Sunday, August 2, 2020

MFPR Italy - We Want the “Abnormality” of Revolution!

Women: NO “return to normality”
We Want the “Abnormality” of Revolution!

During the coronavirus crisis is the workers, the proletarians in their serious, and worsened by the lock-down, condition, both at work or non-work and at home, have emerged strongly, and in a dramatic way, up to emblematic cases of suicides among health workers and the increasing of cases of femicides.

But these women could not have a voice as an organized movement representing their issues and needs. For the government they were not even a section in the various adopted Acts, except to practically, ideologically strengthen their role of origin, and current, in, for the family, so for both the government and the unions the best is to carry or put forward measures for "conciliation", which for women means "double rip-off", because they anyway have to do double work - let's think of smart working, which is becoming a modern (but very old: see home work) form of more waged work and more housework, assistance.
And at the same time, complaints about the low birth rate, and consequently the attack on the right of abortion, come back strongly by the rulers/Confindustria as well by the government ministers and the bourgeois press.

But the arrogance with which the condition of proletarian women is back returned is in a certain sense good. The coronavirus crisis put clearly and without exceptions that this capitalist system is the cause of crises and a cancer for humanity, and that women have nothing to expect from it but have to break the chains that are becoming ever closer.

And it is no coincidence that, even in the months of lock-down, the women workers, the precarious workers, the proletarians, the majority of women who can't live have taken the scene again!

Even the mass media once again today talk, report statistics, about the seriously discriminated condition of women: women workers dismissed or placed in lay-off schemes with in the name of Covid, often selected among those women who do not accept the increased rhythms of work or claims their rights, affective security measures against Covid; workers who no longer have even their poor precarious job; health workers at constant risk of contagion and work stress; workers in trade, public businesses, services, etc. overexploited for a work underpaid and made of physical suffering (see the use of masks for hours and hours, instead of lowering the rhythms and increasing the breaks); the false and unworthy help of the baby bonuses, the miserable pay raise for the parental leaves that does not reintegrate the lost wages and make the women stay at home, above all and especially; the charity of shopping vouchers, etc. But it not enough, now the attacks on all fields resume, primarily on the right of abortion, already effectively denied to many women during the lock-down. And the numbers and too many cases of women killed for forced living together cry out for revenge...

But what is important is that the women workers, the proletarians are those who have taken the scene again with their struggles. Of course they are still few, but they are the vanguard, an example for all women. They are the health women workers who have in many way, brought out their harsh reality of exploitation, contagions, to too many cases of death/suicides, the school women workers forced to work at home but with no future, who took to the streets in various cities; the precarious ones of the canteens, the cleaning, the services of scholastic-sanitary assistance, of the kindergartens, of the hotels, who have always struggled, with a vanguard role played by those from Palermo, the workers of the postal services who observed the first national strike after the lock-down, etc.
Among them, again, working class women were above all the advanced point of the women's rebellion: in June/July the combative workers, almost all immigrants, of Montello (BG) on strike against lay-offs/firings had to struggle against the masters but also against the CGIL, a pro-company union; in May, Electrolux workers in Susegana went on a mask strike against work rhythms; then, the workers of Meridi in Sicily for the right to wages and security; the workers of the canteens in FCA late in July; and many other women workers in small and medium-sized factories, etc.

These women in struggle did not stop, either at home or on the job, and as soon as possible with strikes, rallies in the streets. They are the "heroines"!
They were and are an outpost of the other needed women's movement: the proletarian, revolutionary, feminist, movement.

These women cannot back to "normality"!
The coronavirus crisis for women has been the opportunity to enlighten in all their reach the double oppression, double exploitation, patriarchy, death..., the question of all time: the role in the bourgeois society of the family, private property, the state/government at the service of capital.

To this obscure "normality" we want and must oppose the "abnormality" of revolution!

The pandemic and economic crisis is showing even more the need for a general advance of the women’s struggle at different levels, of understanding and the need for the emergence of revolutionary proletarian feminism.

The hot season of women's struggles continue in September!

The MFPR will open it with a national meeting which will says:

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement - MFPR - Italy

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