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28th july-3 August CPI (Maoist) CC, ERB : Observe Martyrs’ Week with Great Revolutionary Enthusiasm!

in honour of revolution's martyrs in India
  28th july day of information,action, solidarity for freedom Varavara Rao,Saibaba and all political Prisoners in India - ICSPWI


Central Committee
Eastern Regional Bureau

C.P.I. (Maoist)

Comrades and Revolutionary Masses,
You have all known that during the upcoming week of 28th July to 3rd August every year we observe martyr’s week. The path shown before us by the great teachers of international proletarian comrade Marx, comrade Frederick Engels, comrade Lenin, comrade Stalin, comrade Mao Zedong, founders of our party and great teacher of the proletariat of our country comrade Charu Majumdar and comrade Kanai Chatterjee has been painted with the blood of martyrs of revolution who have laid down their lives for the cause of establishing a classless society. They have been our inspiration every day of the year. They live in our memories, they live in our dreams and hence we specially observe this week as martyr’s week. The ideology which guided them in their dream of raising the red flag of the proletariat and laying lives for the cause of revolution infront of the enemy’s bullet; let us uphold that ideology, that dream among the masses with much more determination during this week. Every party member, sympathisers, members of revolutionary mass organisations, members of PLGA, members of militia, members of revolutionary committees and masses participating in movements participate in large numbers in our programme. They take the oath of moving ahead with the struggle and work hard to implement. Beyond a doubt we will overcome all the obstacles, state repression and hurdles, to remember our beloved martyrs and according to our programme will involve the masses in the revolutionary movement.
Comrades, we are going to observe our martyr week at such a juncture of time when in our country and all over the world a very serious epidemic has made its place. This epidemic is global capital or imperialism. In the past decades, it can be observed that imperialism is in crisis. This crisis, is the crisis of its market economy; crisis of its production; crisis of finance capital; crisis facing its control over the world. Even after two World Wars they have failed to overcome the their crisis, on the contrary their crisis has become more serious. The fallout of this crisis is borne by the oppressed and exploited masses of the world. They used cunning tactics to sell the crisis as a model of “development”. Whatever, they do is for the sake of “development”! When they speak of “welfare State”, then also their main aim is to organise their “ market” behind their empty promise of pro people policies. This is an attempt to repress socialism, convert welfare of the people into a commodity and use state power to revive capitalism from its crisis. Thus according to their needs they sell their model of “development”. Again when they talk about free economy they completely take a U-turn to their pro-people policy and propose a new model. The model of liberalism-privatisation-disinvestment. When again following this path creates crisis (like the sub-prime crisis in America) then again some reforms are made to the old model of development. In this way, we face new forms of crisis of capitalism inspired models. In reality, all these models of development are anti-people. For the sake of “development” they force the masses to destitution. Queues of unemployed youth keep on increasing as for the “sake of development” jobs are lost due to automation. Due to “development” workers lose their jobs, permanent jobs are replaced by temporary contracts. “For the sake of development” they increase the 8 hour work day to 12 hours. This “development model” pushes the farmer to become debt-ridden and die of suicide. “For the sake of development” they prevent the development of self-determination and keep intact the caste system so that cheap labour is readily available. Their “model of development” destroys forests, pollutes water and air. The cancer of poverty spread across the globe. Hunger-malnourishment-inequality-unemployment-famine-drought-flood-corruption-communalism intoxicates the whole social fabric. They fight like dogs amongst themselves to take control over the market economy. As a result, on one hand global capital in alliance with comprador, reactionary forces is involved in looting our country and on the other has increased its oppressive tactics against the working class. Hence, the contradiction between imperialist countries and oppressed masses of the world, contradiction between labour and capital and contradiction between imperialist nations have intensified. Because of the contradiction between imperialist countries we have witnessed two World Wars. History is a witness to this. But the wars between imperialist forces haven’t ended till now. Regional conflicts, border disputes, cold war, “war on terror” – which in reality is the aggression of America in the Middle East, various forms of trade wars and joint military exercises are basically preparation for war. Intelligence agencies of imperialist countries like CIA, FSB, Mossad in order to curb people’s resistance have sided with the ruling classes to wage a war against the people. This in reality proves the what comrade Lenin had already mentioned “Imperialism means war”. In this contemporary context, we have witnessed the border dispute between India and China, which basically a conflict between Chinese imperialism and ally of US imperialism, India. As a result, ordinary soldiers were killed on both sides. The people’s resistance against state oppression, relentless atrocities, inequality is getting intensified every day. From France to Greece; Italy to Spain; Algeria to Chile; Palestine to Syria; demands of Kurdish self-determination to Kashmiri nationalism of the masses; Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, El Salvador, Peru, Brazil to Nepal-India-Bangladesh and even in Pakistan people are occupying the streets. Even a few days back, communist revolutionaries of different countries like France, Italy and Greece have organised protests