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Press Release by Communist Party Of India (MAOIST) Central Committee

Press Statement by CPI (Maoist)
Observe Protest Week between 25 and 31 January 2019 against the ‘Samadhan’ counter-revolutionary offensive!
Make successful the daylong Bharat Bandh on 31 January 2019!
Unite to fight and defeat the Brahmanical Hindu-fascist forces by using all means and forms of struggle 
Modi government had announced the launching of ‘Samadhan’ counter-revolutionary plan in a meeting chaired by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on 8 May last year in the presence of Chief Ministers, top bureaucrats, police, paramilitary and intelligence officers of the ‘Maoist-affected’ states of the country. This plan was launched in the wake of a number of counter-offensive actions carried out by the PLGA with the participation of the masses, particularly after the Burkapal attack of 24 April in Sukma district of Chhattisgarh that year against Operation Green Hunt (OGH).
August 2009 by the Congress-led UPA government and the beginning of a new and more aggressive counterrevolutionary campaign under the present dispensation of BJP-led NDA government. Be it the failed OGH or the ongoing ‘Samadhan’ plan, both are conducted by India’s feudal-comprador ruling classes under the guidance of the imperialists – particularly US imperialism – with the aim of completely wiping out the revolutionary movement in the country. OGH, which was conducted in three phases, failed due to the united resistance of the guerrilla army, revolutionary people’s committees, revolutionary mass organisations and the revolutionary masses led by CPI(Maoist) with the support of the country’s democratic forces and the solidarity of the international proletarian, democratic and people’s forces. The failure of OGH is a great victory for the united people’s resistance against the reactionary ruling classes.
Failing to uproot the Maoist movement through OGH even after more than eight years of cruel war on people, the Brahmanical Hindu-fascist forces led by Modi-Shah-Bhagwat ruling clique has been running ‘Samadhan’ campaign for the last one and a half years in a fascist manner. It is being conducted not only in the rural areas under our Guerrilla Zones and Red Resistance Areas but also in the urban areas under the garb of crushing ‘urban Naxals’. While OGH was an undeclared war on people, ‘Samadhan’ is a declared war not only against the Maoist revolutionary movement but also against all the democratic, progressive and patriotic movements, organisations and individuals representing the exploited and oppressed people of the country.
‘Samadhan’ offensive is in continuation of the campaigns and operations that have been launched by the Indian ruling classes on the country’s revolutionary movement, be it Operation Manthan in the 1980, Jan Jagran Abhiyan 1 (1991-92) and 2 (1997-98), Salwa Judum (2005-2009), Sendra, etc. The revolutionary camp also had to confront and defeat state-sponsored terrorist gangs like Ranveer Sena, Shanti Committee, Harmad Bahini, Bhairab Bahini, TPC, JPC, PLFI, etc. in the course of sustaining and advancing the revolutionary movement. Among the past counter-revolutionary operations, OGH and ‘Samadhan’ have been long-term campaigns with the direct participation of the state, while others were short-term state-sponsored operations in which ruling-class elements such as feudal forces, reactionaries, bad gentry, etc. were kept at the forefront. If we look at the history of these counter-revolutionary campaigns, it becomes apparent that their duration is becoming more prolonged and the method of their execution more aggressive, cruel and fascist.
The last one and a half year of ‘Samadhan’ offensive has shown that it is the most far-reaching, cruellest and most aggressive of all campaigns which aims at eliminating the Maoist and all militant people’s movements by the year 2022. Within the overall rubric of ‘Samadhan’, the central and state governments are conducting fascist counter-guerrilla operations like ‘Prahar’-1, 2, 3 and 4, ‘Operation Monsoon’, etc. targeting the revolutionary forces. As a part of ‘Samadhan’, the mercenary government forces are carrying out genocide through massacres like Kalleda, Pujari Kanker, Aipeta, Kasanur-Tumirgunda, Timmem, Nulkatong up to the recent Sakiler killings. All kinds of fascist attacks including fake encounters, large-scale arrests, forcible detention, razing down of houses, mass rape, destruction and loot of people’s property are being carried out