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PCI(Maoist) Free Varavara Rao! CPI Maoist Call For Bandh In Telangana State

The statement written in Telugu called upon people to demand for release of Varavara Rao and others jailed for the alleged involvement in Bheema Koregaon incidents, release of all political prisoners and prisoners aged above 60 years.


CEBRASPO joins the campaign led by various democratic and progressive organizations worldwide in defense of life and for the liberation of progressive intellectuals and defenders of the rights of the people, the revolutionary poet Varavara Rao and Professor GN Saibaba, political prisoners of the old Indian State.
As a result of the economic offensive of the Indian ruling classes, pressed by the more global crisis of imperialism, to further exploit the workers, in an impossible attempt to reverse it, governments become more and more reactionary and fascist. Therefore, it is necessary to crush the democratic voices that denounce the increase in inequality and the worsening of the living conditions of the broad masses. To do this, they override the most basic democratic rights and pass draconian laws to silence the people. Prejudices are growing against historically oppressed sectors such as the Dalits, Muslim minorities, Adivasis and women. They murder ideologically opposed opponents (rationalists) and apply mass incarceration to intellectuals, artists and other defenders of democratic and progressive people's rights.
Two of these imprisoned intellectuals are in extremely poor health, with a risk of death. The COVID-19 epidemic has spread intensely in prisons whose occupation is far beyond that recommended, without adequate medical assistance. Many international organizations, such as the WHO itself, recognizing the difficulty of controlling COVID-19 in prisons, have recommended the release and modification of sentences for prisoners at risk in the pandemic, as is the case of these fighters.

Martyrs Week In Andhra Pradesh From July 28th To August 3rd

VISAKHAPATNAM: The CPI (Maoist) gave a call to the public to observe martyrs week from July 28 to August 3 in Andhra Odisha Border (AOB). East Division Committee secretary Aruna in a press release requested the people to celebrate Charu Mazumdar’s birthday and pay grand tributes to all martyrs who laid their lives in the people’s movement.
The Naxal leader Aruna said that 16 Maoists were killed in AOB in the last one year from July 2019 to  the present date. Six Naxals -Sweta, Somla, Mangu, Dhannu, Sujatha and Santi and an innocent school student were killed at Tiria on July 27 of last year. Commandar Rakesh was killed at Dabaguda on August 28.
Five Naxals Ramesh, Vimala, Budri, Bhumal and Vijay were killed at Kondajartha incident on September 27 and cops captured a village committee leader Chinna Rao of Ranginiguda in Pedabayalu when he was at weekly market and killed him on September 13. Two naxals Nagesh and Admal of MKVB division were killed in 2020. She said the East Division would continue to fight for the people’s rights and support the people’s movements.

Victory to the militant independent Haft-Tappeh Sugar workers in Iran, on their 50th day of all-out strike!

Welcoming more new storms on the horizon:

The world is witnessing a new upsurge in the resistance and the struggle of workers and other oppressed against the capitalist system threatening the very existence of imperialism and all reactionaries. The rising tide of resistance and struggle is gathering momentum in all continents. Particularly in the Middle East, the scene of decades of imperialist rivalry, war by proxy and domination of reactionary states and forces and countless genocides and barbarity against the people, despite the rapid deterioration of conditions following the spread of coronavirus, everywhere voices of resistance and rebellion can be heard. From occupied Palestine to Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and Turkey, militant popular mass resistance has shattered the dreams and aspirations of the imperialist powers and their lackeys to impose a graveyard peace in the region. One example is the ongoing heroic resistance and all-out strike of Haft-Tappeh sugar workers in Iran.
On the 3rd of August, 2020, the 4,500 strong militant independent workers of Haft-Tappeh Sugar Factory in the city of Shoosh, in southwestern Iran, will begin their 50th day of all-out strike for their rights, demanding 4 months unpaid wages; prosecution of the corrupt owners of the factory; the unconditional release and freedom for all imprisoned workers and their colleagues; return to work of all sacked employees; and, more importantly, their central demand to end all privatisation initiatives by the government. This is the second major strike of the militant independent workers of Haft-Tappeh in 2 years. The last militant strike was the prelude to the large scale and widespread mass protests by the urban poor that shook the pillars of the regime of the Islamic republic. In December 2017 and January 2018 over 90 cities across the country rose in rebellion in protest against austerity measures and price hikes by the reactionary regime. Hundreds were arrested. While for months the sporadic protests in different places continued, in November 2019, a new surge of mass rebellion shook the crisis-ridden regime. This time over 190 cities were the scene of massive and prolonged resistance and protests by the urban poor and broader sections of society.