during the lockdown. In America, communist revolutionaries have organised large number of people to participate in May Day protests during the lockdown because of Corona. In neighbouring Bangladesh, students came out in the streets to protests. Farmers in Pakistan participated in the historic long march with red flag in their hands. During the corona outbreak in America police brutally killed a black person. Protestors burnt down the police station. Police were attacked. From several news sources it was known that thousands of people gathered outside the White House, the official resident of the President of America. The protests were so intense that the American president had to seek shelter in a bunker. In the city of Seattle, protestors occupied a part of the town ousting the police. Under immense pressure from the protests, the Minneapolis administration brought reforms within the police and decided to hand over the security to the masses. From all over the world masses have shown solidarity with the struggle of the American people. In France the solidarity movement took a violent turn. From the neighbouring country Canada to France, Italy, Germany, England and other European countries solidarity movements have spread. In England, it has become a festival to destroy the statues of reactionary individuals. The movement has spread to Africa and Latin America. While the protests were going on, in Mexico protests broke out as a person was brutally murdered in police custody for not wearing a mask during the corona outbreak. The outburst so intense that protestors set a police officer on fire. On the other hand, due to economic crisis because of the lockdown cause by the corona epidemic protests have erupted in Lebanon, Chile and Equador. The people of Lebanon got into a fight with the police when they tried to loot the central bank. Before the corona epidemic in our country streets and universities were shaken by mass protests. Militant protests broke out specially against the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) where the masses participated in large numbers. Protests against food and health services have taken place across the country due the enforced lockdown because of corona outbreak. Lakhs of migrant workers without relying on the government for any help, fought against the atrocities of the police to travel hundreds of miles to reach their homes. Militant protests by migrant workers broke out in cities like Mumbai, Surat, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Vishakapattanam for demands food and shelter. Hundreds of students and youth stood by their side during this lockdown. This side of the people’s struggle shows the relevance of what the great teacher of the proletariat Mao Zedong has said, “countries want independence, nations want liberation, and the people want revolution.”
The corona epidemic again showed how the comprador ruling class is against the working class and favours the rich. Even before the lockdown they spent crores of public money to bring back upper middle class Indians to India by flight. Although, after returning they weren’t subjected to any preventive measures. On the other hand, the government were reluctant to provide facilities to migrant workers who were stranded in other states to bring back home. At the start of the lockdown, the government announced that workers will get paid leave but didn’t even take a single step when private institutions fired workers from their jobs. When some bureaucrats from the revenue department proposed that the super rich should be taxed more, administrative action was taken against them. But this demand is extremely justified because the net profit of 15 biggest companies in India was 4 lakh 75 thousand crore rupees in 2019. The first 500 companies made a net profit was more than 100 lakh crore. It is to be noted that this net profit is after paying taxes. If the government imposed 25% tax on the net profit then 24 lakh crore can be obtained. This money could have been used to help the poor people to satisfy their hunger. Isolation from corona epidemic would have been successful. But the interests of the corporates are more important to the ruling class than the welfare of the masses. On the contrary, the government is deducting salaries of its employees, squandering away EPF money, have stopped D.A. during this period of inflation and price rise. The government has also started disinvestment in public institutions like railways, BSNL, banks, bima, mines, defence and others in order to sell them to private players. Not only the poverty stricken masses are facing the economic crisis, along with Modi-Shah’s fascist offensive the middle has also become a target of attack. In this scenario of corona outbreak every imperialist nation is facing and economic recession. A section of economists believe that this recession will be worse than the recession of 1930’s. In the midst of this crisis to deal with the situation the ruling classes have taken repressive measures which is pushing the state towards fascism. Taking advantage of the lockdown the ruling classes has strengthened its position. In India, by invoking disaster management act, the situation has been pushed towards emergency. To escape from the epidemic, the ruling class is actually proposing “social distancing” rather than “physical distancing” as proposed by scientists and researches in order to break solidarity between people. This is been done in a very conscious manner. The corporate sponsored media is following the footsteps of the ruling class and instead of helping the people learn the scientific truth regarding the epidemic, is embarking upon a conspiratorial path to sow the seeds confusion and terror. Most researchers have opined that to counter corona epidemic lockdown is unscientific and the epidemic needs to be tackled socially and increase the immunity of the population. Along with this one, researchers have proposed that certain localities should be identified, the patient and the area should be quarantined in order to tackle the problem. The government should also take the initiative for distribution of essential commodities such as masks, sanitizers, soap, food and other health commodities and maintain the infrastructure.
