keady, Armagh, which is under the British occupation, Republican activists put up Palestinian flags around the town. Source: @AIAIreland on X

Activists distributed flyers in front of a Tesco supermarket, calling to boycott Israeli products. Source: @AIAIreland on X

Posters have been distributed around Dublin city centre. Source: @AIAIreland on X


Italy - against imperialism/zionism/ against Italian imperialism / militaries bases NATO/Italy in solidarity with palestinian armed resistance - PCm Italy info

22 ottobre - Contro la guerra imperialista a Palermo il 21 ottobre nel cuore dei quartieri proletari e popolari, contro i padroni assassini al servizio della guerra/Leonardo

Centinaia di manifestanti ieri, 21 ottobre, giornata nazionale di mobilitazione contro la guerra imperialista, le basi militari, le fabbriche del profitto di guerra, al corteo promosso dal movimento No Muos in unità e collegamento con la altre manifestazioni a Ghedi, Pisa, Taranto, che ha attraversato le vie dei quartieri proletari e popolari Oreto-Guadagna di Palermo per protestare in questo caso anche contro la presenza, nel quartiere Guadagna, della fabbrica di morte Leonardo, fabbrica di alta tecnologia per sistemi/dispositivi bellici e spaziali nelle mani dello Stato italiano!
Al concentramento abbiamo diffuso il volantino e diverse copie della controinformazione rossoperaia, presenti sindacati di base come l'USB, il Cobas Confederazione, la Cub e lo Slai Cobas sc con una delegazione di lavoratori e lavoratrici che già nella giornata precedente del 20 avevano portato nello sciopero un forte messaggio contro la guerra imperialista, così diverse realtà politiche e sociali, i giovani del Fgc...
Alcuni pacifisti hanno contestato la parola d'ordine del nostro striscione dicendo che sarebbe assurdo rispondere alla guerra imperialista con la guerra del popolo, abbiamo solo detto "i palestinesi, i curdi, i popoli oppressi come in India che dovrebbero fare allora subire e aspettare bellamente che il "confronto/dialogo" tra gli Stati imperialisti che sono i fautori della guerra al servizio del Capitale li liberino?",

I popoli in rivolta scrivono la storia No Muos fino alla vittoria

Il proletariato non ha nazione internazionalismo Rivoluzione 

Governo Meloni, governo della guerra e dei padroni

La guerra imperialista si può fermare solo se avanza la guerra popolare

Forte e costante solidarietà  dall'inizio alla fine del corteo al popolo Palestinese che resiste e lotta contro contro lo stato di Israele nazisionista

pc 22 ottobre - Migliaia in corteo alla manifestazione alla base militare di Ghedi - Report a cura di proletari comunisti

La giornata di lotta contro la guerra di sabato 21 ottobre ha visto nella manifestazione alla base di Ghedi una buona partecipazione dal punto di vista numerico, in particolare dei lavoratori organizzati dal Sicobas, alcune delegazioni di sindacati di base Sgb e Usb e Slai Cobas per il sindacato di classe, segno di una battaglia che può e deve avanzare all’interno dei posti di lavoro e nelle fabbriche, ma anche nelle realtà coerenti del movimento contro la guerra che erano presenti in maniera ridotta con alcune realtà pacifiste della zona che aprivano il corteo e con una parte di anarchici antimilitaristi più visibili.

Abbiamo portato e rappresentato nella manifestazione le posizioni proletarie e comuniste  di classe, antimperialiste, internazionaliste  incarnando lo slogan unitario di convocazione  Uniamo le nostre forze contro le loro guerre,  contro Meloni governo dei padroni……Forte e sentita è stata per tutta la manifestazione la solidarietà alla Palestina e alla resistenza delle masse e che è stata scandita dall’inizio alla fine,  (anche se su questo, in particolare nello spezzone TIR/si cobas, non si è sentita la voce contro lo stato fascista e nazi-sionista di Israele e il governo imperialista italiano complice….)

La delegazione di proletari comunisti e di una rappresentanza di operai dei magazzini della  logistica ha cercato di fare la sua parte in ogni fase della manifestazione per rappresentare il legame  tra la lotta contro la guerra imperialista e il sostegno alle guerre popolari e di liberazione, dalla Palestina all’India, passando per la questione centrale per entrambi gli aspetti che è la lotta al nostro imperialismo, al ruolo del nostro stato imperialista, oggi rappresentato dal governo moderno fascista Meloni….

Sin dall’inizio al concentramento i cartelli e le locandine,  incentrate sulla guerra imperialista si può fermare solo se avanza la guerra popolare e al sostegno della resistenza palestinese per fermare il genocidio terrorista di Israele, affisse e diffuse circa 300 copie, hanno attirato i proletari e lavoratori anche con brevi spikeraggi, tra cui la presenza anche di ragazzi e ragazze giovanissimi che hanno contribuito con slogan per tutto il corteo ad un incessante sostegno alla Palestina fino alla vittoria per cercare di unire tutto il corteo su questa parola d’ordine.
Non sono mancati in vari momenti in particolare per le vie del paese di Ghedi nostri interventi con il megafono incentrati sulla giornata nazionale di lotta del 21 ottobre contro la guerra e le basi che univa in questo giorno da Ghedi a Coltano, da Palermo a Taranto, e il legame con la lotta della Palestina che indica anche  la necessità di alzare il livello della guerra di classe  anche in Italia.