in an aggressive manner. With this, they are spreading a reign of white terror in large swathes of the country where the Maoist and other militant people’s movements are active To aid this campaign, the government is increasing the deployment of its armed forces including the air force for anti-Maoist operations, upgrading weapons and other war material for its forces, using latest techniques of communication, surveillance, intelligence gathering, counter-revolutionary propaganda, etc. in order to accomplish the objectives of ‘Samadhan’ in the next four-five years. Along with armed repression in the rural areas, it is launching an offensive targeting the revolutionary and democratic forces in urban areas in the name of curbing ‘urban Naxals’, and have already arrested or sentenced several well-known social activists, public intellectuals, academics, lawyers, journalists, students and others criticising the government’s war on people. Even unarmed, peaceful and legal struggles of the masses like peasants’ struggles, Patthalgadi, anti-displacement struggles, anti-mining movements, struggles for the implementation of the Fifth Schedule, etc. are not being tolerated and persecuted with armed might of the state. We must locate the latest ruling-class offensive on the people’s movements in the name of
‘Samadhan’ as an integral part of the all-round Brahmanical Hindu-fascist assault on all classes, sections and people of the country and in pursuance of the Hindutva agenda of transforming the country into a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ by 2022 under the signboard of ‘New India’. Fascination of the state and the society is the method the Indian ruling classes backed by the imperialists have chosen to overcome the grave economic and political crises besetting them as well as the capitalist world system at present.
The ruling classes throughout the world are resorting to fascism and depending on the fascist forces to crush the growing disaffection and resistance among the masses against their anti-people policies. The regressive Hindutva forces led by Modi-Shah-Bhagawat clique ruling the country too are a part of this. To divert the attention of the masses from the real and burning issues faced by the vast majority of the people like poverty, hunger, unemployment, lack of basic facilities like medicines, education, drinking and irrigation water, shelter, skyrocketing price rise, agrarian crisis, atrocities on Dalits, Adivasis, Muslims and women, etc., these forces are bringing to the fore irrelevant and contentious issues like Ram temple, triple talaq, etc. They are presenting Muslims, ‘Islamic terrorists’, Maoists, Pakistan, etc. as threats to the country. Whipping up rabid ultra-nationalism, pseudo-patriotism, warmongering and communal passion, the saffron-terrorists are trying to secure their hold over state power and crush all forms of opposition including parliamentary opposition. In this way, they are trying to further strengthen and consolidate the dictatorship of the ruling classes and imperialism over the country and its people.
It is the demand of our times that all the revolutionary, democratic, secular, progressive and patriotic forces of the country and all sections of the oppressed masses must come together today to squarely take on the challenge posed by the Brahmanical Hindu-fascist forces and their governments. We must unite and resolutely fight back the Hindutva offensive ideologically, politically, militarily and culturally and in all forms, including ‘Samadhan’ and ‘New India’! We must resist and defeat the saffron fascists on all fronts by intensifying the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal and anti-fascist people’s struggles throughout the country. It is with this objective that our Party is calling upon the entire revolutionary-democratic camp and the vast masses of the country to successfully observe a week of protest against ‘Samadhan’ offensive of the ruling classes and the Hindutva ruling-clique from 25 to 31 January 2019 and to observe Bharat Bandh on 31 January 2019. We call upon the rank and file of the Party, PLGA, revolutionary mass organisations and organs of people’s democratic power to take up various programmes by involving the masses to make successful the Protest Week and the day-long Bandh. Let us unite to resolutely resist and smash the ‘Samadhan’ assault just as the united people had done with Jan Jagaran, Salwa Judum, Sendra, OGH and other fascist ruling-class offensives in the past!
2 December 2018
Central Committee
CPI (Maoist)