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trial tkpml in Munich -images and video


Münih Yüksek Eyalet Mahkemesinde görülen dava, 28 Temmuz 2020 günü karar duruşması ile sona ermiş oldu. Mahkemenin sürdüğü sırada dışarıda da Avrupa Türkiyeli İşçiler Konfederasyonu (ATİK)’in çağrısı ile biraraya gelen 36 enternasyonal devrimci-demokrat kurum ve örgüt tarafından dayanışma mitingi düzenlendi. Kitlesel geçen eylemde kurumlar adına konuşmalar yapıldı. MLPD MK Üyesi Peter Weisspfenning, Samidoun, ADHK, KCDK-E, AGİF, BİR-KAR, SYKP, SECOURS ROUGE, İNTER-BÜNDİS, AGEB, ROTE HİLFE, YDG, KJÖ, COURAGE, DİE LİNKE Milletvekili Gökay AKBULUT, Max Zirngast, ROTE BLOCK MEXİCO, ATİK adına yapılan konuşmalarda öne çıkan bu davanın tüm devrimcileri kriminalize etme amacı taşıdığının altı çizildi. Ortak mücadelenin öneminin altı çizildi. Dava tutsaklarından Erhan AKTÜRK’te bir konuşma yaparak, dava boyunca destek sunan tüm kurumlara teşekkür etti. Ayrıca AZADİ e.V ve İCOR tarafından mesaj gönderilerek desteklerini sundular.

Allemagne : 500 personnes rassemblées pour la fin du procès TKP/ML

 Müslüm Elma a été libéré à l’issue de l’audience. Il était le seul à être encore en détention.

500 personnes se sont rassemblées à Munich en Allemagne pour la fin du procès TKP/ML De nombreuses organisations révolutionnaires et démocratiques de Turquie, du Kurdistan, d’Europe et d’ailleurs étaient présentes ainsi qu’une délégation du Secours Rouge International. Le rassemblement a été ponctué de différentes prises de paroles et de chants révolutionnaires. La solidarité avec d’autres prisonniers révolutionnaires, notamment Georges Abdallah et Ahmad Sa’adat, était également mise en avant. Finalement, les 10 révolutionnaires ont été condamnés aux peines suivantes :
Müslüm Elma : 6 ans 6 mois
Erhan Aktürk : 4 ans 6 mois
Sinan Aydın : 3 ans 6 mois
Haydar Bern : 3 ans 4 mois
Banu Büyükavcı : 3 ans 6 mois
Musa Demir: 3 ans 4 mois
Deniz Pektas : 5 ans
Sami Solmaz : 3 ans
Seyit Ali Uğur : 4 ans 6 mois
Mehmet Yeşilçalı : 2 ans 9 mois
EDIT 28/07/2020 à 16H20 : Müslüm Elma a été libéré à l’issue de l’audience. Il était le seul à être encore en détention.

TKP/ML Trial - TKP/ML-YDK: The Struggle for Communism will be held stronger and fiercer!


In 2015, the German state launched an operation against the TKP / ML in cooperation with the fascist Turkish government. 10 revolutionaries were arrested. The aim of this operation is to bring the TKP / ML as a terrorist organization, as it is classified in Turkey, through here. The fascist Turkish state hand in hand with the German state! There has been political activity in Europe since the TKP / ML was founded. Since its founding in 1972, TKP / ML has already stated that it wants to smash the fascist Turkish state and to build the new democratic revolution, socialism and then communism. In this way, tens of thousands of cadres have been killed and imprisoned.

