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5 - India Meeting - december - For Committee for Solidarity with the People’s War in India from Austria

Contribution to the meeting of the ICSPWI in December 2018 of the Committee for Solidarity with the People’s War in India from Austria.
Revolutionary salutes and greetings in solidarity from the Committee for Solidarity with the People’s War in India from Austria. We want to thank you for the invitation and the possibility of the speech. It is an important meeting because of our international duty to defend and to support the Communist Party of India (maoist), the People’s War and the struggling masses in India! Those which are struggling in an semi-feudal, semi-colonial and bureaucratic-capitalist country, against Hindu-fascism and imperialisms, for the New-Democratic Revolution within the storm-centers of the Proletarian World Revolution!
Especially today, we want to send our warmest international greetings to Comrade Ganapathy, who was not only leading the CPI (maoist) and the struggling masses since 1992, through a phase of cruel aggression of Hindu-fascism and imperialism, but especially played an important role in defining the struggle of the CPI (maoist) for the unified party, within the struggle against the right and the left aberrations, the struggle for the application of Marxismus-Leninismus-Maoismus. In that period of the party, with Comrade Ganapathy in the important position of the General Secretary, the CPI(maoist) gained important victories within the extension and consolidation of People’s War!
From Austria there is a continuously participation on the work of the International Committee to Support People’s War in India (ICSPWI) since about six years. In some of the international campaigns there was a very strong expression and a huge participation. That work showed very good results within the mass-movement, but mostly for the recognition of Maoism in Austria. It is our assessment that in the years between 2012 and 2015 there has been the greatest expression of the solidarity work of the ICSPWI, before it came to a downturn. That happened also in the solidarity work in Austria, which in the forthcoming year will be tackled again, to even more strongly cross the bloody fascist plans of the reaction to isolate and suffocate the People’s War!
Because of that we want to take the opportunity to firstly say something about the importance of the solidarity work with the People’s War in India, as well as for the support of the struggling comrades in India, as for the development and enforcement of Maoism in other countries. Secondly we are going to say some important and justified criticism in solidarity on the committee, to build up a prospective work with a strong basis. And thirdly we are going to make concrete proposals for common actions, but also for the prospective organization of the committee.
1. The activities of the committee are not only an abstract act of solidarity: On the one side it is, tackled correctly, an important support for the struggling comrades and masses in India and on the other side, if tackled correctly, it spread an important ideological seed. We experienced that for example within the development in Austria, in which the work of the committee definitely had important influence on the recognition of Maoism. For the revolutionaries in Austria the international solidarity with the People’s War in India has given important impulse in the struggle for Maoism!
Because of the weight of the People’s War in India, as one of the countries with the most population in the world, it is right to do specific work for the solidarity with the People’s War in India. The People’s War in India has a special potential within the struggle against the imperialist world system, because of that it takes a specific role for the revolutionaries of all countries!
2. We see that the solidarity work in each country, but also of the committee, has been much more active four years ago than today. That is shown even by short view. We have tried to figure out two problems which should be solved. With that we want to give criticism in solidarity and an impetus for the prospective work.
Firstly: We assess one problem that the tasks and goals, the purpose for the committee is in some parts not clearly defined. The committee does not compensate any initiatives of the international consolidation of communist parties. It is very important to be clear in that point, to solve discussions, debates and contradictions on the basis of solidarity work with the People’s War in India! The involvement with the revolutionary theory, with the positions of the Indian communists and revolutionaries has to serve on that matter to develop the solidarity work on a good level. For example the ILPS negated to support People’s War in India. We should be clear about our positions, how and why to support the Indian comrades! That is one main condition to – how I even said before – support the People’s War in India and spread the seed of Maoism.
In the last period in which the participation dropped, it is our opinion, that there was less struggle for orientation and substance for the work of the committee. Like the Hindu-fascists and imperialists in India with the method of “Hearts and Minds” are using very cruel methods to capture the people, we have to develop much more our work of solidarity, to capture the hearts and the minds of the people outside of India! That gives us the task to develop a many-sided work: Inside the masses, but also with the theoretical discussion, in defense of the democratic movement and it’s activists, but also, and especially, the defense of the CPI (maoist) and the People’s War led by it!