PHILIPPINES: On the Brutal Murder of NDFP Consultant Felix Randy Malayao

We, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Negotiating Panel express our outrage and strongest condemnation on the brutal murder of Felix Randy Malayao, a publicly known consultant of the NDFP on political and constitutional reforms.
We condole with Ka Randy’s family, friends, comrades and colleagues as we give him our highest honor for his invaluable contributions to the revolutionary movement and the NDFP’s peace efforts.
He participated in the peace talks two years ago and was one of its spokespersons during the formal negotiations. He was an indefatigable worker in the service of the people and was ever ready to present the side of the NDFP in fora, seminars and consultations on the peace talks in the Philippines and overseas.
Ka Randy was a torture victim and a political prisoner for years under the Macapagal-Arroyo regime. He had been acquitted of all charges and was protected by the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantee (JASIG) as an NDFP peace consultant.
His killing may very well portent of worse moves against NDFP consultants for the peace talks many of whom, such as Vic Ladlad, Adel Silva and Rey Casambre, among others have already been arbitrarily arrested and slapped with trumped up charges.
From unilateral cancellation by the GRP to the flip-flopping statements of Duterte on the negotiations, the peace talks have been stalled as the Duterte government treads the path of all-out war and persistent attacks against the NDFP and its personnel for the peace negotiations.
Ka Randy’s brazen murder indicates an escalation of attacks against peace consultants and serves as a further serious obstacle to the resumption of the peace negotiations with the Duterte government.
The NDFP Negotiating Panel remains committed to the attainment of a just and last peace in the Philippines through peace negotiations. The militarist and terrorist government of Duterte, however, is hell-bent in sabotaging the pursuit for just peace as it intensifies attacks against the NDFP and enables brazen acts such as the murder of Ka Randy.
The heroes hall of the Philippine revolution welcomes Ka Randy. His martyrdom and his untiring work will always be remembered and inspire the struggle against tyranny and for a just peace.
Press Statement
NDFP Negotiating Panel
January 30, 2019

GOLPE IN VENEZUELA - Declaración del PC maoísta da Galiza.

¡Convertir la agresión imperialista en Guerra Popular!

A la Clase Obrera y al Pueblo Trabajador:
En Venezuela se viven momentos decisivos para el Golpe de Estado organizado por los imperialistas yankees y sus socios de la Unión Europea, que apuntan a una invasión coordinada de fuerzas yankees, colombianas, brasileñas, argentinas, con apoyo de mercenarios.  
Hasta el momento, las Fuerzas Armadas Nacional Bolivarianas se mantienen fieles al gobierno constitucional  venezolano. A pesar de que es evidente, que la compra de voluntades, en millones de dólares, ha sido una practica habitual de los planes desestabilizadores del imperialismo yankee previos a cualquier agresión.
El payaso de Guaidó está tratando de que le transfieran a su mandato activos venezolanos en el exterior. 
La actitud de los imperialistas ingleses y de la UE, incluido el estado español los hace cómplices activos de esta agresión, que tiene como objeto, al igual que en Libia, el saqueo de las riquezas naturales del país.
Esta aguda lucha entre la burguesía compradora, lacayo de los yankees y la burguesía burocrática representada por el gobierno bolivariano, con el apoyo de amplios sectores populares, conduce a una inminente guerra civil, con intervención extranjera, no solo del imperialismo yankee, convirtiendo la tierra de Bolívar en escenario, de una nueva guerra interpuesta de las grandes potencias, en su lucha por el reparto de las riquezas del mundo.
Los comunistas sabemos, que la guerra civil es una manifestación abierta de la lucha de clases, un escenario siempre potencialmente revolucionario, en el que las fuerzas populares guiadas por el partido del proletariado pueden convertir la misma, en Guerra Popular Revolucionaria, con la creación de un autentico Ejército Popular de Liberación y un sólido Frente Único con las fuerzas patrióticas opuestas a los invasores.

¡Esta es, la histórica tarea que tiene que asumir la vanguardia del proletariado, levantando en alto la gran bandera roja del marxismo-leninismo-maoísmo, para transformar la guerra de agresión en una guerra popular prolongada, capaz de luchar y vencer al imperialismo y otras fuerzas agresora, aplastando a la odiada y déspota burguesía criolla, lacayo histórico del imperialismo USA!

¡Una historia tarea para cumplir con los objetivos de la Revolución de Nueva Democracia, cara al autentico Socialismo, formando parte de la Gran Revolución Proletaria Mundial!

¡Que nadie se engañe, la hora de la confrontación ha llegado!