The building of the party by Ibrahim Kaypakkaya has secured the revolutionary communist line. Rule should be achieved through the strategy of the People’s War. The TKP / ML has been defending this armed struggle not for 5 years but for 48 years, which is why it has become a major target of attack by the fascist Turkish government.
Now, on the grounds of the fascist dictatorship, German imperialism wants to condemn and attack the TKP / ML. The imperialist capitalist system now wants to target the revolutionary struggle, the armed struggle for the working class, to leave the oppressed peoples and nations defenseless. The attacks are so extensive that they defraud their own judiciary. After 5 years of effort from German imperialism, we have come to an end. This procedure bears the decisions about revolutionaries, communists and the TKP / ML. This procedure is not legitimate. Fictional reasons and the goals of imperialism and capitalism go hand in hand, none of this will have historical significance or resonance within the progressive, democratic masses. We are already giving the customer! The struggles on all fronts must increase, there are responsibilities we have to face, the revolutionary struggle of a communist worldview, and the leadership of the working class in the struggle for rule is justified and legitimate. For 5 years there has been a lot of solidarity and struggle, which has created a shared dynamic with the progressive ones from Germany and the democratic migrants. In the last section of this procedure it is important to bundle and strengthen this solidarity.

In every situation and under every condition, the TKP / ML will lead the class struggle, without a break the connection to communism in the struggle will continue. With this determination and conviction we greet all progressive masses. Imperialism and capitalism will continue to launch such attacks, in particular the cooperation of the fascist Turkish state and German imperialism will continue. So we call everyone on 28.7. on the decision day of the TKP / ML procedure to show solidarity with the revolutionaries and communists in front of the OLG Munich.

TKP/ML-YDK Foreign Kommitee
July 2020

TKP/ML Trial In Monaco - bremen demostration

ALEMANIA: Manifestación en Bremen contra la sentencia en el proceso TKP/ML

De acordo com o portal de notícias Dem Volke Dienen, em 28 de julho, dia do veredicto do longo julgamento da TKP / ML, várias organizações revolucionárias realizaram uma manifestação espontânea em solidariedade aos acusados em frente ao tribunal do distrito de Bremen. O julgamento dos 10 suspeitos começou há mais de quatro anos. Em 28 de julho, o Tribunal Regional Superior de Munique anunciou as sentenças, que são de dois anos e meio a seis anos e meio de prisão. Os acusados ​​foram condenados por "apoiar uma organização terrorista estrangeira", embora o TKP / ML ainda não esteja na lista de terrorismo alemã ou da União Europeia.

Trechos das declarações das organizações Partizan e AGEB foram lidos no comício. Além disso, outros discursos foram feitos e houveram contribuições culturais. Embora a sentença tenha sido a ocasião mais candente para sair às ruas e manifestar-se contra a criminalização do TKP / ML naquele dia, também foi feita uma declaração por ocasião da Semana dos Mártires na Índia para o Partido Comunista da Índia (Maoista). Nele, os camaradas exigem a libertação imediata dos prisioneiros revolucionários e democráticos Varavara Rao e GN Saibaba, que, apesar de suas já debilitadas saúdes, estão expostos às más condições nas prisões indianas. Varavara Rao está infectado com o vírus Corona e já está em coma. No entanto, o velho estado indiano se recusa a libertar seus companheiros em liberdade condicional. Essas condições nas prisões do velho estado indiano foram denunciadas em outros discursos.
A manifestação foi ao mesmo tempo um forte sinal de internacionalismo proletário e um passo à frente na cooperação de diferentes forças revolucionárias em Bremen.
Mais informações podem ser visualizadas no endereço do portal:

Postado por CEBRASPO 

INDIA: 28 de julio - 3 de agosto - Documento de PCI (Maoísta) - traducción no oficial - Celebrando la Semana de los Mártires con gran entusiasmo revolucionario

28 de julio - 3 de agosto - Documento de PCI (Maoísta) - traducción no oficial - Celebrando la Semana de los Mártires con gran entusiasmo revolucionario

