Thursday, July 30, 2020

TKP/ML Trial - TKP/ML-YDK: The Struggle for Communism will be held stronger and fiercer!


In 2015, the German state launched an operation against the TKP / ML in cooperation with the fascist Turkish government. 10 revolutionaries were arrested. The aim of this operation is to bring the TKP / ML as a terrorist organization, as it is classified in Turkey, through here. The fascist Turkish state hand in hand with the German state! There has been political activity in Europe since the TKP / ML was founded. Since its founding in 1972, TKP / ML has already stated that it wants to smash the fascist Turkish state and to build the new democratic revolution, socialism and then communism. In this way, tens of thousands of cadres have been killed and imprisoned.

The building of the party by Ibrahim Kaypakkaya has secured the revolutionary communist line. Rule should be achieved through the strategy of the People’s War. The TKP / ML has been defending this armed struggle not for 5 years but for 48 years, which is why it has become a major target of attack by the fascist Turkish government.
Now, on the grounds of the fascist dictatorship, German imperialism wants to condemn and attack the TKP / ML. The imperialist capitalist system now wants to target the revolutionary struggle, the armed struggle for the working class, to leave the oppressed peoples and nations defenseless. The attacks are so extensive that they defraud their own judiciary. After 5 years of effort from German imperialism, we have come to an end. This procedure bears the decisions about revolutionaries, communists and the TKP / ML. This procedure is not legitimate. Fictional reasons and the goals of imperialism and capitalism go hand in hand, none of this will have historical significance or resonance within the progressive, democratic masses. We are already giving the customer! The struggles on all fronts must increase, there are responsibilities we have to face, the revolutionary struggle of a communist worldview, and the leadership of the working class in the struggle for rule is justified and legitimate. For 5 years there has been a lot of solidarity and struggle, which has created a shared dynamic with the progressive ones from Germany and the democratic migrants. In the last section of this procedure it is important to bundle and strengthen this solidarity.

In every situation and under every condition, the TKP / ML will lead the class struggle, without a break the connection to communism in the struggle will continue. With this determination and conviction we greet all progressive masses. Imperialism and capitalism will continue to launch such attacks, in particular the cooperation of the fascist Turkish state and German imperialism will continue. So we call everyone on 28.7. on the decision day of the TKP / ML procedure to show solidarity with the revolutionaries and communists in front of the OLG Munich.

TKP/ML-YDK Foreign Kommitee
July 2020

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