Wednesday, October 25, 2023

on Palestine - Statement COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) Central Committee -

Central Committee

18fh October, 2023

Hail the unprecedented attack by HAMAS, the inevitable result of lsrael's occupation and aspirations of Palestine liberation movement!
Stop continuous brutal aerial attacks on Gaza by Israel, the puppet settler state of US lmperialism!
Severely condemn the Pro-Israel stand of Modi's brahmanical hindutva fascist Indian Government!

The CC of the CPI (Maoist) hails the 7fh October's unprecedented rocket attacks on Israel by
HAMAS, the inevitable result of the Israel's occupation of Palestine and aspirations of Palestine people for
their Iiberation.
In the pretense of HAMAS's attack, Notorious Israel Defense Forces (IDF) seized Gaza from all sides
and cut down food, electricity, fuel and even medicine supplies resulting into a severe humanitarian crisis.
Continuous aerial attacks are being carried out on Gaza since 7th October in which thousands of people
have been killed and many more thousands maimed. A million people were already driven from their
homes. As per the reports coming out, Israel is planning for an ever big offensive on Palestine people. Our
party severely condemns and demands to stop the brutal aerial attacks on Gaza since Iast three days by
Israel, the puppet settler state and an outpost of US Imperialism in Middle East.
The US imperialism not only condemned the HAMAS's attack as terrorist one, on 7fh October itself
but also immediately announced military aid and within no time started sending weapons, other military
equipment to Israel, its vicious attack dog. US, UK, Germany and Italy came out with a joint statement in
support of Israel. This heinous act of imperialists must be condemned from every possible corner of the
Indian Prime Minister Modi following his Imperialist Masters especially US, shamelessly expressed
solidarity towards Israel. We oppose strongly the Modi's brahmanical hindutva fascist Indian Government's pro-Israel attitude.

Our Party opines that the US Imperialism and Zionist Israel state are responsible for the present
unjust war by Israel and just resistance by HAMAS which resulting in the loss of lives of people on both
sides but heavy casualties to Palestinian people and destruction. Israel should immediately stop attacks on
Gaza and get the hostages released safely by HAMAS.
It's well known to the world that the state of Israel was settled by Imperialists especially by US and
UK to serve their interests in 1948 in the pretext of establishing a homeland for Jews in Palestine. This is
also recognized by UN (United Nations Organization) also which is under control of US and its allies. Since then there was no real peace for Palestinians. Israel is engaged in wars with Arabs and continuously
occupying Palestine territories till now. Palestinians have been waging struggle with Israelis since then for
their liberation under different banners and leadership forces right from the representatives of Ieft to
lslamic forces, feudal forces and national bourgeoisie. They suffered setbacks, Ieadership betrayals, but
picked themselves up, then fighting again.
It's crystal clear that genuine justice and peace for Palestinians will be possible only when the state
of Israel is destroyed and the one and only country Palestine, the democratic secular Palestine is
established where all the Palestinian people including Jews could Iive together with equal rights and enjoy
true Iiberation. As Israel is the key outpost of US imperialism in the Middle East and doesn't represent
"home for the Jews", this will not be possible until imperialism has been overthrown.

 For this, revolutionary masses of Palestine have to wage protracted peoples' war under the leadership of its vanguard of working class guided by the science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Though it seems to be
unrealistic today, in the era of imperialism and proletarian revolution, a day will come when the Palestine
people's struggle for liberation will surely achieve this goal.

Our Party reaffirms the unwavering support to the just cause of Palestine peoples' Iiberation

Our CC calls upon all the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties, Left forces, democratic and
progressive organizations and people, Oppressed nationalities all over the world to stand firm in support of Palestine peoples' Iiberation movement. 

Our CC also calls on the above all to unite and defeat Imperialism and all its Iackeys so that all the oppression and exploitation can be uprooted and the goal of establishing Socialism-Communism can be achieved.

Central Committee


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