Compañeros y masas revolucionarias. Todos ustedes lo saben la próxima semana, del 28 de julio al 3 de agosto, ya que todos los años observamos la semana de los mártires. La forma en que los grandes maestros del proletario internacional nos mostraron, camarada Marx, camarada Frederick Engels, camarada Lenin, camarada Stalin, camarada Mao Zedong, los fundadores de nuestro partido y el gran maestro del proletariado de nuestro país, camarada Charu Majumdar y el camarada Kanai Chatterjee, están marcados por la sangre de los mártires de la revolución que dieron sus vidas por la causa del establecimiento de una sociedad sin clases. Son nuestra fuente de inspiración todos los días. Viven en nuestros recuerdos, viven en nuestros sueños y, por lo tanto, observamos esta semana como la semana de los mártires. La ideología que los guió en su sueño de izar la bandera roja del proletariado y ofrecer sus vidas por la causa de la revolución frente a las balas del enemigo; en esta semana apoyamos entre las masas esa ideología, ese sueño con mayor determinación. Todos los compañeros de partido, simpatizantes, activistas de las organizaciones de masas revolucionarias, todos los luchadores del PLGA, de la milicia, los miembros de los comités revolucionarios y las masas que participan en los movimientos participan en numerosos programas. Renuevan el juramento para avanzar en la lucha y trabajan duro para lograrlo. Más allá de cualquier duda, superaremos todos los obstáculos, la represión estatal y las dificultades, para recordar a nuestros amados mártires e involucrar a las masas en el movimiento revolucionario de acuerdo con nuestro programa.

28 july Day - ECUADOR: ¡Libertad a los presos políticos de la India FDLP-EC 2020!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

dear comrades in this day we publish info about india 28th day of action - but of course tomorrow will be published many info about TKP/ML PROCESS and USA evenements

28th july - Italie - the solidarity for freedom Vaivara RAO/SAIBABA/PP INDIA in the Hand of proletarians and migrants in struggle!

Bergamo giornata di mobilitazione per la libertà di Varavarao-Saibaba e per tutti i prigionieri politici in India


28th july - italy - many banners and posters in worker's factories and popular places

In tanti punti della città decine di striscioni, manifesti
Le lavoratrici in lotta, intellettuali partecipano alla circolazione dei materiali 
e al mailing bombing
Durante l'affissione interesse e richiesta di informazione da parte di persone, 
soprattutto donne e ragazze

lal salam - from India to italian committee

Lettera della famiglia di Varavara Rao al Ministro dell'Interno del Maharashtra (con copia al Direttore Generale delle Carceri)

27 luglio 2020.

Il Ministro dell'Interno,
Governo del Maharashtra,

Soggetto: Inquietante stato di salute di Sri Varavara Rao - Richiesta di informazioni regolari e trasparenti - reg.


Noi, la famiglia di Sri Varavara Rao, siamo costretti a scriverle questa lettera, poiché ci viene negata qualsiasi informazione sulle sue condizioni di salute o sul trattamento al Nanavati Hospital negli ultimi dodici giorni. Siamo estremamente preoccupati e ansiosi di sapere della sua salute. Le scriviamo perché è alloggiato in un carcere sotto il suo ministero come detenuto sotto processo ed è vostro dovere prendervi cura del suo benessere. È anche suo dovere informare la sua famiglia in caso di problemi di salute, come previsto dalla Carta dei diritti del malato preparata dal Ministero della Salute e del benessere della famiglia dell'Unione. Dovrebbe apprezzare il fatto che noi, come famiglia di un detenuto di 80 anni malato, ricoverato in ospedale come paziente Covid positivo al test, abbiamo tutto il diritto di conoscere il suo stato e la sua linea di trattamento. Non è solo un nostro diritto legale, ma anche un diritto basato su principi di giustizia naturale. Ci auguriamo che comprendiate l'ansia di una famiglia che viene tenuta all'oscuro per 12 giorni quando un membro viene ricoverato in ospedale in gravi condizioni.

Da quando è stato trasferito dal carcere di Taloja all'ospedale JJ, poi all'ospedale di San Giorgio e poi all'ospedale Nanavati, l'unica informazione ufficiale fornita alla famiglia è stata che era risultato positivo al COVID-19 il 16 luglio 2020.

Abbiamo chiamato il carcere di Taloja da quando è stato trasferito all'ospedale Nanavati. Il 22 luglio 2020, il personale del carcere ha risposto alla nostra chiamata e ha detto che l'ospedale del carcere/il medico del carcere potrebbe avere informazioni sulla salute del signor Rao. Abbiamo cercato di contattare l'ospedale del carcere, ma non c'è stata risposta. Il 22 luglio 2020 il nostro avvocato Padma ha chiamato il sovrintendente della prigione al suo numero di cellulare. Una volta presentatasi, la chiamata è stata interrotta. Non ha ricevuto alcuna risposta all'SMS che aveva inviato allo stesso numero di cellulare. Abbiamo chiamato di nuovo il carcere di Taloja il 24 luglio 2020 e la persona che ha risposto al telefono ha detto che il carcere non ha informazioni sulla salute del signor Rao.

