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Mao and Lenin Quotations

"Problems of War and Strategy": “According to the Marxist theory of the state, the army is the chief component of state power. Whoever wants to seize and retain state power must have a strong army. Some people ridicule us as advocates of the ‘omnipotence of war’. Yes, we are advocates of the omnipotence of revolutionary war; that is good, not bad, it is Marxist.

 Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder: “The fundamental law of revolution, which has been confirmed by all revolutions and especially by all three Russian revolutions in the twentieth century, is as follows: for a revolution to take place it is not enough for the exploited and oppressed masses to realize the impossibility of living in the old way, and demand changes; for a revolution to take place it is essential that the exploiters should not be able to live and rule in the old way.

One will readily agree that any army which does not train to use all the weapons, all the means and methods of warfare that the enemy possesses, or may possess, is behaving in an unwise or even criminal manner.” “In politics it is even harder to know in advance which methods of struggle will be applicable and to our advantage in certain future conditions. Unless we learn to apply all the methods of struggle, we may suffer grave and sometimes even decisive defeat, if changes beyond our control in the position of the other classes bring to the forefront a form of activity in which we are especially weak.

Weapons are an important factor in war, but not the decisive factor; it is people, not things, that are decisive. The contest of strength is not only a contest of military and economic power, but also a contest of human power and morale. Military and economic power is necessarily wielded by people.” (Mao Zedong, “On Protracted War”, Selected Works, Vol. 2)
 “History as a whole, and the history of revolutions in particular, is always richer in content, more varied, more multiform, more lively and ingenious than is imagined by even the best parties, the most class-conscious vanguards of the most advanced classes.

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India - 9 political prisoners writes letter from Pune Jail to Maha Governor

9 To
The Governor of Maharashtra
We have been held under judicial custody for the past one year in Yerawada Central Jail of Poona. Five of us were arrested on June 6, 2018, for the alleged crime related to the ʹElgar Parishadʹ that took place in Shaniwarwada of Poona, and four others were arrested on August 28, 2018. We have been accused of various criminal conspiracies such as inciting violence in Bhima Koregaon on January 1, 2018 as well as inciting hatred and hostility between two communities, sedition, anti-nationalism etc. These are utterly false charges.
If ʹthe nationʹ means its people, then how can it be an act of anti-nationalism if the people of the country speak against an elected government and inspire others to think likewise? It is not true that the audience were being provoked to violence against the government through the speeches, motivational songs or plays presented in the Elgar Parishad Convention. Rather, an appeal was being made to the people to collectively struggle against exploitation and oppression in order to ʹdefend the Constitution, the democracy and the nationʹ, and to refrain from voting for the BJP Government which has been acting against the Constitution. It is for this act that we have been charged under fabricated crimes. A severe act of injustice is being perpetrated on us.
Despite clear guidelines of the Supreme Court through the rule of ʹbail not jailʹ, the matter of our bail petitions is being indefinitely dragged by the prosecution. Just like the public prosecutor and the investigating police officer have run the case like a media trial, our bail hearings have been turned into a mini media trial as well. The emails that have been allegedly exchanged with Maoists are being readily published by the prosecution through the media. But the relevant electronic documents have still not been given to the accused party for more than a year now. This raises doubts about the prosecutionʹs intentions. Political detainees are in this way rotting in prisons for years – a straightforward violation of the fundamental principles of ʹjustice for allʹ and ʹjustice on timeʹ.
ʹSabka Saath Sabka Vikaasʹ – this has been the slogan of the new government but one can arguably be suspicious of how effective it would be in reality, simply by looking at the past doings of the previous governments. If the government wishes to win the peopleʹs confidence from all factions, it will first have to prove its commitment to the Constitution, based on which it functions. And for that, it must provide equal justice to all. Crushing all disagreements, anti-government stances and critical ideas, and arresting all opponents under the charge of anti-nationalism is an open attack on the freedom of expression. As the new government has come to power, cow-lynching has begun all over again. Not only is the government being oblivious to such violence, it is also not taking any steps to prevent religious fanaticism inciting hatred and hostility, or acts such as public commemoration of Nathuram Godse. ʹSabka Vikaasʹ is thus clearly a hoax.

If democracy means constitutionality, then why doesnʹt everyone in the country get equal justice? Why are some held inside as prisoners while some roam freely outside? If indeed a constitutional democracy is to be established in India, then we demand as its precondition that all political prisoners be immediately and unconditionally released.

Your political prisoners

(1) Sudhir Dhawale
(2) Surendra Gadling
(3) Mahesh Raut
(4) Rona Wilson
(5) Arun Ferreira
(6) Vernon Gonsalves
(7) Varvara Rao
(8) Sudha Bhardwaj
(9) Shoma Sen

India -  Varavara Raoʹs wife Hemalatha wrote letter...Intellectuals Extends solidarity

Chinese protesters sing anthem The Internationale

India - Kituba (Odisha) Fake Encounter – HRF Statement

Press Release
The Human Rights Forum (HRF) demands that personnel of the Special Operations Group (SOG) and District Voluntary Force (DVF) who participated in the killing of 5 Maoists near Kituba village of Badel panchayat in Nandapur block, Koraput district of Odissa on May 8 this year be booked for murder under IPC 302 and other relevant provisions of the penal code and criminally prosecuted.
A three-member HRF fact-finding team visited Kituba village on Thursday (June 6) and spoke with residents in the area. We were able to ascertain that there is no truth in the official version that a combined team of the SOG and DVF came upon the Maoists in the Badel forests upon which the Maoists initially opened fire and the security forces returned the fire in self-defence leading to the death of five Maoists.

PCI (Maoist) - support mass struggle in India - support people's war in India - support PCI(Maoist) - ICSPWI

....We call upon the international friends of the people of India to stand in solidarity with this struggle by taking up campaigns for the persecuted social activists.
Down with the feudal-comprador Brahmanical Hindu-fascism!
Down with Modi government and its cohorts... !
Long live the countrywide united people’s movement against Hindutva-fascist BJP...! 
Long live the anti-feudal, anti-imperialist and anti-fascist people’s democratic revolution!

(Abhay) Spokesperson Central Committee CPI(Maoist)

on the road of the comrade Surendra for the building of Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist)

Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist) leader and once General Secretary of the Party, Ajith Rupasinghe, comrade Surendra passed away on 3 April 2017[Press Release] Condolence to Comrade Surendra a Sri Lankan Maoist

Comrade Surendra had supported the people’s war in Nepal and that support remained intact until the then leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) abandoned the revolutionary line. Surendra had joined the Communist Movement while studying in the USA and became a revolutionary activist there. He always stood firm in the side of the revolutionary line in the international communist movement.