¡Los pueblos no quieren guerras, pero nos la imponen con agresiones y con la explotación de las masas populares, por un puñado de oligarcas!

¡Acabaremos con ellos, acabemos con las guerras!

¡Viva el marxismo-leninismo-maoísmo, principalmente maoísmo!

¡Guerra Popular es guerra de las masas!

Galiza, a 29 de enero del 2019

Comité de Construción do Partido Comunista maoísta da Galiza

INDIA - Health of imprisoned DU Professor G.N. Saibaba is seriously deteriorating (Avani News)

HealthAccording to court order I met Sai last on 26th December 2018 with his brother Ramdev, when he was taken to the Nagpur Government Medical College Hospital (GMCH). Usually, I see Sai through the barred glass panes of the mulakat window. I saw him after a long time in flesh, and I realized his condition was worse than I realized. His mobility is almost non-existent, he cannot move himself at all or with great difficulty. His hands are shivering uncontrollably and he has lost a lot of weight. The health condition of Saibaba is much worst. Previously he could able shift him from chair to cot and back. Now the situation is so critical that at least two people have to lift him from the wheelchair on to the cot. My brother-in-law and one police personal physically lifted him many times during the tests on 26th Dec 2018. The entire process was video recorded by three different videographers. I request you to get a full and original (not edited) copy of the video in which one can see (including Honourable Judges) the pity of Dr. Saibaba. He had to be physically picked up by helpers and placed on the bed from the wheelchair and back again. He is unable to move out the wheelchair by himself as he previously used to do. According to the court order for the second opinion of the family doctors, the court ordered for the visit of doctors to GMCH and was allowed to perform tests in the presence of the government hospital and give a diagnostic report based on the results of the tests. Dr Gopinath, a cardiologist, conducted these tests. On 26th Dec 2018, the time given by the court (from 11 AM to 3.30 PM ) was hardly sufficient to make examinations and tests only by one doctor i.e Dr. Gopinath. If all three doctors were present, then it is impossible to complete the examinations.
Iʹve attached the said report to this post. Saibaba has developed numerous other problems in jail, apart from, as the prosecution maintains, his gall bladder stones. They are only willing to conduct surgery for the removal of the gall bladder stones, burying all the other serious health problems that plague him.
Sai is suffering with 19 health problems. Saiʹs problems include a mysterious lump on his left side, cyst in the brain, life-threatening heart problem, stones in kidneys, urinary infection, and many more. Left hand shoulder nerves further damaged and continuous shooting pain increased. Doctors advise for a regular physiotherapy. He needs comprehensive medical treatment, everyday physical and occupational therapy and continuous looking-after by the family. Several of the tests recommended by the doctors of the government hospital itself are not available in GMCH and thus it was recommended that to a Higher Super Speciality Hospital. The worst thing in the cell is that it is open and exposed to cold. He has been facing worst attacks of cold. His legs are freezing because of the icy cold and cramps in legs and hands are killing him. Inside cell the temperature is further less so he is facing the worst. His left handʹs damaged muscles have got frozen. HOD of Neurology wrote on the medical record left shoulder is frozen and ordered for immediate therapies. He needs regular physiotherapy. Without family members help he may not able to do physiotherapy. The pain is worst. He is living in a dangerous edge of life. He canʹt bear pain more.
On 24th January 2019, the Defenseʹs final arguments concluded. The next hearing, consisting of the Stateʹs final arguments is on 11th February 2019. It has been almost 2 years since Saiʹs conviction and 11 months since we applied for medical bail. The process has been dragged on and meanwhile, his medical condition has become severe. He is falling unconscious frequently, he is so weak unable to write and he cannot consume solid food properly. As a 90% disabled person, his rights are in severe violation. Dr. Saibaba is in a narrow passage, struggling between life and death. I hope that the honourable court upholds his basic human rights and his rights as a disabled person and grants him medical bail by the next hearing, otherwise it would be very difficult for him to survive.