Dal 20 luglio 2020 abbiamo chiamato ogni giorno anche l'ospedale Nanavati, ma non abbiamo ricevuto alcuna risposta. Abbiamo contattato il PRO dell'ospedale Nanavati il 21 luglio 2020. In risposta al nostro messaggio alle autorità ospedaliere (il PRO dell'Ospedale Nanavati), siamo stati informati il 26 luglio 2020 (ieri) che l'ospedale ha aggiornato regolarmente le autorità carcerarie sulla sua salute: "Signora Pavana, stiamo dando regolarmente aggiornamenti alle autorità carcerarie, può rivolgersi a loro per i dettagli..." è stato il messaggio che abbiamo ricevuto. È un mistero perché queste informazioni non vengano trasmesse alla famiglia dalle autorità carcerarie.

Crediamo che sia disumano e immorale nascondere le informazioni sulla salute del signor Rao alla sua ansiosa famiglia. È molto chiaro che le autorità carcerarie hanno aggiornamenti regolari sulla salute del sig. Rao. Il sig. Rao è un detenuto sotto processo sotto la sua custodia e le autorità carcerarie hanno la responsabilità di fornirci aggiornamenti regolari o di incaricare l'ospedale di Nanavathi di rilasciare regolari bollettini sanitari.

Vi chiediamo pertanto di indirizzare le autorità carcerarie di Taloja o dell'ospedale Nanavati a fornirci aggiornamenti regolari sullo stato di salute del sig. Rao, la diagnosi dei suoi problemi di salute e la linea di trattamento. Il sig. Rao sta bene? Data la sua età e i suoi disturbi, qual è l'impatto di Covid-19 sulla sua salute? Abbiamo molte domande e dubbi che ci rimangono nella mente. Crediamo che come famiglia del sig. Rao dovremmo avere accesso alle informazioni sulla sua salute, secondo la legge del territorio e l'etica medica.

Sinceramente vostro,

P. Hemalatha (Moglie di Varavara Rao)
P. Sahaja, P. Anala, P. Pavana (Figlie)

Copia su ADG (Prigioni), Maharashtra

Il caso di Saibaba è più drammatico. Ignorando la sua malattia e la sua disabilità, le autorità carcerarie ritengono che averlo isolato nella sua cella sia la misura migliore per lui

 Lal Salam !

28th July - Colombia revolucion obrera por la liberacion de Vaivara Rao y Saibaba y todos los prisoneros politicos in India

28th july - MFPR Italy for women partecipation to international campaign

 L'Mfpr mobilitata nella giornata di azione per la liberazione di Varavara Rao e Saibaba e tutti i prigionieri e le prigioniere politiche in India

Sono soprattutto le lavoratrici in lotta che partecipano 
alla circolazione dei materiali e al mailing bombing

Le lettere dei familiari di Saibaba e di Varavara Rao

Appello urgente della moglie e della madre di G.N. Saibaba’s ad agore per salvare la sua vita

Le autorità carcerarie hanno concesso al prof. Saibaba un permesso speciale per spiegare le sue condizioni all'avvocato e alla famiglia. Dr. G.N. Saibaba nel suo ultimo appello alla famiglia e al suo avvocato ha informato che nella prigione centrale di Nagpur c'è un focolaio incontrollato di COVID-19. Nonostante le misure preventive adottate dalla direzione della prigione, il COVID-19 ha infettato centinaia di prigionieri, inservienti e persino guardie della prigione. Le infezioni si sono diffuse e su larga scala, padiglione dopo padiglione. L'8 luglio 2020, tutti i 20 prigionieri nelle cellule di Anda sono stati sottoposti a test con tampone COVID-19 e uno è stato trovato infetto. "La malattia è arrivata molto vicino a me", scrive Saibaba, "è solo questione di tempo".

28th july - red spark tribute - long live Charu Mazumdar - Long Live PCI (Maoist) - Long Live people's war in India -

 July 28th. Our Tribute.