Ceylon Communist Party had been one of the participant party of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement RIM. As a participant party of the Maoist regional organization CCOMPOSA (Coordination Committee of the Maoist Parties and Organisation), Comrade Surendra had participated in this organization. He tried to unify the Maoist forces in Sri Lanka several time which had undergone splits among small groupings. His Party had worked in the areas of the poor people in the tea garden of the hilly area of Ceylon. Comrade Surendra was an outstanding leader came out of the Singhala nationality to support the Tamil people and demanded the right of self-determination of the Tamil nationality. 

for debate Nepal - Maoist Outlook - Let us prepare for building proletarian international!

Maoist Outlook
July 2019
Let us prepare for building proletarian international!
All of the contradictions that exist between imperialism and oppressed nations, labour and capital and the imperialist powers are intensifying in the world today. The imperialism is undergoing crisis economically, politically and culturally. At present, the monopoly financial capital has been awfully centralised, on the one hand, and the impoverished working class and the oppressed masses are getting infuriated, on the other. From this perspective, the objective situation is getting favourable for revolution. Nevertheless, the subjective condition is still weak.
After the death of Mao, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) that was constituted among revolutionary communist parties and organisations of different countries on the theoretical foundation and ideological guideline of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism had played an important role for revolution. The new democratic and socialist revolutions and the national liberation movements had started developing in several countries in a new way. But, as a result of serious right-revisionist deviation in a section of main leadership rank of the erstwhile Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and in the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA as well the RIM has reached an almost dead and defunct condition now. Hence, the RIM cannot work anymore, and the need to form a new international has been imminent task.
Several communist parties and organisations that were inside and outside of RIM are actively engaged in revolution today. Besides, new Maoist parties have been built up in many countries in this course. Their concern of building a revolutionary international is growing and some efforts are also underway in this process. But, they are still inadequate.
Therefore, we have to pay special attention to building a proletarian international, now. In this context, we have to pay special attention mainly in two things. Firstly, the ideological basis of such an international should be Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the parties' political programmes should correspond to the socio-economic condition of the given country and secondly, the Maoist parties and organisations, no matter which were and which were not in RIM before, should create a common understanding among them going through intensive and extensive interactions and necessary two-line struggles. We have to make a special effort for both of these tasks. This is how the proletarian international can be built.
Dear comrades, imperialism, different forms of reactions and right-revisionism can create hindrances to this task and our own limitations and weaknesses too can stand as challenges before this mission. We have to go ahead confronting all the hindrances and challenges of this sort. Let us unite and come forward for the preparation of building a proletarian international on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!.....

TKP/ML 1° Congress calls internationally..

....Our Congress declares with our infinite belief in communism and our loyalty to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, to the representatives of the international proletariat in various countries and to the fellow communist parties that the TKP/ML, the representative of the international proletariat in Turkey is now stronger and more determined in struggle than ever with its 1st Congress. The Communist Movement of the World has significant and serious problems. Revisionist, opportunist, liquidationist and reformist attacks towards MLM are now more furious and reckless than ever. Against those who drop the red flag in the face of regressions from socialism, and those who give in to the anti-MLM currents instead of leaning on to Maoism, we once again wave the red flag stronger with the struggle for New Democratic Revolution, Socialism and Communism. We have the determination to build a common marching column that is equipped with proletarian internationalism and MLM against the attacks developing on a international scale. The worldwide crisis of the imperialist-capitalist system will make the ground for People’s War stronger in semi-feudal, semi-colonial countries and will offer these centres of storm of revolution the opportunity to rush forward. Today in India, in Peru, in Philippines and in various other semi-feudal and semi-colonial countries in a larger or a smaller scale exists the fire of People’s War. We might be at a state of a spark, but we are students of a master who said, “a single spark can start a prairie fire”. We carry our claim to start a prairie fire with our historical consciousness and obligation. In order for our single spark to spread we will put all our effort, energy and focus. Glory to the international proletarian movements, organizations and fellow parties who walk on the enlightened path of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism......

du Belgique au Pakistan repression contre les grevistes

Belgique : Volvo Gand condamné pour avoir licencié des grévistes

Après une action syndicale en 2017, direction et représentants des travailleurs de Volvo Car Gand avaient abouti à un accord afin d’alléger la charge de travail. Mais la vitesse de la ligne de production a ensuite à nouveau été revue à la hausse, sans mise en place de mesures supplémentaires. Cela a à nouveau mené à une courte interruption de travail en 2018, qui n’était pas soutenue par les syndicats. Un groupe d’ouvriers a été licencié à la suite de cette action et une partie d’entre eux s’est dirigée vers le tribunal. Le constructeur automobile Volvo Car Gand vient d’être condamné à doit payer des dédommagements entre 20.000 et 24.000 euros à quatre de ces anciens travailleurs pour les avoir licenciés de manière injustifiée, a décidé le tribunal du travail local.
L'usine Volvo à Gand L’usine Volvo à Gand 

Pakistan : La police matraque les infirmières grévistes

Des policiers ont chargé hier jeudi en matinée les infirmières qui marchaient vers la résidence du premier ministre à Karachi. La police a aussi utilisé des canons à eau pour disperser les infirmières grévistes qui tiennent un sit-in depuis 15 jours pour augmenter leurs indemnités. Les infirmières en grève boycottent les services d’urgence, les soins intensifs et les salles d’opération, obligeant les médecins à prendre en charge une partie de leur travail.Manifestation des infirmières grévistes à Karachi

Manifestation des infirmières grévistes à Karachi

Palestine - 'marche de retour' et repression sioniste

Palestine : 97 manifestants blessés à Gaza

97 palestiniens, dont 2 journalistes et 2 urgentistes, ont été blessés par l’armée israélienne, dans l’est de la Bande de Gaza, lors d’un rassemblement de la marche du Retour. Parmi eux, 49 ont été blessés à balles réelles, tirées par les forces israéliennes. C’était la 66e journée de mobilisation ce vendredi et à cette occasion, de nombreux drapeaux israéliens ont été brûlés par les manifestants.
SDrapeaux israéliens brûlés à Gaza Drapeaux israéliens brûlés à Gaza 

la France du moderne fascisme - maintenent 'Macroniste' et de l'Etat de police

France : Castaner décore des policiers impliqués dans des violences contre des gilets jaunes

