Wednesday, July 15, 2020

PCm Italia on the pandemic today

The spread of the pandemic in the world is expressed in a simple way by the stats of contagion and deaths, which recently have further worsened:
United States: 2,440,000 - Brazil: 1,157,000 - Russia: 606,000 - India: 472,000 - Great Britain: 308,000 - Peru: 260,000 ...

It is not just a macabre counting, but also the evidence that where dictatorial, fascist-populist governments are in power - which always, with various nuances, declared that the pandemic was just a "flue", the seriousness of which was "exaggerated", it was "fault of China"and that the lock-down was a worse remedy than evil - serving the profits of the multinationals, serving the economy of brutal capitalism, of the bourgeoisies subservient to imperialism, there the contagion has come and it is devastating. And it merges with poverty.
In these countries there is not lock-down but the war on peoples to defend the power of Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi, the fascist and corrupt regime in Peru.
These countries are not only the epicenters of the pandemic, they are and can become more and more the epicenters of the rebellion and revolutionary struggle of proletarians and peoples.

US are there to prove it. The wind of Minneapolis has reached the whole country and the anti-racist movement does not stop but extends. But, be careful, it is not a generic anti-racist movement. There are African Americans and other nationality proletarians who rebel against the systemic police brutality on which US imperialism stands, regardless of governments, and with Trump it got to the maximum. There is the anti-racist youth, the Black Lives Matter movement, but there is also an electoral campaign, the anti-trumpism that pours out in support of Biden as a more presentable face of US imperialism, in front of the Trump consensus crisis.
In this dynamic, we see, work and support another scenario, that of the proletarian and mass revolutionary movement that moves with a dynamic of a potential civil war, given that in any case Trump and the fascist-populists will not leave the field without exercising the maximum of their strength and violence.
All Trump's statements about anti-fa, anti-insurgency, are at the heart of the problem with which we have to deal.

In Brazil, only a movement of the proletarians and the peasant masses that wage a war against Bolsonaro and the State in the cities, favelas, in the countryside, in the Amazon is the alternative.
Certainly, it is not a help for the development of such a movement the stand of those who, even in our field, continue saying that the pandemic is a "pretext", instead of a product of imperialism, the reactionary regimes serving it and of the fascism-populism, which is their feature in the current phase.

In India, the people’s war and the struggle of the Maoists develops against the regime of Modi, even if they reach only a non-majority part of India and does not influence yet with necessary strength the development of the gigantic workers' movement that has seen strikes of 200 million workers.
But the CPI (Maoist) correctly treats the relationship between the pandemic and the crisis and is therefore the real hope of an alternative. This is why many intellectuals and artists in India who oppose the nationalist-fascist Hindutva regime, from Arundathi Roy to those in prisons, look at it.

What about Peru. The people’s war led by the PCP (Sendero lumionoso) was smashed with massacres in the countryside as well as in prisons and cities. Chairman Gonzalo is isolated in jail and his life, also for Covid, is at risk. And the Peru of imperialism and the corrupt regimes that followed one another is the country in which there is perhaps the highest rate of infection in the world.
This shows who are the monsters in that country, and we all wish for the reorganization of the PCP and a new development of the people's war across the country.

Pandemic and crisis show the true nature of the current polarization in the world, between imperialism and proletarians and oppressed peoples, between reaction and revolution.
For everyone, and particularly for the genuine revolutionary communists, it is urgent time not only to choose which side to stay on but also how to stay, with whom, what to do, and for us it is most of all under the banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, for a new wave of the world proletarian revolution.

excerpt from proletari comunisti, PCm Italia newspaper
June-July 2020

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