48 years back, Comrade Charu Majumdar, the trailblazer of New Democratic Revolution in India & the founder-General Secretary of CPI(ML), was murdered at police custody in Kolkata.
This 6 minute’s mood film version (from the feature-length documentary in making) is our heartfelt tribute to the great communist revolutionary teacher on the date of his martyrdom.
Glory to the Comrade CM!
– Peoples’ Camera
July 28, 2020

28th july italian speech ICSPWI

the record is not perfect

28th july - GALIZA: Fotos campaña 28 de julio. Libertad Varavara Rao, GN Saibaba y todos los presos políticos en la India

28th july - BRASIL: El Movimento Feminino Popular se incorpora a la campaña de apoyo a la Guerra Popular en India y por la libertad de todos los presos políticos

BRASIL: El Movimento Feminino Popular se incorpora a la campaña de apoyo a la Guerra Popular en India y por la libertad de todos los presos políticos

O MFP - Movimento Feminino Popular se incorpora à campanha de apoio a Guerra Popular na Índia e pela liberdade de todos os presos políticos. Leia a seguir o Chamamento do Comitê Internacional de Apoio à Guerra Popular publicado em português no sítio do CEBRASPO - Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos.


Compartilhamos com nossos apoiadores importante chamamento do Comitê Internacional de Apoio à Guerra Popular na Índia de ações de solidariedade com a dramática situação naquele país que, em plena pandemia, tem um governo de turno fascista que tem tornado a situação das massas exploradas ainda mais insuportável. O chamando para as ações é para o dia 28 de julho, dia em que se desenvolve vasta ação dos maoístas e dos combatentes da guerra popular durante a semana dos mártires da revolução.

O CEBRASPO faz um apelo a todos e todas as personalidade e organizações progressistas, democráticas e revolucionárias a atenderem juntamente conosco o chamado para a luta pela liberdade de todos os presos políticos revolucionários e democráticos indianos, em especial de Varavara Rao e do Prof. Saibaba, devido a condições de saúde debilitadas dos mesmos.

28th july - MEXICO: SOL ROJO Oaxaca: ¡Libertad a los presos políticos de la India y Turquía!

¡Libertad a los presos políticos de la India y Turquía!

Este 28 de julio es un día importante en el terreno del internacionalismo proletario.
A partir de hoy y hasta el 3 de agosto se desarrolla la semana de los mártires de la guerra popular en la India, y entre muchas de sus acciones, hoy se está realizando un llamando internacional por la liberación de los presos políticos que están sufriendo las peores condiciones penitenciarias y de salud en las mazmorras del fascista Modi. Los intelectuales Varavara Rao y el Doctor G.N. Saibaba se encuentran en prisión en condiciones de salud deplorables en medio de la propagación del COVID19 en las cárceles de ese país, el tercero a nivel internacional en la punta de los contagios.
Por otro lado, en Alemania, está instruida para el día de hoy la audiencia final del caso TKP/ML; un montaje judicial del imperialismo europeo, coordinado por el imperialismo alemán, en un espaldarazo político al régimen fascista de Erdogan, en Turquía. La Fiscalía está pidiendo penas severas contra los imputados, quienes llevan ya cinco años en prisión. Particularmente el caso se está centrando en Müslüm Elma, a quien el imperialismo señala de ser el dirigente principal del Partido.
Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo se suma al llamado de solidaridad, en apoyo a los presos políticos de India y Turquía, enarbolando las banderas de la lucha revolucionaria que sus pueblos desarrollan para conquistar su emancipación.
¡Libertad a los presos políticos de la India!
¡Libertad a los presos políticos de Turquía!
¡Viva el internacionalismo proletario!
¡Proletarios y pueblos oprimidos del mundo, uníos!

28th july - audio speech ICSPWI - english


28th July 2020 - Condemn the arbitrary arrest of Prof. Hany Babu! .. ICSPWI info

Condemn the arbitrary arrest of Prof. Hany Babu!
Stop the witch-hunt of human rights defenders by the NIA!
Immediately release all political prisoners!