Castaner a remis des médailles à 9.000 fonctionnaires de police impliqués dans des affaires de violences policières commises principalement lors des différentes mobilisations des « gilets jaunes ». Ces médailles de la sécurité intérieure, habituellement remises les 1er janvier et 14 juillet, ont, cette fois, été décernées de façon exceptionnelle dans le cadre de la « promotion exceptionnelle médaille de la sécurité intérieure “gilets jaunes” ».
Parmi les décoré, on trouve notamment Grégoire Chassaing, commissaire divisionnaire à Nantes, chargé des opérations de sécurité le 21 juin, lors de la Fête de la musique. Il a donné l’ordre de disperser la foule à grand renfort de gaz lacrymogènes, entraînant la chute de quatorze personnes dans la Loire, dont Steve Maia Caniço, toujours porté disparu. Egalement décoré, le capitaine Bruno Félix auditionné dans l’enquête sur le décès de Zineb Redouane, atteinte au visage par une grenade lacrymogène à la fenêtre de son appartement à Marseille, le 1er décembre.
Responsable des opérations de maintien de l’ordre, lors desquelles Geneviève Legay, une militante de 73 ans, a été gravement blessée à Nice, le commissaire Rabah Souchi a lui aussi été décoré. Autre décoré : le commandant divisionnaire, membre de la brigade de policiers venue déloger à coups de matraques et à coups de pieds des manifestants retranchés dans un Burger King, lors de l’acte III.
Les passages à tabac dans le Burger King lors de l'Acte III Les passages à tabac dans le Burger King lors de l’Acte III 

extraits du teste du programme du PCm France 2016

 ----Aujourd’hui, les Guerres Populaires restent le phare de la révolution prolétarienne mondiale, le plus haut degré de la lutte anti-impérialiste. La GP en Inde est la plus importante à notre époque, car se déroulant dans un pays de plus d’un milliard d’habitants et ayant une place de plus en plus importante dans l’économie capitaliste mondiale. Mais nous regardons et soutenons aussi les Camarades dans la même voie aux Philippines, en Turquie, au Pérou et dans tous les autres pays où se développent les Partis Communistes maoïstes. Dans les pays impérialistes, il faut noter l’Italie et le Canada où se développent des Partis Communistes maoïstes reconnaissent l’universalité de la Guerre Populaire, sans compter les autres pays où des groupes et organisations sont en cours de formation Nous devons comprendre ce qui est universel et ce qui est particulier, comprendre les apports de chaque mise en pratique du maoïsme, comprendre que le maoïsme est l’idéologie communiste d’aujourd’hui.---

.... Dans notre pays, dans tous les pays impérialistes et dans les pays qu’ils dominent, la montée du fascisme progresse et les guerres dans les pays dominés se développent et peuvent aboutir à un conflit mondial....

4. Notre idéologie, le marxisme-léninisme-maoïsme

   Le marxisme-léninisme-maoïsme constitue la synthèse de la théorie et de la pratique révolutionnaire du prolétariat. L’élaboration de cette science a été produite grâce à l’implication de Marx, Lénine et Mao dans la lutte de classe, dans la lutte idéologique de leur temps, à l’intérieur de leurs partis révolutionnaires respectifs et dans les Internationales communistes où ils ont œuvré. Sans cette implication dans la lutte des masses à cette époque intense de transformations sociales, de débats idéologiques et politiques, ils n’auraient pas pu élaborer cette science.
   Se réclamer du MLM, c’est se réapproprier notre propre histoire, trahie par les révisionnistes et les réformistes. C’est rétablir la vérité sur l’histoire du mouvement ouvrier, ses avancées mais aussi sans complaisance pour ses faiblesses et ses erreurs. Nous devons nous appuyer sur cette histoire, tirer les leçons essentielles, en recueillant le principal qui a été positif, rejetant ce qui a été négatif après en avoir analysé les causes. En cela, Marx, Engels, Lénine, Staline et Mao Zedong nous lèguent un héritage précieux.
Marx et Engels posent les bases
   A l’époque de l’émergence de la classe ouvrière comme classe à part entière, Marx et Engels ont été les premiers à poser les jalons d’une science complète à son service, destinée non pas seulement à comprendre le monde mais à le transformer.

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Mexico Informe de la Tercera fase de la Jornada por Justicia y los Derechos del Pueblo

Al proletariado y la clase trabajadora, al campesinado pobre y los pueblos oprimidos, a las capas más profundas del pueblo queremos rendir el siguiente parte informativo.
Cumpliendo con lo dispuesto por nuestros órganos de dirección y lo mandatado en el Plan Central de Lucha y Combate de nuestra organización, hemos desarrollado con éxito la Tercera Fase de nuestra Jornada por Justicia y los Derechos del Pueblo, en su modalidad de Movilización Nacional, reforzando la exigencia de los 5 puntos reivindicativos-centrales, a saber:
  1. Presentación con vida del camarada Doctor Ernesto Sernas García y castigo a los asesinos del camarada Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino.
  2. Reparación integral del daño a los desplazados Triquis de San Miguel Copala.
  3. Cancelación de la Sub-estación eléctrica-militar de SEDENA en San Blas Atempa.
  4. Respeto al trabajo y la libertad de asociación de los trabajadores de salud afiliados a la Sección 9 del SINTS.
  5. Respeto y cumplimiento a los derechos del pueblo, en donde en el ámbito nacional se hace especial mención de la lucha por la tierra.
A partir de la exigencia de los 5 puntos reivindicativos-centrales, los aguerridos contingentes provenientes de diversas entidades del país, se concentraron de forma representativa en la CDMx, corazón del capitalismo burocrático de México, enarbolando las banderas rojas de la Revolución de Nueva Democracia y el Socialismo.
Desde Morelos, Hidalgo, Estado de México, Ciudad de México y Oaxaca, arribaron los contingentes de mujeres y hombres, proletarios y campesinos, reforzados con la juventud clasista que inundó de banderas rojas la capital del país, rechazando las tesis reformistas y revisionistas del colaboracionismo de clase, el cretinismo parlamentario y la conciliación.


En India los naxalitas son la única esperanza de los oprimidos

Publicado en la edición impresa n° 80 de Periódico El Pueblo.
La guerra popular dirigida por el Partido Comunista de la India (Maoísta), abreviado PCI (M), se ha transformado en uno de los enemigos más peligroso del mundo que amenaza los intereses yanquis. Esta guerra revolucionaria, que busca la total independencia del país y la destrucción del capitalismo burocrático levantado sobre una base semifeudal, se ha levantado de las ardientes cenizas de lo que fue el Levantamiento de Naxalbari en 1967, de ahí que a los comunistas se les conozca como “naxalitas”.
Es tal el miedo a los maoístas que tienen los imperialistas y reaccionarios que han levantado una serie de infructuosas campañas de cerco y aniquilamiento. Su incapacidad de combatir una fuerza ideológica y políticamente superior les ha llevado, en realidad, a desarrollar una descarnada guerra contra el pueblo indio, tanto en el campo como en la ciudad, asesinando campesinos, violando masivamente mujeres populares, persiguiendo y encarcelando a activistas democráticos, entre otras atrocidades que emprenden para defender su podrido sistema de castas sociales serviles al imperialismo, principalmente estadounidense.