A.S. Vasantha Kumari (wife of professor saibaba), 27th Jan 2019

Erfolgreiche internationale Aktionswoche in Österreich

em internationalen Aktionsaufruf folgend, hat es in den vergangenen Tagen verschiedene Aktionen zur Unterstützung der Internationalen Kampagne in Solidarität mit dem Volkskrieg in Indien gegeben. Unter Beteiligung neuer Kräfte wurden u.a. Plakatierungs-, Flugblatt- und Transpiaktionen sowie eine Veranstaltung durchgeführt.
In Österreich legte die Kampagne einen besonderen Schwerpunkt auf den Dienst des Kampfes für die Freiheit und Rechte der demokratischen und revolutionären Aktivisten. Fotos die Aktionen in unterschiedlichen Städten dokumentieren zeigen so etwa das Konterfei des inhaftierten Professors G.N. Saibaba und Slogans wie „Freiheit für alle politischen Gefangenen!“, „Anerkennung der Kriegsgefangenen!“ und „Stoppt die Operation Green Hunt!“.
An die erfolgreiche Buchpräsentation über die Operation Green Hunt im November anknüpfend wurde darüber hinaus auch in dieser Kampagne erneut die Frage der Repression gegen die Völker in Indien und insbesondere die Revolutionäre mit einer Infoveranstaltung in den Vordergrund gerückt. Die nächsten Veranstaltungen im Februar und März zur Koloniestatus Indiens und zum Volkskrieg der Kommunistischen Partei Indiens (Maoistisch) stehen bereits fest.
Neben den Plakaten und Infoveranstaltungen, agitierten revolutionäre auch mit Slogans und Transparenten auf den Straßen Österreichs unter großem Zuspruch der Umstehenden.

AT India 1
AT India 1
AT India 1
AT India 1

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

India - info - Maoists damage Essar Steel’s iron ore slurry pipeline in Malkangiri

It was reported that a group of armed Maoists damaged a portion of an iron ore slurry pipeline of the Essar Steel near Digha Janbai village in Ralegada panchayat in the cut-off areas of Chitrakonda block in Odisha’s Malkangiri district late on Sunday. According to sources, a group of armed Maoists barged into the village near the plant and damaged the pipeline at some place using crowbars and hacksaw blades. Following the inicident, work in the plant had to be stopped as it affected the supply of iron ore slurry to Visakhapantam via Chhattisgarh.
The maoists had damaged the pipeline of the Essar Steel twice earlier. Members of the CPI (Maoist) had damaged Essar Steel’s 273-km iron ore slurry pipeline from Dantewada in Chhattisgarh to Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh near Odisha-Andhra border. The pipeline is critical for Essar’s Visakhapatnam steel plant, bringing 22,000 tonnes of iron ore daily from state miner NMDC’s Bailadila mines in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh to the plant with annual capacity of eight million tonnes.

India - International week in Italy: many actions and activities

foto india bg
Meeting with workers in Bergamo
Meeting with comrades and youth in Ravenna
Meeting with workers and comrades in Palermo
Meeting with Alcerol/Mittal workers in Taranto

India: #FreeKoregaon9

In support of 's press conference on Tuesday, we have decided to postpone the twitter storm to Monday, Feb 4, 8 PM -10 PM. We stand in solidarity with independent media houses that have dedicated their time and resources to expose the same government which is imprisoning academics and activists under fabricated charges.

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Durante campanha de solidariedade à guerra popular na Índia, revolucionários e democratas italianos exigiram liberdade para o professor G.N. Saibaba e outros importantes presos políticos como Koba Ghandy.

Os revolucionários organizaram diversas atividades, como palestras e outros eventos onde foi denunciado a Operação Caçada Verde, a guerra e o genocídio que o velho Estado indiano trava contra as massas.

Também atendendo ao chamado de solidariedade internacional, revolucionários austríacos divulgaram o seguinte cartaz, exigindo liberdade para G.N Saibaba e exigindo o fim da Operação Caçada Verde.