The Campaign Against State Repression (CASR) condemns the arrest of Professor Hany Babu MT at Mumbai by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with the Bhima Koregaon-Elgaar Parishad case. Despite the surging cases of COVID-19 in both Delhi and Mumbai, Prof. Babu of the Department of English in Delhi University was summoned as a witness and forced by the NIA to travel to Mumbai after being denied the option of video conferencing. Cooperating with the NIA since July 24th 2020, it quickly became clear that the questioning was merely a ruse to force Prof. Babu into providing false testimony against other persons and accepting allegations of being a functionary of the Maoists. Prof. Babu vehemently and consistently refused to agree to these ridiculous lies. It is because of this that after five days of continuous harassment in the name of interrogation, the NIA, despite his presence in the NIA office, has now made him an accused and formally arrested him and is ironically seeking custodial interrogation. In September 2019, Prof. Babu was subjected to a raid without a search warrant at his residence by the Maharashtra Police. While several electronic devices and books were seized, no hash value of any of the devices confiscated were provided. This violation of procedure has left the seized devices open to tampering. The investigating agencies have repeatedly denied the hash value of the confiscated devices that can actually reveal the timestamp of activities on the device. In fact, it is clear now that there is a pattern of confiscating devices, planting fabricated evidence and conducting a media trial on this basis. Unfortunately, the courts have also turned a blind eye to these illegalities.
This is blatant harassment and intimidation of persons who question the State and struggle for the rights of the marginalised and oppressed castes, classes and communities. Prof. Babu has been an anti-caste activist who has been consistently fighting for social justice within and outside the university space. He has also been a part of the Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr. GN Saibaba and Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP). He has spoken out against caste discrimination in institutions of higher education, the death penalty and for the rights of political prisoners.
Arrest of Hany Babu by the NIA shows for a fact that the entire conspiracy hatched in the aftermath of the violence at Bhima Koregaon is intended to incarcerate and silence a range of activists who have been speaking about the anti-people policies of the State. This is also being done to divert attention away from the true perpetrators of the violence, Sambhaji Bhide and Milind Ekbote, both with ties to the RSS. It is intended to spread fear among the democratic and progressive spirited academics, activists, artists, journalists, lawyers, poets and trade unionists. This arrest is likely to follow the predictable narrative of branding Prof. Babu a urban Naxal. These charges will remain unproven and unsubstantiated except through the deployment of the fabricated evidence which will not hold water under scrutiny of a fair trial. However, as has been seen in multiple cases, the purpose is not to prove guilt but to punish via a lengthy isolation and detention while being demonised by a State sponsored media witch-hunt. These tactics are being deployed without any consideration for the basic right to life of the persons targeted as seen in the case of the revolutionary poet Varavara Rao, Dr. GN Saibaba and Prof. Anand Teltumbde among others.
Campaign Against State Repression (CASR) urges all the progressive and democratic sections of our society to unite and condemn the arrest of Prof. Hany Babu and the threat of arrest looming over several more activists, artists and journalists. We demand the
1. Immediate release of all activists and intellectuals charged in the fabricated Bhima Koregaon case.
2. Immediate release of all anti-CAA, NRC and NPR activists.
3. Immediate release of all political prisoners and immediate de-congestion of prisons.
4. Repeal of all draconian laws including UAPA, PSA, NSA and others.

Campaign Against State Repression
(Organising Team: AISA, AISF, APCR, BCM, Bhim Army, Bigul Mazdoor Dasta, BSCEM, CEM, CRPP, CTF, Disha, DISSC, DSU, DTF, IAPL, IMK, Karnataka Janashakti, KYS, Lokpaksh, LSI, Mazdoor Adhikar Sangathan, Mazdoor Patrika, Mehnatkash Mahila Sangathan, Morcha Patrika, NAPM, NBS, NCHRO, Nowruz, NTUI, Peopleʹs Watch, Rihai Manch, Samajwadi Janparishad, Satyashodak Sangh, SFI, United Against Hate, WSS)

28th july - 3 august - Document of PCI (Maoista) - italian unofficial traslation Celebrare la Settimana dei Martiri con Grande Entusiasmo Rivoluzionario