The corona epidemic has exposed the hollowness and repressive face of capitalism. In the meantime in our country unemployment rose 3 and ½ times. The economic crisis already took its toll before corona outbreak and now because of the lockdown it is in a major setback. Within the first 5 years of Modi government the promise of “Aache Din” has been exposed. Sometime back NSSO in its report mentioned that the purchasing power the population living in the rural areas has gone down by 8.8% from July 2017 to June 2018. After 1972, this is the first time that the purchasing power of the rural population has gone down. Taking into account urban and rural population the purchasing power has dropped by 13%. According to World Inequality Database 9% of the population controlled 58% of the resources in 2017. In 2018 it has increased to 73% and now it has gone upto 76%. On the other side 91% of the population’s income has been decreasing. According to Credit Swiss report, the highest inequality India has been achieved during Modi government’s rule in the past 80 years. Global World Health Report mentions that India ranks second in terms of inequality between the rich and the poor. 60% of the population owns only 4.8% of the resources. Over 7 lakh factories have closed during the last 5 years. In 1980-81 the wage share of a worker was 28.5% and in 2012-13 it was reduced to 11%. It was then further reduced to 9% (source: ILO, Asia Pacific Working Paper series). In other words 90% of value extracted from labour power is acquired by the capitalist class. This inequality is actually pushing the market economy into a grave recession. Although the Modi government is trying its best to give opportunities for Ambani-Adani to do business with ease many industrialists are shifting their base from India. The slogan of “one country one tax” was raised in order to impose GST which resulted in total destruction of small and medium enterprises and also industries moved away from investing in India. This “tax terror” forced the owner of Café Coffee Day to die of suicide. On the other hand, taking advantage of the lockdown Ambani has been able to increase his own assets. Thus if the economic scenario is such it is obvious that to maintain such a structure the aggression of the ruling class will be inevitable and will push itself towards fascism. When Manmohan-Chidambaram embarked upon economic liberalisation policy the Indian state was slowly becoming more and more fascist. The curb mass movements they set an example of unprecedented terror. As a result their government turned extremely corrupt. Then came Modi’s avatar. Coming to power the Modi Government started beating the drums of “Acche Din” with war cry of “Na Khaunga na Khane Dunga” (neither will I indulge in corruption nor allow anyone else”. But he did just the opposite. The Indian political scenario became dominated by extreme reactionary, murderer lumpens. Immediately they started passing draconian laws to curb voices of dissent. They even used CBI against parliamentary opponents and put them behind bars to take everything under their control. Whatever was remaining of the federal structure was completely shattered and regional governments just became puppets without any actual power. In accordance with this they started spreading communal tension by waging a campaigns like ghar-wapsi, love jihad, cow protection and other Brahmanical policies in order to destroy the fabric communal peace. The victims of their attacks were Dalits, minority Muslim communities, Adivasis and women. Also rationalists democratic and open-minded individuals were targeted. On one hand rationalists like Narendra Achyut Dabholkar, Govind Pansare, Gauri Lankesh were murdered and on the other democratic intellectuals like Varavara Rao, Sudha Bharadwaj, Anand Teltumbde and others were tagged as “Urban Naxals” and put behind bars under the draconian act UAPA. During the lockdown the government used the corona epidemic as a cover to arrest activists who played a major role in the ongoing movement against NRC-CAA-NPR. In our areas of resistance they modified Chidambaram’s model of “Operation Green Hunt” to launch their offensive in a much brutal way by using the codename “Mission Samadhan”. We have continued our struggle by consolidating the masses politically, organisationally and ideologically along with our military programme.