Mais informações podem ser acessadas nos seguintes endereços: 

Messages internationaux d’Hommage au Camarade Pierre

International messages paying homage to Comrade Pierre

We relay here two international messages received on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of our Comrade Pierre, who come to us from the Maoist Communist Party (Italy) and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Revolutionary).
Dear friends,
We wish you all warm greetings to keep the memory of comrade Pierre, great Marxist-Leninist-Maoist comrade, an example of tenacity and consistency in every day of his revolutionary life.
A year after his death, the many messages of the revolutionary parties and organizations of all countries are still relevant.
Comrade Pierre was one of the few Maoists who, in Europe, after forging himself in the French storm of May-June 1968 and the years that followed his participation in the Proletarian Left, held up the red flag of the revolution in France, while many were engulfed in the general ebb of the movement. He continued to be linked to the proletariat and the popular masses of his country but also to the other revolutionary forces which in other European countries were confronted with similar contradictions of the class struggle.
Pierre went through the difficult 80s and 90s in France and in Europe in general, often alone or accompanied by some comrades by his side, but despite that, he never lost confidence in a red future, he founded the PCMF in the early 2000s in the heat of the class struggle and in close connection with the masses. We are more than ever close to the members of the PCM today.
During all these years, the PCMF, under the direction of comrade Pierre, was the only revolutionary party in France, always at the vanguard of the class struggle against the French imperialist monopoly bourgeoisie, going towards modern fascism, represented yesterday by Sarkozy, Hollande, etc. today by Macron;
the PCMF led by comrade Pierre was the only party in France, with other Maoists comrades in Europe, alongside the proletariat and the masses of the French suburbs in revolt in 2005 and the following years, while the Trotskyists, the MLs and the false revolutionaries wavered and judged above the class struggle what unfolded before their eyes.
With this revolutionary spirit, the PCMF led by Comrade Pierre struggled against reformism, the false communists and “cybermaoists” wanting only to publish proclamations on the Internet without ever getting their hands dirty in the class struggle.
Comrade Pierre and his indefatigable comrades went to universities, fought against attacks on labor law and organized a militant anti-fascism.
Comrade Pierre with his practice and his revolutionary line has trained the new generation of Maoist comrades who are now part of the PCM and who continue on this path.
Comrade Pierre and his indefatigable companions were at the gates of Renault, in the streets of the suburbs, alongside the undocumented migrants who came from Italy after a hard fight led by our party finally managed to reach France. From the beginning, fighting again for their rights, in both countries, they found the Maoists to organize and fight their fair fight!
These are facts and not slogans! All this is the incarnation of the construction of political parties in the heat of the class struggle and in close relationship with the masses.
The PCMF led by Comrade Pierre was an excellent example of an internationalist party for all Maoists in Europe.
Comrade Pierre has always supported the organization of the people’s wars and has become the promoter of support committees in his country. He was also one of the founders of the International Committee for Support of the People’s War in India, to which he contributed greatly creatively, participating in all his meetings until the last one last September, a few months before his death.
This was recalled in many messages the day after his death. Today, our message is not just a commemorative message, but a tribute to comrade Pierre and his Party. Comrade Pierre and all his revolutionary work we miss, and all that in Europe we miss so much. We therefore reaffirm the need to continue building what the comrade has already begun to build:
The battle for unity in Europe between the existing communist parties and under construction, undermined today by right-wing opportunism but also by new subjectivist deviations, which attempts to overthrow Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and deprive it of its role of the working class to build its revolutionary party under the fire of the class struggle and in close contact with the masses.
The battle for the affirmation of a real and practiced internationalism and not simply by propaganda for the people’s wars and in particular of the people’s war in India, we think in this respect that it is necessary to give the maximum support by giving new impetus to the existing committee by also developing self-criticism and unitary action among its promoters.
We must also take advantage of the revolutionary experience of Pierre in the Maoist organization in which he took part in the 70s: the Proletarian Left, we believe that this experience should be even better explored in the service of party building in Europe, in the wake of this path traced in part by the class struggle in our countries, it is possible to continue the path of the Revolution without applying easy subjective and mechanical recipes.
Comrade Pierre is alive and fighting with us!
Long live the PCM founded by Comrade Pierre!
Onward with the construction of political parties in Europe in the heat of the class struggle and in close relationship with the masses!
Let’s develop proletarian internationalism from the heart of the European imperialist countries to support the ongoing people’s wars!
PCm of Italy

