Friday, January 11, 2019

7 - India Meeting - december - Sinn Féin Poblachtach

Solidarity greetings to the conference from Sinn Féin Poblachtach. We send apologies for our non-attendance due to prior commitment. We, as anti-Imperialists must work closer together to confront and break the Imperialist network that brings only chaos and destruction to every country it visits. This past few years have seen a succession of Arab countries attacked, either directly or through the use of paid mercenaries under the guise of "Arab Spring". President Assad and his troops have shown that with commitment and bravery the combined forces of Imperialists can be beaten.
The continued genocide being committed on the people of Occupied Palestine should shame all those who do not make a stand in support of the people of Palestine. The deliberate targeting of children, medics and journalists show the contempt the Zionist forces have for these people and the efforts they are making to stop the truth from coming to the general public.
We send solidarity greetings to Political Prisoners round the world, we encourage all here and supporters in our respective countries to write one card or one letter to a Political Prisoner in another country. To this end I give the address of my friend and comrade who has just been jailed in Ireland; J Hawthorn Political Prisoner, Portlaoise prison, Portlaoise, Co Laoise. IRELAND. 
The rise of Fascists and Neo-Nazis should worry us all. In Europe, the EU and USA leaders openly support Fascists in Ukraine, with money, arms and technical expertise. Spain has seen the re-emergence of the fascist supports of Franco. People now openly give the Nazi salute at rallies against the legitimate aspirations for liberty for Catalonia. Trump has stoked racism in the USA, bringing open confrontation between his supporters and people of colour, the indigenous people and those of a Hispanic background. Those of the right need to be challenged wherever and whenever they are met.
For our part Sinn Féin Poblachtach have confronted British Imperialism in Occupied Ireland. With the impending exit of Britain from that other Imperialist construct...the EU, there is talk of British Border posts once again ruining the landscape of Occupied Ireland. Now is the time for Britain to acknowledge it has no place in Ireland and to remove its troops, it's police and it's politicians from Ireland. Also in recent years the right-wing political group Pegida attempted to organize a recruitment rally on the streets of Dublin. This was directly confronted by Irish Republicans. They did not march on our streets, and despite the protection given by the state police, they were attacked and ran from our city in fear.
Comrades; we must work closer, we must liaise with each other. If we are to be successful we must build a strong movement of the people. Working collectively we are stronger and we can win. We may have differences, but we also have common goals. This is where we must work together.

In Solidarity

Diarmuid Mac Dubhghlais

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