Modi government and Sangh Parivar was able to polarise a section of the population using Goebbelsian tactics of hate and division. They didn’t stop at only killing rationalists with scientific temper, they continued their quest of destruction of scientific ideas and opinions. They started spreading unscientific ideas among the people. Weird pseudoscientific claims such as “Pegasus was actually an aeroplane during the Vedic age invented by sage Bharadwaj”, “The deity Ganesh having the head of an elephant proves that there was plastic surgery in ancient India”, “Kunti’s son Karna proves the fact that in ancient India there were means of obtaining a test tube baby”, “Quantum mechanics was mentioned in the Vedas”, “Cows inhale carbon- dioxide and exhale oxygen which increases the amount of oxygen in the environment”, “Cow urine can cure corona and other diseases”, “Cow urine contains gold”, “During the age of Mahabharat there was internet, or else how did Sanjay gave Dhritarashtra detailed account of the battle” etc. were spread and even in international science congress such papers were presented which were extremely humiliating for the Indian science community worldwide. With the help of their IT Cell they spread Islamophobia and were able to create confusion amongst a large section of the population to a certain extent. Along with spreading communal hatred, they started creating tension between inhabitants of the North-East and Bengalis. They also created hatred and division among Adivasis and non-Adivasis specially in the Mahato community, Christian and non-Christian Adivasis, between two oppressed nationalities. After creating such disunity and division among the people the lockdown gave the ruling class a perfect opportunity to maintain “social distancing”. They took the advantage to promote their propaganda that “Muslims are responsible for corona” and put the blame on the minority community. Just like one cannot prevent the sun rays by using his hands, lies and rumours can prevent the truth from emerging. Thus during this epidemic Modi government’s highly regressive role has been exposed. The masses also have responded by taking to the streets in large numbers.
Friends, at the end of the 19th century with the fall of socialist red China the aggression of imperialist forces have increased tremendously. Imperialist finance capital according to its own laws has fallen into a grave crisis. Comrade Lenin has already taught us that this crisis is a permanent one. The source of this crisis remains in its over production, failure of market economy, importing capital, controlling the market. It is impossible for capitalism to overcome this situation. On the contrary, aggression, war and destruction is their constant companion. Its crisis has deepened so much that it cannot even pretend to be pro people. Along with this, there is not a single socialist country or in other words country under the rule of the proletariat, hence there is no necessity of being sympathetic towards the working class. Thus the mask has fallen off and revealed the true nature of imperialism has been exposed. The rights earned by the working class through various struggles has been facing major setbacks. The capitalist camp has been delighted seeing the temporary failure of socialism and declared that “Socialism is an outdated ideology”. But inspite of this, seeing the crisis of capitalism the masses have again started equipping themselves with the idea of socialism and Marxism. The temporary setback of socialism has definitely created a confusion amongst the masses. The emphasis on specialised branches of science rather than fundamental science to get a proper overview and promoting technology for the purpose of profit has created an hurdle in understanding the current global situation in a proper perspective. Taking this opportunity capitalists and their sponsored intellectuals have been promoting the idea of free market economy, by uprooting any hurdle in the way of capital. They have allied themselves with agents like Manmohan-Chidambaram-Amit Shah to dominate regions in Asia-Africa-Latin America economically by investing their capital to loot the resources and also convert public institutions into profitable entities. The obvious outcome of this is mass unrests across the world and implementation of fascist offensive as a reaction. The fascist nature of the state is totally reliant on free market economy. On these grounds, liberal and neo-liberal economic models are gaining influence building the opinion that “there is no alternative to capitalism” “we have reached the end stage of history” “we have reached the end stage of science”, “the human face of globalisation”. Politically these neo-liberal ideas support fascism. These ideas on one hand strengthens fascism and on the other tries to create confusion within the revolutionary movement. In this contemporary neo fascist era their ideological foundation is based on post-structuralism, post-modernism, post-truth ideas etc. Which is basically metaphysical and agnostic in nature which doesn’t recognise the objective truth. If we look at truth from an idealist perspective then we will see that truth is absolute. Since the dynamics of a material change constantly hence it would appear that there is no truth, but this conclusion is reached by assuming that truth is absolute. But if we take into account the dynamical nature of matter then according to Lenin’s definition “Matter is a philosophical category denoting the objective reality which is given to man by his sensations, and which is copied, photographed and reflected by our sensations, while existing independently of them. ” That means reality has an existence beyond our consciousness. In other words, it is non-existent or doesn’t exist beyond our senses, is simply not true.. Comrade Lenin also mentioned, “There is nothing in the world but matter in motion, and matter in motion cannot move otherwise than in space and time. ” Then what have become of the truth? To look at matter with respect to space and time in a dialectical way defined “truth” in new light. The idealists used to see truth as non-existent or as something absolute or in a metaphysical way. These two viewpoints were rejected by dialectical materialist approach. First of all, dialectical materialism established the objective truth of matter and on the other hand rejecting the concept of absolute truth showed that truth is also relative and depends of space and time. If we look at our society we will see that it is class divided. The society is composed of different classes