Dear comrades,
Comrade Pierre was a sincere communist who devoted his life to revolution in France and to the cause of the world revolution led by the proletariat. He has always stood on the side of the revolutionaries during the storms of line fighting against opportunists and revisionists at home and abroad. We believe that the real tribute to Comrade Pierre will be to fulfill the tasks for which he fought during his lifetime.
The people’s war in Nepal has faced serious setbacks in the face of the collusion of reactionaries and traitors, capitulationists and neo-revisionist elements of the party. Nevertheless, our party is continuing to do the work of revolution that we had long set for ourselves. We are working hard to seriously prepare the New Democracy revolution in Nepal.
On this occasion, our party calls on all authentic Maoist parties and organizations in the world to reach a point of common understanding in order to forge their unity on the basis of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoism scientific ideology. It will be a real tribute to Comrade Pierre if we can fulfill this task.
Head of the International Department
Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist)

Nous relayons ici deux messages internationaux reçus à l’occasion de l’anniversaire du décès de notre Camarade Pierre, qui nous viennent du Parti Communiste maoïste (Italie) et du Parti Communiste du Népal (Révolutionnaire Maoïste).
Chers camarades,
Nous vous souhaitons à tous de chaleureuses salutations afin de garder le souvenir du camarade Pierre, grand camarade M-L-M, exemple de ténacité et de cohérence dans chaque jour de sa vie de révolutionnaire.
Un an après sa mort, les nombreux messages des partis et organisations révolutionnaires de tous les pays sont toujours d’actualité.
Le camarade Pierre était l’un des rares camarades maoïstes qui, en Europe, après s’être forgé dans la tourmente française de mai-juin 68 et les années qui ont suivi sa participation à la Gauche Proletarienne, a maintenu haut le drapeau rouge de la révolution en France, alors que beaucoup étaient engloutis dans le reflux général du mouvement. Il a continué à être lié au prolétariat et aux masses populaires de son pays mais aussi aux autres forces révolutionnaires qui dans d’autres pays européens ont été confrontées à des contradictions similaires de la lutte de classe.
Pierre a traversé les difficiles années 80 et 90 en France et en Europe en général, souvent seul ou accompagné de quelques camarades à ses côtés, mais malgré cela, il n’a jamais perdu la confiance en un avenir rouge, il a fondé le PCMF au début des années 2000 dans le feu de la lutte des classes et en lien étroit avec les masses. Nous sommes plus que jamais proches des membres du PCM aujourd’hui.
Pendant toutes ces années, le PCMF, sous la direction du camarade Pierre, a été le seul parti révolutionnaire en France, toujours à l’avant-garde de la lutte de classe contre la bourgeoisie monopoliste impérialiste française, allant vers le fascisme moderne, représenté hier par Sarkozy, Hollande, etc. aujourd’hui par Macron;
le PCmF dirigé par le camarade Pierre était le seul parti en France, avec d’autres camarades maoïstes en Europe, aux côtés du prolétariat et des masses populaires des banlieues françaises en révolte en 2005 et les années suivantes, tandis que les trotskistes, les ML et les faux révolutionnaires ont vacillé et jugé au-dessus de la lutte de classe ce qui s’est déroulé sous leurs yeux.
Avec cet esprit révolutionnaire, le PCMF dirigé par le camarade Pierre luttait contre le réformisme, les faux-communistes et les “cybermaoistes” ne voulant que publier des proclamations sur Internet sans jamais se salir les mains dans la lutte de classe.
Le camarade Pierre et ses infatigables camarades sont allés dans les universités, ont combattu les attaques contre le droit du travail et ont organisé un antifascisme militant.
Le camarade Pierre avec sa pratique et sa ligne révolutionnaire a formé la nouvelle génération de camarades maoïstes qui font aujourd’hui partie du PCM et qui continuent sur cette voie.
Le camarade Pierre et ses compagnons, infatigables, étaient aux portes de Renault, dans les rues des banlieues, aux côtés des sans-papiers qui venaient d’Italie après qu’une dure lutte menée par notre parti ait finalement réussi à arriver en France. Dés le début, en luttant à nouveau pour leurs droits, dans les deux pays, ils ont trouvé les maoïstes pour les organiser et mener leur juste combat!