Varavara Rao y GN Saibaba
A través de la “Operación Cacería Verde” y la “Operación Mentes y Corazones”, cuyo significado real es genocidio, las clases dominantes buscan aislar al PCI (M) y ahogar en sangre la guerra popular, pero el disparo les está saliendo todos los días por la culata. El apoyo a los maoístas crece, ya no solo en la India, sino por todo el mundo. Inclusive, personajes destacados de la vida pública en ese país se autodeclaran “naxalitas urbanos”, una clara muestra de apoyo a la causa del pueblo.
A nivel mundial se han realizado exitosas campañas por la liberación de los presos políticos de la India, denunciando la táctica del viejo Estado de “liberar” bajo fianza a los encarcelados para enseguida encerrarlos de nuevo, método que busca ablandarlos como parte de la guerra sicológica.
En esta ocasión destacaremos el caso de Varavara Rao, poeta y fundador de la Asociación de Escritores Revolucionarios, actual presidente del Frente Democrático Revolucionario (FDR), preso desde agosto del 2018 con el objetivo de callar las voces democráticas que se levantan en defensa de los derechos del pueblo.
También la situación del profesor GN Saibaba, miembro del FDR condenado a una sentencia de por vida desde marzo del 2017, reconocido luchador por los derechos de las comunidades indígenas de las ricas zonas mineras del noreste de la India, acusado de tener vínculos con el PCI (M). Al profesor Saibaba se le niegan todos los derechos, inclusive estando en silla de ruedas tras padecer parálisis por poliomielitis.
Por último, el caso de Ajith, que ha convocado la última gran campaña internacional de solidaridad. Él se encuentra preso desde mayo del 2015, siendo miembro del Comité Central del PCI (M). Este experimentado revolucionario se unió en 1976 a la guerra popular y ha liderado a cabo la lucha contra numerosas desviaciones antimarxistas que buscaban aniquilar la revolución en la India. Cumplió el papel de ser portavoz del PCI (Marxista Leninista) Naxalbari, una fracción comunista que se unió el 2014 al PCI (M) en su IX Congreso. Al igual que los otros, sus derechos mínimos son violados sistemáticamente, a pesar de haber tenido una delicada operación al corazón. 

Italy - against Salvini/Putin connection

info india - The "SINE-DIE" Suspension of academic activities in TISS HYD is oppressive and tyrannical.

The "SINE-DIE" Suspension of academic activities in TISS HYD is oppressive and tyrannical.

The students of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad are protesting against the exorbitant hostel fees which is pushing many underprivileged students to dropout of the course entirely. The two main demands of the students are one that the earlier fee structure be implemented for all existing and future GoI PMS students including those relying on other financial aid and reinstate the ty of Hostel Management, the second demand is that the management has to display the tender and contract which was made with the new service provider. This is the first time that the tender and contract arenʹt displayed in the notice board which hints foulplay in the whole situation. The management had multiple talks with student body but none of them were productive.
The students of TISS HYD have been on mass hunger strike since 4 days. Till today almost 5 students got hospitalised . Yet the management did not agree to their demads.
Today 15.7.19 a mail was sent by TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Acting Registar Mr. Balamurgan that the Hyderabad TISS campus should suspend all the academic activities "sine-die" asking the students to vacate the campus by 5pm on the same day .This step by the management can only be interpreted as their attempt to silence the dissenting students and to cover up their larger foulplay in choosing the new service provider of the Hyderabad campus.
The ʹDialogueʹ condemns this draconian, autocratic move by the TISS administration and stands in solidarity with the students of TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES HYDERABAD.
Keywords : Tata Institute of Social Sciences, TISS, Hydearabad
(2019-07-18 00:41:23)

info Nepal - PCN / revisionist government

Kathmandu, 18.07.19
Según un reporte del Kathmandu Post, el Partido Comunista de Nepal, que dirige el camarada Biplav, no da credibilidad a los llamados del gobierno revisionista y ha señalado tres puntos necesarios para cualquier negociación; la inmediata puesta en libertad de todos sus miltantes y dirigentes presos, la legalización del Partido y una carta formal para el inicio de las conversaciones.
Desde la ilegalización, el pasado mes de marzo, del Partido, han muerto ocho militantes del mismo, cinco en explosiones fortuitas y tres a manos de la policía, a la que acusan de haber asesinado a sagre fria a los mismos.

Según la fuente entrevistada en este artículo las conversaciones en la actualidad deben centrarse en torno a la independencia del país, frente a la ingerencia de la India o de China.



Como lo dijo Lenin, una vez que se establece el monopolio no hay limitación que valga, pués este buscara los caminos legítimos o ilegítimos para hacer valer sus intereses. Esto se ve muy claro en el caso del llamado proyecto Tía María de inversión en la gran minería de cobre de la empresa monopolista Southern Perú Copper Corporation, empresa del capital financiero yanqui que se ha metamorfoseado como empresa del grupo de la facción compradora de México, conocido como Grupo México (un Holding, de uno de los 10 grupos más poderosos de México), cuya división minera opera sujeta a un Holding yanqui.

 Todos los gobiernos desde 2009 se han puesto al servicio de la Suthen y su proyecto, contra el interes de esta monopolista no vale nada, el tan publicitado "derecho a la consulta", dicen ellos mismos que es válido sólo para proyectos que afectan a pueblos indígenas y desde el 2012 para atrás no vale. Pero nosotros sabemos que este "derecho a la consulta" sólo es un engatusa muchachos que no obliga al Estado. Ahora se esta mostrando toda la falsedad de este derecho burgués, mejor dicho terrateniente burocrático. Así:

La provincia de Islay, Región Arequipa, cumple 3 días de paro total contra el despojo por el viejo

France - contre la corrution - Accion! « Escroc on te fera payer » : le domicile de François de Rugy tagué près de Nantes

Tiré de Presse Océan
« De Rugy escroc on te fera payer ». Le message s’affiche en lettres capitales rouges sur la façade arrière de l’immeuble abritant l’appartement loué par François de Rugy, quartier du Petit-Chantilly à Orvault. Il a été découvert ce jeudi matin par les voisins de l’ex-ministre.
Le tag est accompagné d’une faucille et d’un marteau et des initiales PCM. Dans un courriel envoyé à la rédaction de Presse Océan, le Parti communiste maoïste dit revendiquer cet acte : « Les parasites comme De Rugy qui se goinfrent de homard, vivent dans le luxe et profitent de logements sociaux grâce à l’argent volé aux travailleurs doivent être dénoncés et combattus ! », affirme le communiqué en référence aux déboires du député accusé d’organiser des dîners fastueux alors qu’il était président de l’Assemblée nationale, d’avoir engagé de coûteux travaux dans son logement de fonction du ministère de l’Écologie ou encore de profiter d’un appartement à loyer préférentiel à Orvault.
Des révélations en cascade qui ont poussé François de Rugy à présenter sa démission, mardi.
Ce jeudi midi, au Petit-Chantilly, une patrouille de police accompagnée d’un technicien a réalisé les constatations de police technique et scientifique.
Par le passé, la permanence nantaise du député de Loire-Atlantique a plusieurs fois fait l’objet de dégradations et sa résidence secondaire sur l’île d’Ouessant taguée de slogans anti-gouvernementaux en décembre.