and hence class struggle exists. If we see this from the perspective of space and time then we will realise that this wasn’t the reality in the premitive communist societies when class division didn’t exist. In this perspective Engels there is some objective truth. He mentions Napoleon’s death and says although it happened in the past it is true. We also know that unity of opposites are the very nature of matter – this is also an objective truth. Lenin accepted the concept of absolute truth but not in an idealist point of view. Lenin showed that the truth depends on space and time and is relative but truth also exists beyond our interpretation. This is how Lenin drew a line between the idealist interpretation of truth and the dialectical understanding of truth. In other words Lenin showed that a truth can be relative as well as absolute. Many individuals might be in a confused state thinking when the truth can be called relative and when can it be called absolute. According to Leninism we should realise that truth is not absolute and the absolute truth is not absolute forever. We are mentioning it as absolute because it exists irrespective of the interpretation of an individual. Its existence does not depend on whether we know it or not. In that sense it is absolute, and also because it is dynamical it is also relative. In this perspective, Lenin reminded Machines what Engels told regarding Boyle’s law,” Here follows the example of Boyle’s law (the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure). The “grain of truth” contained in this law is only absolute truth within certain limits.” This is the Marxist viewpoint regarding truth (relative and absolute). This is where we differ from post modernists, ideologically. They don’t accept truth at all. Thus they are just the new form of old agnostics. They don’t accept the objective reality of anything, according to them the rulers, the powerful and dominant entities (they do not accept the concept of classes) select the discourse with our own “language” and “structure” and we merely interpret them in that manner. To them there is no existence of matter, but only the existence of “narrative”. Science is not a tool to understand matter and the world, science is just a part of the “grand narrative” of the dominant entities. They have a similar understanding of Marxism too. Implementing the dictatorship of the proletariat by waging class struggle and establishing exploitation free classless society is just a “grand narration” or a “master discourse” according to them. They believe that classless society cannot be established and hence one needs to take small initiatives to help expand the boundaries of democratic rights. They are just limited to this. As a result anarchist forms of struggle dominated their understanding – wage struggle but never build an organisation. But even to execute small tasks there is a need of an organisation. Then they came up with an opinion of a different form of organisation, which might sound to be a new concept but in reality is not different from the debate between Marx-Engels and anarchists before Paris commune. It is just an old wine in a new bottle. They completely rejected the pyramidal structure of the organisation, developing committees from higher up to lower levels, democratic centralism, taking decisions in a taking opinions in a united way, etc. In one word, they embraced neo-metaphysical ideas of individualism, consumerism and a type of nihilism. In the organisational structure they embraced anarchism. Basically, with neo-liberalism there emerged post modern ideas, similarly on organisational level neo-anarchism took hold. In the fields of art-literature-drama Ford foundation, Rockefellar foundation along with CIA funded lakhs of NGO’s which in turn funded many writes, artists and intellectuals worldwide. The art-literature that developed due to workers movements, proletarian revolution, initiatives taken by socialist countries represented socio-economic crisis and the struggle to achieve emancipation. In one word, this kind of art-literature laid emphasis to society as a whole rather than giving importance to an individual without taking into account the socio-economic problems. On the other hand, funded NGO’s of the imperialist countries gave much more importance to art form and individual cravings. It promoted individualism and the idea that collective struggle is meaningless. This dominated the entire art-literature domain. With this, internet and social media also played a part in promoting consumerism and individualism culturally. The bourgeois concept of “private property” gives the ultimate importance to individual freedom and similarly the economic base of neo-liberalism is promoted by post modernists in a neo anarchist form which is in return strengthening fascism. The movements related women-rights, racism, casteism, communalism are all related to class outlook and class struggle but postmodernists have rejected such a scientific approach and tried to separate this movements from class perspective and working class movements. Hence, they weaken both the movements as a whole. Thus imperialism operates in this way to curb wokers movements worldwide by supporting such ideologies. This has also an influential effect on our party. Specially in students’ movements, women’s movement, rights movement, workers’ movement and other intellectual fronts are suffering from this problem. As a result in our movement it can be noticed that individualism, patriarchy and consumerist tendencies have gained influence. Along with this Low Intensity Conflict by the enemy is being conducted on a psychological level. These problems are helping the enemy to wage a psychological warfare indirectly. Self-centric attitude, extreme individualism, not obeying opinion of the majority, opening a different organisation without resolving debate, not giving importance to democratic centralism – is an effect of post modernist trends directly and indirectly which is making our organisation weaker internally. Obviously this is also weakening the movements. It can be observed that even within our party members post modernist trends are overwhelming noticeable in their political writings, speeches etc. in a major way which they are not even conscious about. In their own practice also it is taking an effect. This can only be countered by an in-depth understanding of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, practicing democratic centralism, bolshevisation of the party and serving peasant revolution through Protracted People’s War.