Senza giustizia nessuna pace contro le condizioni di sfruttamento e l’attacco alle condizioni di vita e di lavoro dei proletari serve una nuova resistenza degli oppressi contro gli oppressori.

Il nostro intervento finale molto sintetico (che è stato qualche modo osteggiato fino alla fine da una parte degli organizzator) riassume quanto detto sopra e il senso che abbiamo voluto portare all’interno di questa giornata e manifestazione: :rafforzare la coscienza di proletari e operai in lotta della necessità di alzare il livello dello scontro per opporre effettivamente la guerra degli oppressi alla guerra degli oppressori.

demostrations in Tunisi against Israel/macron visit -info

  proletari comunisti - Italy

Dalla Tunisia per la Palestina - corrispondenza e aggiornamenti

Macron in Israele, protesta all'ambasciata francese, 

nuove azioni previste per tutta la settimana

In occasione della visita di Macron in Israele, il Coordinamento per l'Azione Congiunta per la Palestina in Tunisia ha lanciato seduta stante un nuovo sit-in davanti l'Ambasciata francese in Tunisia nell'Avenue Bourghiba che ha raccolto la partecipazione di un centinaio di solidali nonostante i tempi brevi della convocazione.

Il Coordinamento ha inoltre reso noto un programma di mobilitazioni per questa settimana:

- nel pomeriggio di oggi 25 ottobre ancora una volta davanti l'ambasciata francese con la domanda al governo tunisino di espellere l'ambasciatore francese.

- Giovedì 26 ottobre sit-in davanti il Ministero degli Affari Esteri per chiedere l'espulsione degli ambasciatori dei paesi che sostengono l'aggressione israeliana.

- Manifestazione davanti al Parlamento per chiedere una procedura d'approvazione accelerata della legge contro la normalizzazione dei rapporti a qualsiasi livello con Israele; data da definire (il parlamento già riunito in seduta plenaria ha annunciato ieri di aver concluso l'elaborazione del progetto di legge).

- Domenica 29 ottobre sit-in davanti l'ambasciata statunitense con la rivendicazione di espulsione dell'ambasciatore statunitense.

Intanto nel principale centro culturale del paese, la Città della Cultura a Tunisi, è stato reso noto un programma di proiezioni di film e documentari palestinesi, la Settimana del Cinema Palestinese, dal 31 ottobre al 5 novembre con la presenza di alcuni dei registi che parteciperanno a dibattiti e letture collettive.

Seguiranno aggiornamenti.


Wednesday, October 25, 2023

on Palestine - Statement COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) Central Committee -

Central Committee

18fh October, 2023

Hail the unprecedented attack by HAMAS, the inevitable result of lsrael's occupation and aspirations of Palestine liberation movement!
Stop continuous brutal aerial attacks on Gaza by Israel, the puppet settler state of US lmperialism!
Severely condemn the Pro-Israel stand of Modi's brahmanical hindutva fascist Indian Government!

The CC of the CPI (Maoist) hails the 7fh October's unprecedented rocket attacks on Israel by
HAMAS, the inevitable result of the Israel's occupation of Palestine and aspirations of Palestine people for
their Iiberation.
In the pretense of HAMAS's attack, Notorious Israel Defense Forces (IDF) seized Gaza from all sides
and cut down food, electricity, fuel and even medicine supplies resulting into a severe humanitarian crisis.
Continuous aerial attacks are being carried out on Gaza since 7th October in which thousands of people
have been killed and many more thousands maimed. A million people were already driven from their
homes. As per the reports coming out, Israel is planning for an ever big offensive on Palestine people. Our
party severely condemns and demands to stop the brutal aerial attacks on Gaza since Iast three days by
Israel, the puppet settler state and an outpost of US Imperialism in Middle East.
The US imperialism not only condemned the HAMAS's attack as terrorist one, on 7fh October itself
but also immediately announced military aid and within no time started sending weapons, other military
equipment to Israel, its vicious attack dog. US, UK, Germany and Italy came out with a joint statement in
support of Israel. This heinous act of imperialists must be condemned from every possible corner of the
Indian Prime Minister Modi following his Imperialist Masters especially US, shamelessly expressed
solidarity towards Israel. We oppose strongly the Modi's brahmanical hindutva fascist Indian Government's pro-Israel attitude.