Brasil SP: Assassino atropela dezenas de manifestantes do MST e mata idoso


Luiz Ferreira da Costa foi assassinado pelo reacionário que atropelou a manifestação. Foto: Reprodução
Na manhã de 18 de julho, um reacionário avançou com o seu veículo contra uma manifestação de cerca de 400 moradores de uma ocupação do Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) localizada no município de Valinhos, em São Paulo. Com este ato covarde, o idoso Luiz Ferreira da Costa, de 73 anos, foi atropelado e acabou falecendo antes de chegar à Unidade de Pronto Atendimento (UPA). Outras pessoas ficaram feridas, entre elas um jornalista. O motorista assassino fugiu.
Segundo informações da página do MST, os camponeses realizavam uma manifestação com entrega de alimentos pelo fornecimento de água no acampamento 'Marielle Vive!', quando, no quilômetro 7 da Estrada do Jequitibá, foram surpreendidos por um homem que, com uma caminhonete em alta velocidade, atropelou dezenas de manifestantes.
Acampamento em Valinhos tem cerca de mil famílias. Foto: Reprodução

PUERTO RICO: Revolta popular contra o corrupto Gobernador.

Ricky Martin saluda a los manifestantes, junto a Residente, ex cantante de Calle 13 (AFP)
 Ricky Martin sauda aos manifestantes, xunto a Residente, ex cantante de Calle 13 (AFP)

S. Juan, 18.07.19
Dende hai cinco días o pobo de Porto Rico leva masivas protestas esixindo a inmediata dimisión do Gobernador, Roberto Roselló, acusado de corrupción e de amosarse dun xeito inxurioso contra a comunidade gay nun chat.
As masivas manifestacions teñen concluido con fortes enfrontamento coa policía.
Hoxe milleiros de persoas, acompañados por coñecidos artistas de Hollywood e da cancion como Benicio del Toro ou Ricky Martin, teñen participado nunha grande movilizacion, polas rúas do vello San Juan.
Este ultimo dirixinidose aos manifestantes afirmou:  "se tiene que ir para el carajo para que no siga la corrupción y el lavado de dinero, ha insultado a la gente que trabaja para él y a todo Puerto Rico. Esto no se puede quedar así". En declaracions a cadena CBS, indicou que "ahora mismo tenemos una dictadura". O ex cantante de Calle 13 afirmou: "Se mofaron de nuestros cadáveres, se mofaron de la mujer, se mofaron de la comunidad LGBT, se mofaron de toda la isla y por eso estamos aquí hoy, porque estos supuestos líderes no nos representan".
Según comentaristas políticos, o Gobernador terá que dimitir pola situación creada pola súa corrupcion e as ofensas e burlas ao pobo. De non facelo siñalan correse o perigro dun estoupido social.
(Con información de AFP y EFE)

TKP/ML Trial: Banu, Sinan and Sami free again

It has not even been a month until Banu, Sinan and Sami are free yet again! All three are defendants in the so-called „TKP/ML Trial“ have had their detention orders (yet again) lifted yesterday. After this had already happened once, 2018, all three were rearrested surprisingly on June 25, 2019, whilst in court. Against this obvious terror aimed against those who stand accused by the state to be Communists and Revolutionaries a great wave of solidarity developed in the last three weeks, denouncing the trial and the court decision, that has now let to the defendants being released again.
From the report published on occasion of their release it becomes clear, that the „Federal Criminal Police Office“ (A/N: „Bundeskriminalamt (BKA)“, well armed, militarized „anti-terror“ police) told the court, that the defendants would have violated the terms of their suspended detention order, as they would have left Germany, went to Greece and in April participated in a Party Congress of the TKP-ML there [sic!]. For this concoction the Federal Attorney General together with the Federal Criminal Police even declared reactionary news platforms to be credible sources. With the their statement the defense council made obvious that the story is nothing but a fabricated fairy tale, as with the split there are now the „TKP/ML“ as well as the „TKP-ML“ - and while the prior had a conference, although in January and not in April – it is totally absurd to claim any of the defendants would have participated in any Party Congress of the „TKP-ML“.

India news Ejecutan a dos soplones policiales y castigan a otro en Visakhapatnam.

New Delhi, 18.07,19
Dos informadores de la policía fueron ejecutados y un tercero castigado por efectivos del Ejército Guerrillero Popular de Liberación, en el distrito de Visakhapatnam, en la frontera de Andhra-Odisha, informa un reporte del Hindustan Times.
Los tres indviduos fueron sacados de sus domicilios en el pueblo de Veeravaram. Dos de ellos fueron ejecutados y un tercero fue castigado, por una columna del EGPL formado por aproximadamente 15 combatientes que ocupo la localidad.
Los ejecutado, dos hombres de 40 y 43 años, fueron responsables del asesinato de dos miembros del PCI (maoísta), los camaradas Sharat y Ganapathi, por una turba hinduista en 2014.
En una nota dejada por los maoístas, se explica a las masas que los contra-revolucionarios ejecutados fueron responsables del crimen de los camaradas y señalaron "los informadores de la policía deberían aceptar sus errores y llevar una vida normal"

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

France - luttes de classe et repression

France : "Gilets noirs" interpellés au Panthéon, une vingtaine de sans-papiers en rétention administrative

Après l’action des "gilets noirs" au Panthéon à Paris, une vingtaine de sans-papiers ont été placés en rétention administrative. Par ailleurs, une personne est en garde à vue pour "violences volontaires sur personne dépositaire de l’autorité publique". Le vendredi 12 juillet, environ 700 personnes ont brièvement occupé le Panthéon à Paris avant d’être évacuées par la police. Ces "gilets noirs" sont des sans-papiers qui réclament leur régularisation et un rendez-vous avec le Premier ministre Édouard Philippe.
gilets noirs Affrontements entre gilets noirs et police devant le Panthéon de Paris le vendredi 12 juillet 14 juillet 2019