Friends, we know that after the death of Comrade Mao Zedong, the revisionist cliché of Deng Xiaoping captured power and oppressed the revolutionaries. These capitalist inroaders slowly turned socialist China towards market economy. Thus, there was not a single socialist country in the world to exist. But from 1970s to mid 1980s till the Soviet Union didn’t break apart there were two competing imperialist powers. One was American imperialism and another was social imperialist Soviet Union. Between these two countries there was Cold War. In the late 80s after the fall of Soviet Union the world was only dominated by one imperialist force. Crisis-ridden American imperialists imposed their power all over the world for a certain amount time. But at this point its dominance is reducing by the day. On one hand one can observe the decay of powerful America in its international relations with European Union and other countries and on the other hand one can see the rise of Chinese social imperialist power. Thus again we are facing the threat of another Cold War. The corona epidemic has thrown the world into a very weird situation where the contradiction between imperialist powers have intensified and also numerous possibilities of revolutionary situation have cropped up. It is also true that communist movement worldwide is subjectively weak. The enemy has learnt from Russian revolution, Chinese revolution, liberation wars of Indo-China on how to curb revolutionary situation. The Protracted People’s War followed by our party has been the target of the ruling classes of our country, through their LIC policy. They have chalked out tactics to counter the party militarily and also waging a psychological warfare to weaken the subjective force of the party. They are exploiting many non-proletarian trends and deviations of the party workers to break our organisation. Some comrades are falling into their trap too. To defeat this attack the leadership of our Central Committee has taken the programme of Bolshevisation. Today if we observe the world socialist movement then we will understand that there is no socialist country. As a result we are facing similar conditions previous to the Russian revolution. To help the revolution in our country the international working class is of course by our side but there is a not single socialist country to help us. We have learnt from history that there cannot be an exact repetition of the same event again. Before Russian revolution the communist revolutionaries in the Soviet had the experience of Paris Commune. We can learn from Paris Commune, socialist revolution in Russia, New Democratic Revolution in China to socialist revolution, Indo-China liberation wars, Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, war against fascism led by Comrade Stalin and the great struggle of workers and peasants under the banner of Naxalbari etc. which can enrich our experience. The objective reality of socialist revolution due to the material conditions and the decaying dominance of imperialist nations along with the struggle of the masses from the oppressed nation has provided an excellent opportunity. If we notice we will see that for the last 53 years from Naxalbari uprising armed resistance hasn’t stopped even for a single day. The reactionary ruling classes of this country has identified the communist revolutionaries as the “major threat to internal security”. Inspite of this repression our revolutionary struggle is spreading. For the progress of this revolution many comrades have laid down their lives. Apart from our struggle self determination movements elsewhere in India have been waging an armed resistance against the state. Specially in Kashmir and North-East the national liberation movements are waging an armed struggle. During this Modi-Shah rule Dalits and minority communities along with democratic masses are participating in movements. The lockdown will deepen the economic crisis even more and as a result worker peasant movement will further develop, which will in turn enhance the Protracted People’s War. In this perspective the ninth Congress of the Party (First Congress) has presented before us some tasks. To develop guerilla warfare to Protracted People’s War with the perspective of building PLA, to transform guerilla zones to base areas, transform the PLGA to PLA. The situation to fulfil these 3 tasks is much more possible now. Let us take advantage of this situation and develop peasant revolution to a further developed level and fulfil the dreams of our martyrs by carrying out New Democratic Revolution. Let this be our respectful tribute to our martyrs.
With Revolutionary Greetings
Central Committee
Eastern Regional Bureau
C.P.I. (Maoist)

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