Our Party opines that the US Imperialism and Zionist Israel state are responsible for the present
unjust war by Israel and just resistance by HAMAS which resulting in the loss of lives of people on both
sides but heavy casualties to Palestinian people and destruction. Israel should immediately stop attacks on
Gaza and get the hostages released safely by HAMAS.
It's well known to the world that the state of Israel was settled by Imperialists especially by US and
UK to serve their interests in 1948 in the pretext of establishing a homeland for Jews in Palestine. This is
also recognized by UN (United Nations Organization) also which is under control of US and its allies. Since then there was no real peace for Palestinians. Israel is engaged in wars with Arabs and continuously
occupying Palestine territories till now. Palestinians have been waging struggle with Israelis since then for
their liberation under different banners and leadership forces right from the representatives of Ieft to
lslamic forces, feudal forces and national bourgeoisie. They suffered setbacks, Ieadership betrayals, but
picked themselves up, then fighting again.
It's crystal clear that genuine justice and peace for Palestinians will be possible only when the state
of Israel is destroyed and the one and only country Palestine, the democratic secular Palestine is
established where all the Palestinian people including Jews could Iive together with equal rights and enjoy
true Iiberation. As Israel is the key outpost of US imperialism in the Middle East and doesn't represent
"home for the Jews", this will not be possible until imperialism has been overthrown.

 For this, revolutionary masses of Palestine have to wage protracted peoples' war under the leadership of its vanguard of working class guided by the science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Though it seems to be
unrealistic today, in the era of imperialism and proletarian revolution, a day will come when the Palestine
people's struggle for liberation will surely achieve this goal.

Our Party reaffirms the unwavering support to the just cause of Palestine peoples' Iiberation

Our CC calls upon all the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties, Left forces, democratic and
progressive organizations and people, Oppressed nationalities all over the world to stand firm in support of Palestine peoples' Iiberation movement. 

Our CC also calls on the above all to unite and defeat Imperialism and all its Iackeys so that all the oppression and exploitation can be uprooted and the goal of establishing Socialism-Communism can be achieved.

Central Committee


Exterminate the occupying Israeli State and its fascist ruling-class - Free Palestine - from /Bangladesh

maoistroad publica todos las declaraciones de las fuerzas comunistas, revolucionarias, antimperialistas que supportan la lucha armada de liberacion del pueblo palestino


Form an unified resistance among the masses, including the Muslims and the Jews, in order to establish a unified, secular Palestinian state free from imperialism


The Zionist fascist state of Israel has been formed with the help of imperialist powers, particularly American imperialism, by exterminating the Palestinian population for the past 75 years. This state has been functioning as the lackey for American imperialism in the Middle East. An extended form of the constant inhumane oppression and torture infected upon the Palestinians has just started since October 7. They have started a genocide upon the Palestinian people, especially women and children, under the pretext of a surprise attack carried out by the Islamist organization Hamas in which around 1500 civilians and a few military personnel’s were killed. Israel has shut off electricity and food and water supply; put Gaza under siege with a huge military force, and instructed the 1.1 million people of northern Gaza to move south. They have completed the preparation needed to carry out a complete military exhibition in Gaza in the name of decimating the politico-militant power of Hamas. This is supported and helped militarily by the Western imperialist powers, including the US.


The hardships of the Palestinians have been increasing day by day for the past 75 years. But at the same time, they have indulged in the fight to reclaim their land and establish their rights and a liberated Palestine. They have formed a few democratic and progressive revolutionary organizations from the very start. Moreover, a portion of the Islamic countries in the middle-east had joined the fight against the inhumane, indiscriminate, and anti-Muslim expansionism by fighting a few wars for the Palestinian cause. But they were defeated due to the unprecedented and direct military support from the US. Consequently, the struggle for Palestinian liberation found itself cornered since the early 80s.

Israeli killings of nearly 2,000 Palestinian children are war crimes and warrant international condemnation

National Democratic Front of the Philippines

International Information Office

24 October 2023
Coni Ledesma
Head, NDFP Special Office for the Protection of Children

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Special Office for the Protection of Children (SOPC) strongly condemns Israel’s relentless bombing campaign in Gaza that has killed nearly 2,000 Palestinian children. The US-backed indiscriminate airstrikes launched by the Zionist Israeli regime is tantamount to genocidal war crimes and warrant the condemnation of the international community.

By continuing to provide military aid and political support, the US further emboldens Israel as its key asset in a regional proxy war meant to consolidate US control over oil resources in the Middle East. This US imperialist agenda comes with the horrendous cost of the lives of thousands of Palestinian children killed. While we hold the Zionist Netanyahu regime responsible for these war crimes, the US must equally be held accountable for its conflict-goading and warmongering in the region.

The SOPC likewise condemns Marcos Jr’s “terrorist designation” of Hamas in its desperate bootlicking to curry favor from his imperialist master. Marcos Jr holds no moral ascendancy to call the Palestinian armed resistance “terrorist” especially considering its bloody record of state terror against the Filipino people. Akin to the national democratic revolution being waged by the New People’s Army in the Philippine countryside, the Palestinian struggle for liberation, self-determination and freedom from US-Israeli military occupation can never be considered an act of terrorism.

We stand with the Palestinian people and recognize their right to bear arms and wage armed resistance in the context of a long history of fascist military occupation and especially in the face of genocidal offensives launched by US-backed Israeli forces. We enjoin the international community to denounce Israel’s child-killing spree and demand the protection of children’s rights consistent with the rules of war and international humanitarian law.