France : Gilets jaunes à Paris, 175 arrestations

175 personnes ont été interpellées par les forces de l’ordre à l’occasion du 14 juillet à Paris, où les "gilets jaunes" avaient appelé à manifester. Quelques dizaines d’entre eux ont sifflé le président Macron alors qu’il descendait l’avenue des Champs-Elysées à bord d’un "command car", avant le défilé militaire. En début d’après-midi, les manifestants sont parvenus à se rassembler sur les Champs-Elysées. Les manifestants essayaient d’ériger des obstacles sur l’avenue tandis que les forces de l’ordre tentaient de les disperser par des tirs de grenades lacrymogènes.
Trois figures du mouvement des "gilets jaunes", Jérôme Rodrigues Maxime Nicolle et Eric Drouet, ont été placées en garde à vue dimanche. Les deux premiers pour "organisation d’une manifestation illicite", le troisième pour "rébellion". C’est la première fois depuis le 16 mars que des « gilets jaunes » parviennent à retourner manifester sur les Champs-Elysées.
Arrestation cet après-midi à Paris Arrestation cet après-midi à Paris 

India - Ejercito indio contra Ejército Guerrillero Popular de Liberación,

New Delhi, 15.07.19
La prensa india, informa sobre las declaraciones del Ministro de Estado de Interior de la Unión, Nityananda Rai que afirmó, en medio de un discurso triunfalista, que el gobierno no descarta desplegar unidades del Ejército Indio para combatir a la insurgencia maoísta y “liberar cada centimetro del país de la misma”.
Estas declaraciones, hechas el pasado domingo, ponen en evidencia el fracaso de las fuerzas para-militares de las CRPF en su lucha con el maoísta Ejército Guerrillero Popular de Liberación, que día a día golpea con más fuerza al régimen podrido del los brahamanes y de la gran burguesia india.
El Ministro advirtió que si los maoístas no aceptan la iniciativa del Gobierno de transformar sus formas, acatando el atractivo esquema de rehabilitación, el gobierno se vería obligado a considerar la opción de utilizar al Ejército para aplastarlos.

France - Détournements de fonds publics : les masses payent, les politiciens bourgeois profitent

Alors que l’affaire De Rugy viens d’éclater et que le procès Balkany va de rebondissement en rebondissement, Le Monde dévoile que quinze parlementaires ont fait l’objet d’un signalement judiciaire pour détournement de fonds publics : entre 20 et 80 000€.
Alors que la juste colère des masses contre ces injustices s’est exprimé depuis l’explosion du 17 novembre, ces procès ressemblent à une parodie de justice : jamais les coupables ne payeront le quart de ce qu’ils ont volé aux masses. Jamais ils ne souffriront pour leurs actes. Pendant ce temps, Bercy repousse la suppression de nombreuses niches fiscales utiles aux plus riches pour mettre de coté l’argent de l’exploitation.
Ces sommes semblent importantes, et pourtant ce n’est rien à coté du caractère parasite de l’activité même du politicien bourgeois. Inutile à la société, le politicien bourgeois vit du travail des masses, ponctionné après que ces dernières soit exploitées une première fois par le patron.
Les politiciens et autres hauts fonctionnaires, cadres supérieurs de la fonctions publique, gratte papiers de haut niveau, n’ont aucune utilité pour la société, pour les masses, leur seul rôle est de valider les décisions de la bourgeoisie pour intensifier l’exploitation des prolétaires, ou alors relâcher cette dernière pour les calmer.
Alors que la classe ouvrière meurt au travail (14 accidents mortels la semaine dernière, soit deux fois plus que la moyenne), se brise l’existence à de nombreux boulots, souvent de mauvaise qualité, mais essentiels à la société, les De Rugy, Cambadélis et compagnie se permettent, en plus de leurs salaires immenses, de leurs avantages en natures conséquents, de détourner l’argent public.
L’appareil administratif de l’Etat Bourgeois est un immense parasite qui vit sur le dos des masses populaires qui ont pourtant déjà beaucoup à faire avec les patrons, proprio, banquiers et autres.
Politicien, haut fonctionnaire, bourgeois parasite : un jour tu payera !

Peru - masas en lucha

El día de ayer las masas marcharon en protesta contra el gran despojo que el viejo Estado peruano, Estado terrateniente-burocrático, al servicio del imperialismo principalmente yanqui, esta buscando de consumar contra los intereses de las masas principalmente campesinas de la provincia de Islay y los intereses de nuestro pueblo y a favor del proyecto "Tía María" de la Southen Cooper Coporation 8scc9, una afiliada a la American Mining Corporation, la división minera del Grupo México, esto es de un asociado al capital financiero yanqui, es decir sujeto a estos intereses y cuyo principal beneficiario de los productos mineros es el mercado imperialista yanqui, luego el europeo y el asiático. Este proyecto de la gran minería, grandes burgueses e imperialistas, que nada aporta al desarrollo del país se hace a sangre y fuego lo que ya ha producido en todos esto anos de lucha de las masas muchos herido, muertos, detenido, etc. Por eso las masas luchan por sus derechos y libertades y el viejo Estado recurre a la represión poniendo al desnudo su carácter de dictadura de clases de grandes burgueses y terratenientes al servicio del imperialismo.


Así se informó ayer, que:

" ruta Panamericana Sur amaneció parcialmente interrumpida por piedras. También se registraron piquetes y quema de neumáticos en los pueblos de El Boqueron, El Arenal y Santa María. Así, el transporte público interno se encuentra limitado y el transporte interprovincial dejó de funcionar a las 9 (hora local).
En sintonía, los mercados cerraron a las 10 y las clases escolares fueron suspendidas por precaución. Por otro lado, en la zona hay 400 policías enviados por las autoridades desde Lima". 
Hoy se da cuenta así:
"Pobladores en Perú inician protesta contra millonario proyecto minero, rechazan diálogo

Refugiados en Alemania: ¡ Estamos aquí porque destruisteis nuestros países !