Comitato Centrale
Divisione Regionale Orientale
PCI (Maoista)
Compagni e messe rivoluzionarie,
Sapete tutti che la prossima settimana, dal 28 luglio al 3 agosto, come ogni anno osserviamo la settimana dei martiri. La via che ci hanno mostrato i grandi maestri del proletario internazionale, il compagno Marx, il compagno Frederick Engels, il compagno Lenin, il compagno Stalin, il compagno Mao Zedong, i fondatori del nostro partito e maestri del proletariato del nostro di paese, compagno Charu Majumdar e il compagno Kanai Chatterjee, è segnato dal sangue dei martiri della rivoluzione che hanno dato la vita per la causa dell'instaurazione di una società senza classi. Sono nostra fonte di ispirazione ogni giorno. Vivono nei nostri ricordi, vivono nei nostri sogni e perciò osserviamo questa settimana come la settimana dei martiri. L'ideologia che li ha guidati nel loro sogno di issare la bandiera rossa del proletariato e offrire la vita per la causa della rivoluzione davanti ai proiettili del nemico; in questa settimana sosteniamo tra le masse quell'ideologia, quel sogno con tanta più determinazione. Ogni compagno di partito, simpatizzante, attivista di organizzazioni di massa rivoluzionarie, ogni combattente del PLGA, della milizia, i membri di comitati rivoluzionari e le masse che partecipano ai movimenti partecipano numerosi al nostro programma. Rinnovano il giuramento di avanzare nella lotta e lavorano duramente per realizzarlo. Al di là di ogni dubbio, supereremo tutti gli ostacoli, la repressione di Stato e le difficoltà, per ricordare i nostri amati martiri e coinvolgeremo le masse nel movimento rivoluzionario secondo il nostro programma.

28th july - More Greek academics, activists, journalists join the Common Statement for the life of Varavara Rao.

 The Greek Solidarity Committee resends the refreshed
 list of signatures to renew the posts if possible.
Common statement signed by Greek academics, activists, journalists, writers and students
Save the life of the Indian writer and activist Varavara Rao!

28th july - Greece - Save the life of the Indian writer and activist Varavara Rao!

Common statement signed by Greek activists, academics, writers and students
Save the life of the Indian writer and activist Varavara Rao!

Varavara Rao, a poet, a writer, an activist and an advocate of democratic and social rights for decades against the arbitrariness of Indian governments, has been jailed for almost two years along with ten other activists, lawyers, journalists, etc. They are all accused of inciting violent incidents in the Bhima Koregaon case, a charge that is considered false, while the government for the last two years has failed to prove the charges in court to start the trial. The conditions in the prisons, where these prisoners of conscience are being held, are said to be unhealthy and the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic spreading has increased the risks. Varavara Rao, at the age of 80, has been tested and proved to be positive for COVID-19 and has many concomitant illnesses. His condition reveals the absolute neglect of his health by the prison authorities. We join our voices with academics from all over the world, intellectuals, journalists, members of the Indian Parliament, international humanitarian organizations, the National Human Rights Commission of India (NHRC) and others, and we demand the immediate release of Varavara Rao and the other pre-trial imprisoned activists of the same case.

Choumerianos Manolis, Academic, Panteion University, Athens
Gerotziafas Grigoris, Academic, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Gravaris Dionisis, Academic, Panteion University, Athens
Grollios Giorgos, Academic, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Kafaraki Eleftheria, Board Member of the Students’ Union of the Film School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Kaltsonis Dimitris, Academic, Panteion University, Athens
Kouzis Giannis, Academic, Panteion University, Athens
Manos Dimitris, Teacher, Author
Mavridis Heraklis, Academic, Panteion University, Athens
Michalakis Kostas, Teacher, Historian, Author
Nikolaou Alkaios, Board Member of the Students’ Union of the Film School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Nitsa Zoi, Board Member of the Students’ Union of the School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Papageorgiou Stavros, Board Member of the Students’ Union of the School of Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Papatheodorou Christos, Academic, Panteion University, Athens
Papavasileiou Nikos, Teacher, Member of the Executive Secretariat of the Prefectural Department of ADEDY Samos
Pavlidis Dimitris, Economist, Member of the Solidarity Committee, Thessaloniki
Rousis Giorgos, Emeritus Professor of Panteion, Athens
Sakellaropoulos Spiros, Academic, Panteion University, Athens
Triggos Michalis, Board Member of the Students’ Union of the School of Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Tzima Stavroula, Board Member of the Students’ Union of the School of Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Zormpala Tina, Academic, University of the Aegean