Friday, January 11, 2019

8 - Meeting India - december - MLKP Turkey/Kurdistan

Dear Comrades,
We are glad to hear that you decided on an action day for solidarity. We will try our best to mobilize our forces for common solidarity actions. We would like to hear about the date and the content of the solidarity actions in the following days.

The short speech given by our comrades in the meeting is as following:

"Dear comrades, first of all I want to salute before all the martyrs of the Indian comrades who fell their righteous struggle, and also salute this meeting which gives us a chance to show our solidarity feelings with the struggle of Indian revolutionaries. We all so far talked about the silent genocide of the fasicst Indian state and the heroic resistance of the Indian revolutionaries led by CPI (Maoist). As you know and probably follow, the political situation in Turkey and North Kurdistan are quite similar to India. Turkish state has been a fascist state for a long time, and Erdoğan has been taking the control of this fascist dictatorship day by day, and now he is in full control. The economic miracle stories told by bourgeois media are also similiar, but what s behinde these stories are the massacres. Like the Operation Green Hunt, Turkish state also put a massacre plan into action since 2014. It started especially against the Kurdish National Liberation Movement led by PKK and spread to all revolutionary and communist movement in Turkey and North Kurdistan. Cities were destroyed, thousands of people had to migrate, thousands of people were killed, tens of thousands were put into prisons; yet the resistance still continue. And this massacre plan of the fascist dictatorship even crosed the borders of Turkey and spread to Rojava. Turkey occupied some parts of Rojava earlier to complete the half-done job by ISIS and recently occupied Afrin canton. And all the massacre and torture towards the Kurdish people happened before everyone's eyes. That is one time when we needed the internationalist solidarity most, because the resistance of Afrin people couldn't hold on against the big military forces of the states too long, but in the long run what keeps this sacrifices and resistance last is the proletarian internationalism. That is what gives the people and fighters strength and morale boost. Proletarian internationalism is especially significant when it is carried out in a practical way. And we, as communists from Turkey and Kurdistan, know that we can learn a lot from Indian comrades and we also believe that we can learn from each other, from our
struggles. We hope we can develop better relations between our organizations and show the best examples of proletarian internationalism together. Long live the struggle of Indian revolutionaries! Long live international solidarity!"

International Bureau
MLKP Turkey/Kurdistan

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