Monday, August 3, 2020

Nepal for debate - The question of rebuilding the Maoist movement in Nepal

Rishi Raj Baral
It is a matter of deep concern for the revolutionaries of the world to know the current situation of Maoist Movement in Nepal, which has a glorious history in the past. Not only the revolutionaries, but also the reactionary forces are watching it cautiously.
At this moment, Nepali society is going through a very complicated situation. We are facing variety of obstacles and challenges. We are suffering from the Kovid-19 and state repression simultaneously.
The reactionary forces of Nepal are focused on which foreign reactionary force to stay in power with, and they are willing to make any kind of bargain for that. By putting the whole country in a state of confusion and chaos, they are playing games on national independence. Reactionary repression is going on and the resistance struggle of the Nepali people against it is also continuing.
In the past, the Nepali people fought Ten-year People's War under the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). We all know the top leadership Prachanda and Company betrayed the revolution and now they have turned into neo- reactionaries. The new reactionaries under the guise of communism are more dangerous than the old reactionaries. They have made the people more depressed.
The Maoist movement has been scattered and divided, it has been pushed back, but it has not gone over. Definitely the situation is not the same as yesterday, but still a large part of the people have faith in the Maoist movement and the revolutionaries need to be persuaded by their behavior. We can instill this confidence only through the practice
Now we have three groups— The Communist Nucleus Nepal, The Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) and the Communist Party of Nepal led by Netra Bikram Chanda 'Biplav'. These three organizations have adopted Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the guiding principle of the Nepali revolution. These organizations are part of yesterday's Ten-year People's War.
It is the time to show revolutionary spirit, but things are not going smoothly and optimistically. CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) led by Mohan Baidya 'Kiran' has expressed its commitment to the New Democratic Revolution and the Three Magic Weapons. But, it seems that they are tired and want to take an easy course in practice. In fact, no matter what is written in the document, they no longer show enthusiasm and will-power for the revolution. It seems that in the name of subjective condition they do not want to get out of the legal struggle.
Revolutionary spirit and commitment is seen in the party led by Biplav. The so-called Left government has banned the Communist Party of Nepal led by Biplav, and many of its top leaders and activists are in jail and in police custody. But this alone is not enough. However, the main thing is the ideological-political correctness and clarity of political line. In this issue, Biplav's party has some problems. The political line of "unified revolution" put forward by Biplv's party is ambiguous in itself. It is not clear, what they are trying to say. In the same way, Biplav led party has put forward the notion of ​​''post-imperialism". It means end of the imperialism. It has produced too much bewilderment, and has hampered the unity and understanding among the revolutionary forces.
Maoist parties in India, the Philippines and Turkey are waging the Protracted People's War. They are fighting a life-and-death battle against enemies inside the country and abroad. And, the Maoist parties and organizations in Europe, Latin America, Africa and USA are intensifying the class struggle in the specific situation of their country. Hundreds of political leaders, activists, and intellectuals are in prison. However, the Maoist organizations in Nepal have not been able to show as much interest and concern as it should have in the struggle and movement there. In fact, we are in a very unresponsive state. This is not a pleasant aspect. Nor it is a Proletarian Internationalist spirit. This kind of apathy is contrary to revolutionary values.
Now the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) has survived in history. This has become a phenomenon of the past. The CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) has recognized comrades with long experience and in the past at the leadership position of the RIM. But in the changed circumstance, their role in building a new International embryonic center has not been enthusiastic and active. Instead, they seem to be trying to expand their relationship with ICOR. The Communist Party led by Biplav is even more unaware of this matter. It seems that they have no any concern with International Communist Movement. Only the Communist Nucleus Nepal seems more sensitive and serious in this matter. From the point of view of proletarian internationalist spirit this is not a pleasant aspect. In comparison, the activism and commitment of the European and Latin American Maoist parties is much appreciated.
The present hour is the most challenging hour for the oppressed people of Nepal. The situation of the country is getting worse day by day. The question of national independence and democracy has been attacked from all sides. The foreign powers particularly American imperialism, Indian expansionism and Chinese social-imperialism want to expand their presence in Nepal through various deceptions. In such a situation, unity between the progressive and revolutionary forces is an indispensable need to raise the movement. We need to take seriously the fact that the split and division in the Maoist movement has created a comfortable situation for the reactionaries. For this too, it is necessary to give a new kind of direction to the process of polarization and restructuring among the revolutionaries, that communicates revolutionary enthusiasm and confidence among the oppressed people.
In such a circumstance, it makes a lot of sense for the revolutionary leaders and cadres within each party and organization to wage an ideological struggle against the ambiguous political line of the party as well as the monotones and stereotyped working style. Particularly, Nepal Communist Party led by Biplav should think over its political line as they have adopted ''unified revolution". If the ideological and political line of the party is not correct then there is no point in talking big about the revolution. As Comrade Mao has stated that the correctness or incorrectness of the ideological andpolitical line decides everything. Similarly, CPN- Biplav has abandoned the line of New Democratic Revolution. It needs to be clear that Nepali society is still in a semi-feudal and semi-colonial condition and the character of Nepali revolution is New Democratic. There are the issues that must be solved.
We must have theoretical knowledge and practical experience. It is a matter of irony that the new generation does not show much interest in theoretical study. This generation wants to achieve the result immediately. This generation has no patience for the fact that the path of revolution moves forward in various twists and turns. On the other hand, the old generation seeks its role by putting its experience and history of the past. We must respect experienced and senior comrades and learn from their experience. We do not have lack of leaders. But that alone is not enough, the movement always demands dynamic leadership. As guided by Comrade Mao Tse-tung, we must follow the principle of combining the old, the middle-aged and the young in the leading bodies at all levels. This is the principle of "Three-in One". We must lead the revolution advancing the youth leadership and building the revolutionary successors. But it lacks in our movement.
If the seriousness of the situation is not taken into account, it cannot be said that the Maoist movement in Nepal will not reach the position of other countries which have reached the stage of dissolution. In this sense, the Communist Nucleus, Nepal, has raised the issue of organizational reconstruction of the Maoist movement. We need to be clear that only a reorganized campaign centered on revolutionary ideology and line can give a new impetus and direction to the Maoist movement in Nepal. There are problems, but it is possible, we can do it. We must all be ready to sacrifice from our place.
Now the time has come to review the history and to learn from the history. Time demands strong willpower, self-struggle and revolutionary optimism. We have to think seriously, where we have to stand. If we claim to be the bearers of the legacy of the Ten-years People's War, it is the time to think in a new way and to take a new step. Specially, I urge to the young leaders and cadres of both party led by Kiran and Biplav to take the situation seriously. Revolution does not happen by itself. Revolutionaries should not remain silent in the name of ''weak subjective condition''. Revolution requires conscious effort and initiation.
To be a Maoist is to be a different kind of revolutionary. We must have strong dedication in deeds, not only in words. We must have faith on Three Magic Weapons of revolution. At present, no single organization can do anything and for this, revolutionary restructuring is needed. Only the revolutionary restructuring, based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and People's War can provide us a new way and a new step. Although the task of building a unified movement is not so easy. There are various types of contradictions and challenges. But, we believe that it must be carried forward and can be done. The major force that fought the Ten-Years People's War is still alive and the masses are in favor of the revolution.
3 August, 2020

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