Saturday, July 25, 2020

Comrade Zia’s memories will always remain alive in our hearts! Local committee # 1, unit # 3 of C(M)PA

Comrade Zia’s name as wise and conscious Leader of the working class, will be inscribed in history as one of the pioneers of the class

With great sadness we learned about the death of the chairperson and founder of our party, comrade Zia. The death of comrade Zia is a heavy blow and great loss not only for the members and supporters of our party, but for all the communists, working classes and oppressed masses. The local committee # 1 (unit # 3) of the party pays its condolences to the central committee of the party, members and supporters of the party, the Maoist movement of the country, all members of comrade’s family, working classes and masses of the country and the world.
Although, the pain of loosing our chairperson is a heavy; however, as mentioned in the central committee’s statement, the heaviness of this loss should be transformed into a revolutionary energy and we should resolutely strive to preserve party unity.
Comrade Zia more than any other communist strived for the cause of proletarian and communist revolution in Afghanistan. He dedicated his productive life to revolution, and a significant part of his life and energy was spent for the creation and nurturing of the most important weapon of revolution, the communist party. Comrade Zia and his comrades demonstrated exemplary tenacity, diligence, and commitment in the creation Communist Party of Afghanistan, later the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan and pre-party organizations. Many of the irresolute comrades could not tolerate the difficulties and storms of the revolution and party membership and abandoned struggle. However, comrade Zia indefatigably overcame many hurdles, problems and difficulties. The strains of forty years of life in revolutionary struggle as an underground organizer had a physical toll on him.  He was a rare son of the people’s and of the revolution.
All through the seventies and mid eighties a variety of deviationist tendencies were dominant in the left and communist movement in Afghanistan was going to snuff the flame set ablaze by Progressive Youth Organization at its head comrade Akram Yari, comrade Zia and his comrades prevented this, and even further ablaze this eternal flame. He along with his comrades raised the proletarian flag and founded the Communist Party of Afghanistan against all wrecking and obstructions.
Our party, under comrade Zia’s sagacious leadership, not only raised the independent proletarian flag but also defended it with tenacity and recalcitrance in a serious struggle against deviations, cowardice, and treasons. Through a profound theoretical summation of the left and communist movement in the country, he illustrated the valuable historical role of comrade Akram Yari and Progressive Youth Organization and comprehensively analyzed the characteristics of deviationist lines (centrism, economism, pacifism, and opportunism). Comrade Zia’s struggle against deviationist and opportunist tendencies was not limited to Afghanistan only, he was proactive in exposing deviationist lines and defending proletarian line at the international level and had effective role in the evolution and development of Maoist line in the international movement.
Our party, under comrade Zia’s leadership with a theoretical summation of the communist and left movement in Afghanistan made a historical rupture. Indicators of this rupture includes many fields: proletarian party, strategy of revolution, proletarian internationalism, class analysis of society in Afghanistan, determining the principal contradiction and differentiating it with the fundamental contradiction, defining particular social contradictions (oppression of women and national oppression), and independent proletarian struggles.
Comrades, in this difficult circumstances during a pandemic, when the masses of people are facing many challenges, the best commemoration of our comrade is to remain with the masses, preserve the unity and solidity of the party, fill his empty place in the party leadership, defend the party’s principled Maoist line, and continue our struggle in the path of liberating our country, kicking the occupying forces from the country, and continue our struggle for establishing a society without any kind of oppression, exploitation and inequalities. This is comrade Zia’s wishes and aspirations. Comrade Zia’s aspirations are our aspirations. We with all our soul and heart will pursue comrade Zia communist wishes and aspirations and continue his path.
Comrade Zia’s memories will always remain alive in our hearts!
Long Live comrade Zia
Long Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoist
Local committee # 1, unit # 3 of C(M)PA

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