Detener las deportaciones a Afganistán

En algunos estados federales alemanes se ha comenzado a deportar personas de Afganistán que han huido de la guerra, la explotación y la opresión. Eso significa que, en todas partes, sin importar en qué ciudad alemana, sin importar en qué estado federal alemán, como afganos deben esperar ser deportados. Aquí en Bremen, en este sentido, todavía está bastante tranquilo en este momento. Pero incluso eso podría cambiar muy rápidamente en los próximos meses.
El 26 de mayo, además de las elecciones europeas en Bremen, las elecciones estatales se llevarán a cabo (véase también el número del RoPo del 19 de abril). Especialmente ahora en el período final de la campaña electoral, los dos partidos gobernantes del SPD y los Verdes son indignantes mostrándose como “los amigos” por excelencia de los refugiados, haciendo campaña por la tolerancia y llevando fotos de migrantes en sus carteles de elección. No es una mala estrategia para atraer una audiencia electoral bastante amplia. Sin embargo, la amabilidad a los refugiados solo se mantiene hasta el 26 de mayo. Entonces, ciertamente, vuelven a la historia y, de todos modos, no para todos los refugiados. Tan pronto como comenzó la votación, fue otra vez con la máscara que algunos de los partidos burgueses están tan felices de cubrir. Primero viene la fase de formación del gobierno, en el que las partes se ocupan exclusivamente de sí mismas para establecer un gobierno razonablemente estable. Después de eso, como refugiado de Afganistán, debe esperar que, a las cuatro de la mañana, los policías frente a la puerta del apartamento o frente a la casa, tomen uno y queden atrapados en la responsabilidad de deportación. Allí solo se puede esperar para ser enviado de regreso al país del cual uno huyó porque fue ocupado por los imperialistas y se convirtió en un campo de batalla. Un escenario que a ninguno de nosotros le gustaría pasar.

Liban - 14 juillet à Beyrouth : hurriya Georges Abdallah !

Liban : Rassemblement pour Georges Abdallah à l’occasion du 14 juillet

A l’occasion du 14 juillet, plus d’une centaine de personnes se sont réunies devant la résidence de l’ambassadeur français pour exiger la libération immédiate de Georges Abdallah. L’armée et la police libanaises étaient nombreuses et agressives pour tenter d’empêcher la mobilisation. Mais pendant plus d’une heure, les militants ont scandé sans cessé des slogans pour la libération du communiste libanais, en soutien à la libération de la Palestine et contre l’impérialisme français. Un message audio de Georges Abdallah a été diffusé à la fin du rassemblement. Le communiste Anoir Yassine, ancien prisonnier de l’occupant sioniste pendant 17 ans et libéré suite à un échange de prisonnier, a fait une déclaration de soutien.
Manifestants ce dimanche à Beyrouth Manifestants ce dimanche à Beyrouth 
Mais depuis plusieurs années, devant la résidence, à l’appel de la Campagne internationale, se rassemblent les soutiens libanais à la libération de leur compatriote, le résistant Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, embastillé en France depuis 35 ans. Une centaine de manifestants cette année a ainsi scandé des slogans pour la libération du communiste libanais, pour la libération de la Palestine et contre l’impérialisme français.


Repercutimos grave denúncia que recebemos da Liga dos Camponeses Pobres do Norte de Minas e Sul da Bahia sobre uma operação de guerra realizado pela Polícia Militar contra as famílias camponesas que moram na Comunidade Barra do Mirador em Miravânia nos dias 9 e 10 de julho. 

Segundo a LCP, a operação ocorreu a mando do latifúndio, contou com cerca de 120 homens fortemente armados, isolando os moradores, fechando a cidade e pegando os moradores de surpresa. A LCP denuncia ainda que agentes do Velho Estado coagiram e ameaçaram os moradores para que assinassem um absurdo acordo de "compra e venda" das terras, fazendo com que alguns dos moradores assinassem tal acordo para não terem suas casas e demais construções derrubadas no momento da operação.

Compartilhamos, na íntegra, a nota divulgada pela LCP sobre a operação ocorrida:

Operação de guerra em Miravânia não foi reintegração de posse:
É Grilagem de Terras, Perseguição Política e Vingança!

Nos dias 09 e 10 de julho o 30 o batalhão da PM de Januária, sob o comando do tenente-coronel Rubens Pereira fez uma operação de guerra à serviço do latifundiário Walter Arantes Santana (dono do supermercado BH, preso na operação Lavajato por corrupção), contra as famílias de camponeses pobres na Comunidade Barra do Mirador em Miravânia.
A mega operação policial que custou o olho da cara (enquanto o hospital de Januária tá quase fechando por falta de verbas) contou com mais de 15 viaturas da PM, 3 viaturas do corpo de bombeiros, caminhonetes do latifundiário, trator de Edvan Canabrava de Miravânia, caminhões e viaturas locais e reuniu aproximadamente 120 homens fortemente armados para criar o terror contra os camponeses que resistiam há 6 meses à grilagem de suas terras, onde vivem e produzem ha 19 anos.

Covardia e crimes contra o povo: ameaças, chantagens, roubos e destruição a serviço da grilagem

Pela madrugada do dia 09, a tropa da PM cercou a cidade e bloqueou a passagem para a comunidade,
impedindo que apoiadores, advogados, organizações populares e moradores pudessem circular para saber o que estava ocorrendo.
Enquanto isso, o oficial de justiça Antonio Dourado Fraga, o Ivanilton (pistoleiro do Waltinho que

Sudafrica class struggle

SOUTH AFRICA - Army deployed in poorest areas of Cape Town

July 16, 2019
South African government sent the army to parts of the Western Cape province, including the port city of Cape Town to help to "silence" the situation in the poorest areas of the city. The governmental represents call it a "war zone" where in the last six month 2000 people were killed, it is the highest murdering rates of South Africa.

It is not a coincidence that these areas are affected of high murdering rates, because it's the areas where the poorest Pope are living, mostly black people, high unemployment rates, etc. Police minister Cele, backed up by President Cyril Ramaphosa, said: "We'll go door to door, we'll collect every illegal firearm, we'll collect all criminals that we want". At the same time Cape Town is an international tourist destination with stunning coastal and mountain scenery, so the ruling classes do not want such high murdering rates, because it destroys a "good image".

To use the military against the people in the Townships, against the black population in Cape Town, is one another part of the racist system in South Africa. While the old ANC government, marionettes of the Imperialists, is in deep political crisis, it increases repression and exploitation of the people. The repression against the people in the townships is part of the crisis of the social-fascism in South Africa, which deepens the oppression of the black people in South Africa, while speaking about their "Anti-Apartheid" tradition.