Ce sont des faits et non des slogans! Tout cela est l’incarnation de la construction des partis politiques dans le feu de la lutte des classes et en étroite relation avec les masses.
Le PCMF dirigé par le camarade Pierre était un excellent exemple de parti internationaliste pour tous les maoïstes d’Europe.
Le camarade Pierre a toujours soutenu l’organisation des guerres populaires et est devenu le promoteur de comités de soutien dans son pays. Il a également été l’un des fondateurs du Comité international de soutien à la guerre populaire en Inde, auquel il a grandement contribué de façon créative, participant à toutes ses réunions jusqu’à la dernière en septembre dernier, quelques mois avant sa mort.
Cela a été rappelé dans de nombreux messages le lendemain de sa mort. Aujourd’hui, notre message n’est pas simplement un message commémoratif, mais un hommage au camarade Pierre et à son Parti. Le camarade Pierre et tout son travail révolutionnaire nous manquent, et tout cela en Europe nous manque tellement. Nous réaffirmons donc la nécessité de continuer à bâtir ce que le camarade a déjà commencé à construire:
La bataille pour l’unité en Europe entre les partis communistes existants et en construction, minée aujourd’hui par un opportunisme de droite mais aussi par de nouvelles déviations subjectivistes, qui tente de renverser le marxisme-léninisme-maoïsme et de le priver de son rôle d’arme la classe ouvrière à construire son parti révolutionnaire sous le feu de la lutte des classes et en liaison étroite avec les masses.
La bataille pour l’affirmation d’un internationalisme réel et pratiqué et non pas simplement par propagande en faveur de la guerre du peuple et en particulier de la guerre populaire en Inde, nous pensons à cet égard qu’il est nécessaire de donner le maximum de soutien en donnant une nouvelle impulsion au comité existant en développant également l’autocritique et l’action unitaire parmi ses promoteurs.
Il faut également tirer parti de l’expérience révolutionnaire de Pierre au sein de l’organisation maoïste dans laquelle il a pris part aux années 70: la Gauche Proletarienne, nous pensons que cette expérience devrait être encore mieux explorée au service de la construction de partis en Europe, dans la foulée de cette voie tracée en partie par la lutte de classe dans nos pays, il est possible de continuer le chemin de la Révolution sans appliquer des recettes faciles subjectives et mécaniques.
Le camarade Pierre est vivant et se bat avec nous!
Longue vie au PCM fondé par le camarade Pierre!
En avant dans la construction des partis politiques en Europe dans le feu de la lutte des classes et en étroite relation avec les masses!
Développons l’internationalisme prolétarien depuis le cœur des pays impérialistes européens pour soutenir les guerres populaires en cours!
PCm Italie

Chers camarades,
Le camarade Pierre était un communiste sincère qui a consacré sa vie pour faire la révolution en France et pour la cause de la révolution mondiale menée par le prolétariat. Il s’est toujours tenu du côté des révolutionnaires lors des tempêtes de luttes de lignes contre les opportunistes et les révisionnistes chez lui et à l’étranger. Nous pensons que le véritable hommage au camarade Pierre sera de remplir les tâches pour lesquelles il se battait de son vivant.
La guerre populaire secouant le monde au Népal a fait face à de sérieux revers face à la collusion de réactionnaires et de traîtres, de capitulants et d’éléments néo-révisionnistes du parti. Néanmoins, notre parti poursuit sa tâche pour accomplir le travail de révolution que nous nous étions fixés depuis longtemps. Nous travaillons fort pour préparer sérieusement la révolution de Nouvelle Démocratie au Népal.
A cette occasion, notre parti appelle tous les partis et organisations maoïstes authentiques du monde à atteindre un point de compréhension commun afin de forger leur unité sur la base de l’idéologie scientifique marxisme-léninisme-maoïsme. Ce sera un véritable hommage au Camarade Pierre si nous pouvons remplir cette tâche.
Chef du département international
Parti communiste du Népal (maoïste révolutionnaire)