Friday, January 11, 2019

6 - Meeting India - december - REVOLUTIONARY PRAXIS (BRITAIN)

Message of Solidarity to the Internationalist Meeting on India

The most advanced revolutionary struggle in the world today is being
waged in the vast subcontinent of India. The highest level of
revolutionary struggle, armed struggle, is being led in many parts of
the country by the Communist Party of India (Maoist). The growing
discontent of the workers and peasants of India has provoked the highly
reactionary response of the Bharatiya Janata Party Government which is
using very violent and oppresive methods to try to crush popular revolt.
This shows that the Indian ruling class fear the popular masses.

While having established some bases among the peasantry the CPI(M)
recognises the need to develop revolutionary consciousness among the
urban working class in India. Also the CPI(M) is demonstrating its
maturity as a revolutionary party by restructuring its leadership
cadres. We congratulate Comrade Basavaraju on becoming the new Party
General Secretary.

The bourgeois media pay little attention to revolutionary struggles in
India. An important task of the Maoists in different countries is to
widely publicise information about the achievements of our Indian
comrades. This is an essential part of raising popular political
consciousness among the working class in our different countries. If
this is achieved then we will be able to better organise effective
solidarity actions.

Solidarity with the people’s war in India must consist of more than mere
statements of support, e.g. more words on the internet. Real solidarity
should consist of various types of practical support. The Indian
comrades should be consulted as to which types of support they require.
These could include financial support, material supplies (e.g. medical),
specialized personnel and action against companies in imperialist
countries which are oppressing and exploiting people in India.

During Mao’s time when people visited China and asked what they could do
to help the Chinese revolution they were told to go back to their own
countries and make revolution there. The best way in which we can help
the Indian comrades is to intensify our efforts to found and build MLM
revolutionary movements wherever we are situated.



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