Secondly: Our second criticism concerns the organization of the committee. Again and again there have been discussions about the question how to organize the best way. Today we want to figure out one question which is important for more other shortcomings. It is bad, and that has to be criticized, that there is no commitment. Organizations and Parties one time support the committee, another time not. An international campaign is called out, and some take part, others not. The comrades from Italy, and we think it was good that for years they have done the solidarity work, but we also see it very critical, that firstly it only depends on their initiative if something is done. Secondly that this is just an informal direction in which there neither any account for the work, nor any duties for the participants to fulfill. Because of that many things fail, concerning the discussion, but also concerning the task to bundle up the partly dispersed organizations and people which are willing to do solidarity work with the People’s War in India! It has not been managed to develop a coordination for the best possible results of the common work and that is also one problem because of the way the committee is organized.
We want to place both of the problems in this meeting today, not because we are planing our pullout of the committee, but in the opposite to make a contribution in compliance to our international responsibility, to develop the work of solidarity with the People’s War in India in Europe!
In that sense we would accept willingly, if the so called “old forces” of the committee, those which have done the ongoing work so far, would make an evaluation of the experience which were made so far. On the one hand these are important experiences which should be used and on the other hand, we think that this is necessary to be able to go on at a strong basis.
3. We do not see our role as an observer from outside, but instead from inside as an actively part of the committee. Our remarks should not be empty phrases, we happily and proudly take up our international responsibility with regards to the struggling masses in India! So in a first step we have three proposals for the work of the committee for next year.
Our first proposal is to do a week of solidarity with Comrade Ajith! We are going to support the proposed campaign in January, but we think for being successful in our long-time-work, there needs to be a campaign that it more better provided and implemented. That is also a question of time, therefore we propose that in March 2019, close to the 18th of March, the international day of solidarity with political prisoners, to do a campaign for the immediately and unconditionally release of Comrade Ajith!
Not only to the people in this meeting Comrade Ajith is well known, and not without reason. Ajith is an important leader of the CPI (maoist) and as such he is a very important comrade on an international level, who always tried to bring the international discussion and debate further, to a higher level of unity.
Ten-thousands of comrades, revolutionaries, activists and supporters are being hold, tortured and murdered in the prisons of the Indian reaction. Comrade Ajith is a symbol for these ten-thousands, for what they are struggling for and what they are defending: that the revolutionary leadership is the ruling force for the revolution!
Support for the People’s War in India of course is also to struggle for the ten-thousands of supporters, to stop the isolation which is done by the reaction. But we have to see clear: The Hindu-fascist terror mainly serves to destroy and isolate the revolutionary leadership which is given by the CPI (maoist)! That is why we call now for a common campaign for Comrade Ajith to do in March 2019, but to start soon with common preparations, to strengthen our work and to broaden our work on a strong basis!
Our second proposal is to build up a committee for coordination. The common activities, as well as in January as we supposed in March, should serve to create a committee for coordination. To coordinate and plan the ongoing work, not on one place, but to establish a fast and safe way of communication. To establish a stable and continuous work, that will be necessary.
Concerning our first criticism, in our third proposal we suggest making a seminary to the question of the active boycott of the election. The important leader of the Indian revolution Charu Mazumdar already defined the active boycott of the election as an international method of strategical meaning. Today we see that these question is getting more and more important for the revolutionary world movement. Also that it is part of the political practice of some of the participants of the meeting today. Based on the documents of the CPI (maoist) and the experience of the organization in each country, our proposal is to organize a seminary. We suggest to organize this seminary, but for success, the participation of you, comrades, is necessary.
Comrades and supporters of the solidarity work with the People’s War in India! We salute our common work, what we are doing in Europe to support our Indian comrades! It is a very important work!
The People’s War in India, lead by the CPI (maoist) in one of the storm-centers of Proletarian World Revolution has a big weight for the development of revolutionary struggles world-wide. That is a great role which should define our coming tasks!
Our criticism and proposals should help to develop our common work to support People’s War in India! For a clear orientation and a better organization to develop a continuous work and some kind of “specialists” for the work in each country! We assess that as important goals for the next year to give our best support!
Long lives the Communist Party of India (maoist)! Long lives People’s War in India!
Lal Salam!

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