Brasil - Povos indígenas de cinco estados bloqueiam rodovia no Paraná

Cerca de 200 indígenas que ocupam a Secretaria Especial de Saúde Indígena (Sesai), em Curitiba, realizaram um bloqueio nos dois sentidos da BR-277, em São José dos Pinhais, na região metropolitana de Curitiba, na manhã de 12 de julho.
Com pneus ardendo desde às 6h da manhã, a pauta defendida nesta radicalizada ação é a mesma que motivou os povos indígenas de cinco estados do país (RS, SC, PR, SP, RJ) a ocuparem, há três semanas, a sede da Sesai em Curitiba. Eles são contra a extinção da própria secretaria pelo reacionário ministro da saúde, anunciada em diversas ocasiões desde que assumiu o cargo, mas postergada após numerosas manifestações dos povos indígenas por todo o país.
Como afirmam as lideranças, a extinção da Sesai se expressa pontualmente na não renovação do contrato firmado entre o governo federal com a empresa terceirizada responsável pela contratação de motoristas, agentes de saúde e agentes sanitários, cargos ocupados por indígenas que trabalham na própria aldeia em que residem.
De acordo com o cacique Pedrinho, da aldeia Barragem, em São Paulo, o término do contrato, previsto para 30 de julho, fará com que 115 aldeias do RS ao RJ fiquem sem atendimento.
Depois de cinco horas de bloqueio, causando um congestionamento de mais de 10 quilômetros em ambos os sentidos da rodovia que liga a capital ao litoral do estado, os indígenas retornaram para a ocupação, onde permanecerão até que a ameaça seja definitivamente derrubada.

for debate - Some Crucial Issues Facing By The Communist Movement - PCNepal(Maoist-Revolutionary)

Slackness in Ideological Struggle:
More than one and a half century has been elapsed since the bringing out of Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels in 1848, innumerable ups and downs, turns and twists have taken place in terms of revolutions and counter revolutions the worldwide, so to say, from the establishment of epoch-making first socialist state in the USSR to New Democratic Revolution in China as well as the collapse of  Revisionist Camp of former Soviet Union and East European countries along with occurrence of counter revolution and the restoration of capitalist roaders in china.
In Russia, commencing from Khrushchev and coming down to Gorbachev, the Soviet revisionism came to resort to its liquidation by abandoning Marxism-Leninism as the guiding principle of the party. In China, the Deng Clique introduced the bizarre theory of “one country two systems” and “whether the cat is black or white, it must catch the rat”.
Just after passing away of comrade Joseph Stalin in the USSR and Comrade Mao Zedong in China, the succeeding leadership deviated from Marxist-Leninist ideological path abandoning fundamentals of revolutionary communist movement such as upholding of dictatorship of proletariat, continuation of class struggle and use of force for seizure of power.
An overall theoretical and ideological struggle was carried out by Communist Party of China under the leadership of Comrade Mao Zedong against Soviet revisionism known as “Great Debate”. By then, the world communist movement saw its division into two camps leaning towards CPC and CPSU respectively.
There has been slackness in terms of ideological struggle against all forms of revision and deviation on the part of Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries. Now, it is our urgent and topmost duty to uphold ideological and theoretical struggle to combat against all forms of revisionists and deviationists trends and elements.

Leadership Crisis:  
Comrade Stalin and Comrade Mao played great role and provided leadership to move forward the world communist movement. But, Nikita Khrushchev, the proponent of revisionism usurped party leadership of CPSU right after demise of Stalin. Likewise, Huwa Guwa Feng, the middle roader, was elevated to the leadership of CPC by Mao himself proved so feeble and was easily superseded by Deng clique.
Comrades like, Chang Ching and Chan Chun Chuwao, the front runners during “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” were denied access from assuming leadership both in party and the state. Furthermore, they were arrested and imprisoned for life and passed away inside the bars.
Currently there is a dearth of established world leadership in the scene of International Communist Movement after the death of comrade Mao Zedong.
History and experiences have taught us lessons that genuine leadership and correct principle are important and prerequisites for accomplishing and continuation of revolution. But, leadership is all important before and after seizure of state power by the communists, because, such a leadership could come out successful to resolve the mistakes and weaknesses pertaining to theory and principle.

Personality Cult:
The culture of “personality cult” is prevalent within communist movement and communist parties as well and as a result of this culture the principle of collective leadership, one of the fundamentals of Leninist organizational principles is disregarded and overlooked to greater extent and caused harms to the movement.

Right and Left Deviations:
Communist movement has been suffering both from right and left deviations since the time of Marx and Engels. The Critique of Gotha Program by Marx/Engels is self- evident in this context. Communist parties, who adhered to correct Marxist-Leninist principles and played revolutionary role have deviated from right path time and again.
The Right deviation has been the serious threat for revolutionary communist movement. The main causes are due to its rejection and non-adherence to guiding principle (Marxism-Leninism-Maoism), dictatorship of proletariat, class struggle and two line struggle within party, use of force and armed struggle  in the name of “creative application” of Marxism-Leninism.
The Left deviation can be deemed as ultra “left” one and its passion for a “prompt revolution”. And the main errors on its part are its blind replication and mechanical imitation of other “friendly” and “fraternal” parties.

Sectarian trend has been one of the problems within communist movement and parties that has led to unnecessary splits and divisions without any serious ideological differences. The result has been disintegration of Marxist-Leninist-Maoists parties and revolutionary forces and making their strength weaker and feeble.

Lack of Organizational Network:
After dissolution of Third International, there has always been absence of an international organizational network to bring Marxist-Leninist-Maoists revolutionary parties and organizations together the world over. Even comrade Mao could not move forward to form an international platform during his lifetime.
As there is a lack of such a common platform and dearth of forging solidarity among fraternal and friendly parties as well as exchanging ideas and experiences among them. That is why it is most urgent and need of hour to build an organizational network for the same.
Likewise, there is weakness in building cooperation in launching joint struggle and agitation based upon common programs and slogans in favor of the oppressed peoples and nations the world over.
The founding of RIM (Revolutionary Internationalist Movement) was an effort as an international forum. But, because of its erroneous policies and tendencies it could not come out successful to keep itself intact and is now almost non-existent.

Communist movement has come across a long history of more than one and half centuries, and, we have seen, experienced and gone through many epoch making phenomena over this period of time. On the backdrop of all these phenomena, we should and must look at the things that where and how the successes have achieved and mistakes and weakness have committed as the movement went on.
At this juncture, even though, Communist Movement has been a global phenomenon and Communist Parties are in existence in several countries around the world (it is a known fact that more than one communist parties are in existence and functioning within a country too) and running their activities, however, they have not been capable of leading any victorious revolution.
We have to be effortful to maintain friendly and fraternal relationship among Marxist-Leninist-Maoist revolutionary parties and thereby move ahead to forge a principled unity for world revolution. We have labored to some extent to make this goal a success. Now, our utmost duty is to move forward by strengthening relationship both in theoretical and organizational fields to combat all sorts of no-revolutionary ideas and thoughts.
 At the same time, we must be vigilant in terms of day-to-day world affairs and express our views upon such issues. Likewise, we must initiate theoretical discussions to make both retrospection and introspection of the failures and successes in the history of the communist movement to pave a righteous way in the time to come so that a favorable condition could be burgeon to constitute a common international platform and organization.