Monday, July 27, 2020

28th July - letter to Embassy in the world - sent in all various countries - ICSPWI

dear Sir

we give you a Dossier about the situation and the condition of prof.VARAVARA RAO and Prof G.N.SAIBABA deteined in the Indian jail.
We demand immediate release. They are artist and intellectuals wellknow and appreciated by the Indian people.

The pandemic is expanding in India.
It is in this context that a drama in the drama is that of political prisoners who, risk their lives and health in the jails. Varavara Rao is affected from COVID 19 and Saibaba is a paralitic.
Over 130 renowned intellectuals have signed a call complaining that the deteriorating health conditions of Prof. GN Saibaba and Varavara Rao and the outbreak of CoVid19 in prisons endanger their lives and urging their immediate release on bail. Similar petitions have been signed in Bangladesh and by groups of Indian Pms

We ask for these liberations.
We ask Sir that you inform India Government about this demand and we ask to have a meeting with you about this

with all respect

Solidarity India Committee – Italy

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