Monday, August 3, 2020

class struggle in USA video

By Ed Dalton
On Saturday, after Austin Police Department (APD) rattled the specter of an ‘Antifa uprising’ in response the murder of Garrett Foster, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and APD were primed for reactionary violence against the people.
As protesters assembled on the intersection of 4th and Congress, at Foster’s memorial site, police unleashed a wave of brutality. Tribune of the People releases this video pending a longer report in our upcoming edition. The police were seen threatening the use of banned “less lethal” rounds, assaulting those standing on the sidewalk, using pepper spray against journalists and protesters alike, and ramming their horses into crowds.
Witnesses report that APD was targeting women in particular with excessive force, while allowing Proud Boy, and Three Percenter militias to stand around on adjacent sidewalks armed and unmolested. The protesters were heavily armed as well and did not back down in the face of state brutality and fascist menacing. Protesters eventually marched, and shut down Interstate 35 for almost half an hour. More details to come.

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